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HELLO YULETIDER! You are writing me a story! That is really cool of you! Anything you write will delight me, but in case you were looking for more guidance...

Generally, I don't care for: death, pining that doesn't get resolved, infidelity, rape, torture and abuse, incest.

Generally, I like: ladies, shenanigans, worldbuilding, snappy dialogue & banter, domesticity, porn, teams, found families, smart and competent characters, characters who BECOME smarter and more competent over the course of the story, absurdly codependent bff pairings, outsider POV, pining that gets resolved, bodyswap, telepathy, fucking around with gender, cross-dressing, fake dating / pretending to be married / woke up married, nonsexual intimacy, cuddling (for warmth or otherwise), characters taking care of each other, ladies topping the shit out of people, negotiation of kinks, characters being awkward about their kinks but then finding a partner who validates and supports them, threesomes and moresomes, open relationships negotiated well, shenanigans, pornography. ALL OF THE TROPES, GIVE THEM TO ME.


The ArchAndroid: ROBOT LOVE IS QUEER, so if you want to write about pretty lady android Cindi Mayweather banging other pretty ladies, robot or otherwise, that would be awesome - failing that, though, the worldbuilding in this verse is so rad that I would be delighted no matter what. I don't know what I can add to that! LADY ANDROIDS 5EVER.

Brooklyn 9-9: SHENANIGANS. I love the ensemble cast, so gen shenanigans would be glorious here - literally any of the tropes above would be amazing (FAKE DATING OMG). I picked Amy and Rosa less because I ship the two of them together than because they are both 10000% certified awesome; if you ship them, I would not be at ALL averse to reading about the two of them in a relationship, but I would also be incredibly pleased by a story in which Amy and Jake have to pretend to date and Rosa makes fun of them.

(You could also cross this over with The Unusuals, and I would sob with glee.)

The Unusuals: ...this is basically the same request as B99, SORRY NOT SORRY. TROPES GIMME TROPES GIMME TROPES (faaaaaake daaaaaaating). Basically, though, I love Casey Shraeger, and I love her relationship with Walsh. If you take that in a sexy direction, I would appreciate it not going in an infidelity place, though? Like, negotiated open relationships, TOTALLY FINE; threesomes, EVEN BETTER - I just have a huge infidelity squick, and BEAUMONT IS SO AWESOME, WHO WOULD EVER CHEAT ON HER????

I would also just love shenanigans in this fandom, or, as mentioned, a crossover with B99 - I feel like Casey Shraeger and Amy Santiago might actually be awkward weirdo soulmates.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: I love everything that Phryne chooses to be, and I love how the show lets her be an adult women who has a lot of sex and doesn't apologize for it...but deep down, I ship her and Jack like burning, and I want them to bang. Weirdo shenanigans are a plus! BUT MAKE THEM KISS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

The Musketeers: CONSTANCE. Give me Constance Bonacieux being a badass, and I will be happy.

Push: Look, this is kind of a creepybadwrong pairing...but you offered this fandom and these characters, so I'm hoping that you're into that sort of thing? Caveat here: I'm not into Nick actually taking advantage of Cassie - but I'm pretty into Cassie taking advantage of him, and him feeling a little skeezy but also being real into it.


In conclusion: I like hot ladies in charge of shit! And also dumb shenanigans. [ profile] soundslikej is a good guide to whether or not I'll like a thing, but on the whole, I'm pretty easy to please.

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...I also feel that they are REALLY TRANSPARENT. I like LADIES and also SHENANIGANS.

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....well, in the fandoms I know, which are The Unusuals (btw, have you read this ( Because if you haven't and are craving Walsh/Shraeger, it will do you good. Sadly breaks up Walsh & Beaumont, but in a believable/well-handled way IMO, and my god the sexual tension and eventual sex is hot like burning, so, WORTH IT), MFMM (my sister and I were feeling the UST to the point of actually shouting "AUNT PRU, YOU COCKBLOCKER!" at the screen by the end of S2), and Push (*high fives on being a slightly terrible person*).

I keep hearing awesome things about Brooklyn 9-9. Is that a thing I should be into?
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I was really reluctant to watch B99 - I legitimately cannot stand Andy Samberg in any other thing that I've seen him in, and he's one of the main characters - but was ultimately seduced by the gifsets I was seeing on tumblr of the rest of the cast being fabulous. I enjoy it a lot! I feel like it does hit very similar notes to The Unusuals, but with a bigger and more diverse cast.

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A+ Push request. :D