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etben ([personal profile] etben) wrote2013-02-18 04:56 pm

vacation; skincare

Vacation, Day One:

• slept until 9:00 (aka FOUR HOURS LATER THAN USUAL)
• did my federal and MA taxes (MN taxes are complicated and barely worth anything, so I am dithering)
• went grocery shopping
• roasted a chicken for chicken pot pies
• made pizza dough for pizzas tomorrow

And then J came home and we put together the chicken pot pies, with much "assistance" from the cats. And then my brain was basically fizzing - turns out that I have a lot more physical+mental energy when I'm not at school all day - so after I spent some quality time twitching and muttering with my face pressed against her stomach, we sat down and emailed our potential wedding venues.

Other sexy exciting plans for my week of nothingness: completely re-plan my level 4 class; get my car inspected, take a load of crap to goodwill and donate it, clean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING EVER, do a recycling run, yoga, make hummus, sew some things. This, for the record, is why I have to have a job during the summer. @____@

In addition to being spectacularly twitchy, I have a Serious Life Question: HOW DO YOU SKIN?

backstory: I actually had reasonably decent skin when I was a teenager - I spent nine months of the year chapped beyond the telling of it, but I didn't really break out that much. no longer the case. /o\ And since I would ideally prefer to look MORE like an adult than my students, I am in the market for a skincare plan that isn't "scrub it with face-scrub stuff when you remember to do so; put lotion on it when it's scaly and gross." What do you do to take care of your skin? Does it work? Do I really need to care that much about what lotion I'm using? Obviously people have different skin types, but my degree of mind/body disconnect is such that I straight up could not tell you what kind of skin I have, other than, "probably human"; has anybody else had this problem?

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