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Yuletide! Tide of Yule!

Hello, Yuletider! We've matched on a fandom, so clearly you are a person of excellent taste and judgment; furthermore, you're writing a story! For me! And I will love it no matter what, but in case you are looking for guidelines:

Generally, I don't care for: death, pining that doesn't get resolved, rape, torture and abuse, incest.

Generally, I like: shenanigans, worldbuilding, snappy dialogue, domesticity, porn, teams, stories about characters teaching and learning, stories about making the world a better place, found families, smart and competent characters, absurdly codependent bff pairings, outsider POV, pining that gets resolved, roadtrips, bodyswap, telepathy, fucking around with gender, cross-dressing, fake dating / pretending to be married, historical retellings, cuddling (for warmth or otherwise), characters taking care of each other, negotiation of kinks, threesomes and moresomes, open relationships negotiated well, shenanigans. ALL OF THE TROPES, GIVE THEM TO ME.


• Metropolis Suites: Anything you want to give me would be great - I love this universe so much! Also, you know, ROBOT LOVE IS QUEER, so if that was a direction that you wanted to go, I would be into that.

WORLDBUILDING. Tell me what it's like to live in this verse - as a robot, as a human, as someone else entirely. How did society get there? Where is society going next? This could be gen, but on the other hand it could be gay as all hell, and that would also be amazing. Let's be real, though: anything you write for this is going to be AMAZING.

• Indexing: Again, I'm in love with the worldbuilding of this, so more details would be lovely - I would also be down for ridiculous "shenanigans ensue" -type stories in this fandom, because FAIRY TALES.

I feel that this fandom is ripe for absurd tropes - fake marriage! huddling for warmth! roadtrips! bodyswap! telepathy! - but I would also be into straight worldbuilding for the universe created here.

• The Unusuals: I want Walsh, Shraeger, and Beaumont having adventures, and the more ridiculous and cliché-filled, the better. Undercover dating, road trips for great justice, bodyswap, mind reading...anything that involves these three being the ridiculous badasses they are.

I just realized that I picked the exact same tropes for this one as for indexing. SORRY, I'M PREDICTABLE. Basically, though, I ship Walsh and Beaumont like burning, but I also really enjoy the relationship between Walsh and Shraeger - if you wanted to take that in a sexy direction, either including Beaumont or just with her blessing, I would be way into that. ON THE OTHER HAND, I would love some shenanigans in this fandom - anything that showcases these three being the competent badasses they are.

• Elementary: For elementary, I love the relationship between Sherlock and Joan, and how many different ways it can be interpreted: sexual, nonsexual, sexual-but-non-romantic, romantic-but-not-sexual, platonic lifemates who judge each others' life decisions...Wherever you want to go with the two of them, I will follow you.

Basically, this. To me, Holmes and Watson clearly adore each other, whether or not that is expressed sexually; I would actually love to see a story with the two of them engaging in non-sexual kink together. If that's not your bag, though, just tell me about the two of them having adventures and annoying the crap out of each other and loving each other a lot, in whatever way, and I will be happy as a clam at high tide.

As ever, [ profile] soundslikej is a good resource on things I will and will not enjoy, but honestly I'm pretty easy. Also, if you're not feeling the fandom we matched on, none of these are particularly extensive canons - Elementary is just starting its second season; The Unusuals only ever had one season; Indexing is a shortish novel, published serially on Amazon; and the Metropolis Suites are a pair of amazing albums. Feel free to branch out! could even cross any of these four over, and that would ALSO be amazing.

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