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So last year I made a post about what I wanted to get done in 2012, and today I am in a pensive sort of mood, so here is how I did on those goals:

2012 in review:

automate lunch - bring something EVERY DAY that will sustain me for the rest of the day, ideally something I packed the night before. ENH. I definitely have brought a lunch almost every day! …I have definitely NOT managed to pack it the night before on a regular basis. *hands* Tentative win on this one, with room remaining for improvement.

dinner: branch out and make MORE DIFFERENT RECIPES, especially more things with vegetables, because vegetables are fucking awesome. …I have no idea on this one. Our meal-planning skills are great when we remember to use them, and kind of haphazard otherwise, but I feel like we mostly managed to eat like humans during 2012? Still haven't gotten around my FUCK YOU WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER DISH? -block on side dishes.

drink less beer on school nights…not really, no. I LIKE BEER, OKAY?

join the Y and swim a few times a week? AHAHAHAHA NOPE. I did have a fairly successful yoga streak in there, before school started back, but swimming absolutely didn't happen, and I'm okay with that.

Lay out my clothes for work the night before, in order to avoid the sneaky hate spiral of early-morning decisions. WINNAR.

Relatedly, check the weather before choosing clothes for the next day. …less of a winner, but it's also not so much a big deal now that I drive to work.

Read books with pages on a semi-regular basis; visit BPL every so often. …yes? in the way where I definitely read more than I was expecting to this year, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. Call this an ongoing goal.

Call or videochat my parents once a week; call my brother at least once a month. Getting there! I almost always remember to call my folks on Sunday evening (except this month, because I am an asshole), and the brother and I have agreed that we will talk more often in 2013.

Be awesome at my full-time student teaching gig. CHECK.

Graduate. CHECKITTY CHECK, oh god I'm not going to be in school again for the forseeable future HOW WEIRD IS THAT.

Get a job starting next fall. Check!

So those were my goals! I feel like I mostly did okay at them, with the exception of a few things that turned out to not be that important after all.

I'm trying to think of a pat way of summing up 2012, and I just...I really can't. 2012 had dead relatives and family togetherness time on both sides of the aisle, and some of it was really hard and a lot of it was wicked awkward, but on the whole, I like the people I'm related to. At the end of 2011, I was a full-time grad student, working in an office and student teaching one day a week; now, at the end of 2012, I'm a full-time teacher getting paid in actual dollars to learn kids how to talk French more gooder. I got my freaking master's, guys, and J's family met my family and nothing exploded. I had possibly one of the hardest summers ever at camp, full of stuff that I'm still turning over in my head. J and I adopted a second cat. J and I got engaged.

So, yeah. That happened. Thanks for being around, internet!

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