etben: flowers and sky (rl: yes but wait what)
etben ([personal profile] etben) wrote2012-12-23 08:33 am
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Dear Yuletider (& other interested parties)

I am about to go into the West - specifically, to my aunt's cabin in Oregon for Family Etben Fun Togetherness Time! My aunt has assured us that there is internet up there, but between family pressures and the fact that we will be in an actualfax cabin in the woods, this may or may not prove to be the case. I will try to read my story as soon as the archive goes live! But if I don't, or if I can't comment, it is in no wise because I don't appreciate it - just, you know. Family.

Love to everybody, and I hope your holiday season is warm and fuzzy and filled with people who treat you well.

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