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First off, MASSIVE FLAILY THANKS to [ profile] brooklinegirl, [ profile] mrsronweasley, [ profile] drlense, [ profile] ldthomps, [ profile] giddygeek, and [ profile] bathsweaver for all of their help with the move yesterday. It was AMAZING and a million times smoother than any of us (or [ profile] lordessrenegade and I, at least) had expected, and also FAST LIKE LIGHTNING. THANK YOU ALL.

(ps, one of you left a Red Sox baseball cap on our kitchen table?)

But. Okay. So the thing you have to understand is that in the following pictures, I am TOTALLY INNOCENT.

But. Well. Um. )

AND YET, I am still extremely pleased with this state of affairs! I have put up some shelves in the kitchen cabinets, and put some things ON those shelves, and puttered around ridiculously, and just - APARTMENT. This is my face right now: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

At some point soon, one of us will post a picspam of the entire process of relocation, and sometime next month I will start CLASSES and want to talk about other things again! ...but not right away, sry2say.

pity party!

Jan. 5th, 2008 12:38 pm
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me: *coughs wretchedly*
Abby and Allison: take some fucking mucinex!
me: *takes mucinex*
an hour: *goes by*
me: *continues to cough wretchedly*
AA: take some more fucking mucinex!
me: but i don't want to! and if it didn't work the first time, why is taking MORE going to help?
AA: ...
me: ...okay, so that was kind of stupid, wasn't it?
me: *takes some more fucking mucinex*
half an hour: *passes*
me: *is really fucking stoned on mucinex*

...there followed a period of cavorting around the Walgreens being mocked by everybody ever, and then a VERY EXCITING DRIVE where they let me navigate but not sing, and then I got home and collapsed and now I am awake. And have sinus drugs. And am either A) still stoned, B) stoned again, or C) really just very tired and loopy.

so, yes. i'm sick and exhausted and loopy and if you don't come over here and tell me i'm pretty i'm going to mainline the first season of the west wing, okay? THERE I SAID IT. and i don't think that sorkin and cold medicine should be mixed.

(I'm going to go out and get textbooks at some point, but I'm pretty sure that involves me getting out from under my comforter and, like, putting on pants. PANTS SUCK WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR THEM?)
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Christmas Wishes! )

In other news, I'm 45 minutes from handing in my last syntax assignment of the quarter (Icelandic case marking, ack!), which means that your days of listening to me whine about syntax are over. Unless I've failed the class, in which case you'll hear me again next fall, when I re-take it and hate my life EVEN MORE.

But let's not think about that. Let's just rejoice in the end of the Days Of Syntax, and welcome in the Days Of...well, technically it's the Days Of Finals And Sublet-Hunting, but I'm hoping that those will soon become the Days Of Writing Lots.
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hello, all! was going to post this tomorrow, but now I think on it, I probably won't have time, so:

I will be in South Dakota all weekend. I may or may not have internet access - personally, I'm betting not - but I will definitely have a million and one things to do during the day, and little inclination to move at night. Therefore: if you need (for whatever reason) to get my attention, drop me an email, but don't count on a response before Monday (or very, very late Sunday).

[I will, however, have my computer with me, so Writing Will Happen! I've been doing [ profile] wrisomifu, NaNoWriMo's redheaded stepchild, and it's working rather well, all told. Then again, school-stuff has been going poorly, so maybe I'm just transferring? but whatever: I will Write Things this weekend, and all will be well.]

Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to the weekend. I mean, busy busy busy, and doing things that I'm not entirely comfortable with, and BUSY BUSY BUSY...but at the same time, we'll be in a hotel, and hotels have heat. I'm discovering that I kind of miss having reliable heating system...

and now: SLEEEEEEP.
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Two very important (SGA) questions:

1) In McKay and Mrs Miller, cut for spoilers )

2) More generally speaking, do we have any idea of the general population of planets in Pegasus? Or, for that matter, of the population on Atlantis? I really don't have a good idea of how big things are; numbers are hard

In other news: OMG BSG! That was fucking awesome. Also, I watched the miniseries with S and R; R didn't take to it much, but S loved it. Next up: flatmate A! And then the dominion of BSG will be completeish.

Also, I think I was being flirted with this weekend. I'm not sure! But I think so. In which case...well, I'm kind of a fan, frankly. It won't go anywhere, of course, and if it does it will almost certainly end very very badly, but still. Still. I'm smiling.

It is Monday and I have lots of work to do, but I'm WRITING for once, and so I do not care. How are you all?


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