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Honestly, I do feel bad for everybody who's trying to negotiate Boston traffic, torrential rain, and a Red Sox home game, all while driving a U-Haul...but mostly I feel smug as actual fuck. Whatever, I'll get my comeuppance the next time we move, I'm sure.

HEY LIVEJOURNAL WHAT ARE THE HAPS? I am TWO DAYS OUT from beginning my second year as a full-time teacher; I am both more and less terrified than I was this time a year ago. Mostly less terrified, honestly, because, hey: I have done this before! I don't know everything I want to - I probably don't even know everything I need to - but I at least know how to post attendance and who to email about my keys! PLUS I am not developing three entire courses entirely from scratch, this year, so I have way more material to work from.

On the other hand, I'm developing a split-level junior/senior class entirely from scratch and with no textbook, so there's that. On the OTHER other hand, I don't have a study hall anymore, quite possibly because somebody in the administration looked at my schedule and said, "um, or maybe we could NOT make her cry?"

WHAT ELSE. I finally paid off my library fines, so I can get free books again! And of course I am trapped in a terrible Mercedes Lackey series - I thought it was a trilogy but it turns out it is a QUINTET, what the fuck, ML, why would you do that to me? But I also have other books I am reading, and I am trying to get into the swing of using my GoodReads account to track things / find things. You should add me!

UM, STUFF. I stopped watching Teen Woof over the summer, because busy, and now I am too dispirited by everything I've seen about it on tumblr to keep going. I'm enjoying the everloving fuck out of Welcome To Night Vale, which is creepy and delightful. I'm wicked excited for the new Toby Daye book, even though it comes out on the first day of school and I'll probably never have time to read it. I tripped and fell and watched a whole bunch of American Ninja Warrior last week, which is oddly soothing. Oh yeah and I BOUGHT NEW BRAS, omg, my boobs look amazeballs.


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My sister moved OUT of Boston last weekend, and I'm sure she is extremely grateful for that excellent timing.

New Toby Daye!
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seriously, SO SMUG. There was a sign on my commute on Thursday, coming in on Route 2, that said MOVING TRUCKS, STAY OFF STORROW DRIVE - but I know better than to believe that that would do the trick.

TOBY DAYYYYYE. I have it pre-ordered to DL to my Kindle, but I am not going to be able to actually READ it for idk how long. :D:

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New bras! New bras are the most exciting.

....apparently that's what I got out of this post. :)
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omg BRAS. I bought two of the exact same bra in different colors, because they are just that comfortable - cost a bundle, but seeing as I've been wearing my FIRST bra of that model for, um, five years, I think it's worthwhile.

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Ooh what kind of bras do you get? I need new bras!

Let's see, things to tell you:
My mom's dog caught a turkey last night (!!)
My mom is busily making elderberry wine last night
We are going to watch What Maisie Knew tonight
I have coffee.

Aren't you glad I came and told you this random miscellany?
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I am glad! And I am glad that things are going (mostly) well for you - I know I haven't commented much, but I am following your moving adventures avidly!

I sprung for NICE bras, at Intimacy - like I said, they cost a bundle, but they also last me for-freaking-ever, and they actually fit my ridiculous 34E tits, so. Plus: cute! ( And wicked comfy!

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Oh, I'm glad to know you're reading! That's nice to hear. :)

Ooh, super cute! Pricey, yeah, but having bras that fit is like a miracle as far as I'm concerned, and if they last, well, there you go. Totally worth it!
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haaaaay girl! how you doing?

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pretty okay! still really sore and drugged up, but i am eating delicious soup \o/

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I *just* finished book four of what is probably the same series last night! I decided to reread the set in anticipation of the new one coming out oct 1, but whoops, I started about a month earlier than I needed to, I guess!
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well, it's the ONLY 5-book series in the Valdemar chronology - I checked, because I was feeling so betrayed when it turned out not to be a trilogy. Why would you do that, ML? I rely on you to produce trilogies that hit me directly in the id! This five-book business is nonsense! So, yeah. I am not super impressed by it - the first half of book 4 felt like filler, to me - but at the same time, it's Mercedes Lackey - I can't not read it.

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lol yep, Mercedes Lackey was my first 'grown up' fav author(aside from Tolkien) so I can't pass up new things by her. The worst part is, I can't sell them/turn them in to the used book store, because I reread them too often! I am slowly getting them all as ebooks so that I *might* be able to talk myself into freeing up the 3 shelves her books take up for new books. maybe. /o\

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Hiiii you hiii! I am SO EXCITED for a new Toby book :D :D :D

New bras ftw, and also books, and ohhh, Misty, lol. Which series has 5 books in it?? Have I MISSED some Valdemar books?

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Congrats on surviving your first year and good luck on your second! ~from a sixth-year teacher who's finally starting to feel like she's finally getting the hang of this teaching thing.


I am totally in love (and only up to episode 19B, because I've been parceling them out as I write lesson plans). I love Cecil! I love the weird horror stuff! I love how Cecil ships Cecil/Carlos even more than I do! :DDDDD