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etben ([personal profile] etben) wrote2013-03-10 11:05 am

so far today I have:

• dropped a full glass of water - not because I was walking or holding it weird, just sitting on the couch, holding a glass of water, oops now I'm not;

• spilled used coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor;

• while setting up the coffee maker, put in water, a filter, fresh grounds...but not the basket that holds everything in place;

• spilled my oatmeal onto the coffee table; and,

• while cleaning up my oatmeal, knocked a pile of knitting needles onto the floor.

I need an adult. /o\ Failing that, I think I will just sit on the couch and reread the Alanna books until I feel more prepared to be a human being.

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Today I got out of my car and put my latte on the roof of it while I closed the door and locked the car up - something I do pretty much EVERY DAY. This day I closed the car door and the latte LEAPT off the roof and the cup shattered all over the pavement. There are not words.

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Oh god one of those days eh? ♥

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