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each peach
Pete/Patrick/Ashlee, Pear Liberal Studies.
15323 words, NC-17
not real! never happened! don't google yourself or those you love!

FACT: this story was sparked when [ profile] lordessrenegade and I were talking about Pete/Patrick/Ashlee threesomes and how badly we wanted to read some. FACT: this story actually got going when [ profile] loveyouallwrong IMed me one night and told me to tell her a story. FACT: this story would have been lost forever at least twice, except that [ profile] angelsaves had chatlogs and saved my sorry ass.

FACT: all three of these wonderful ladies made this story happen, mostly by letting me write it at them a few hundred words at a time and then hounding me until I wrote more. &enablers;

FACT: [ profile] impertinence read it over once it was all finished and assured me that it actually made sense to somebody who hadn't been reading along as I wrote it. ♥

FACT: [ profile] longtime_lurker was kind enough to braindump a lot of Pete&Ashlee canon on me. All mistakes and fabrications are mine and not hers!

FACT: This was written for [ profile] quettaser in a holiday fic exchange. UM. I hope this is what you were looking for? It kind of got away from me somewhere in the middle. /o\


each peach, 1/2 )

Continued here
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Frank/Gerard, PG-13, ~7000 words

Notes: This story is entirely the fault of [ profile] shoemaster, who is a VILE ENABLER and, as usual, hounded me until this was done. ILU and your maple fist, bb! Thanks also to [ profile] loveyouallwrong, who read it over and helped my figure out the transit aspects, and to [ profile] angelsaves and [ profile] lordessrenegade and any of the other usual suspects who got spammed with bits of this during the writing process. You're the best. ♥

Written for [ profile] bayleaf, who knows why.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: not real, never happened, i am making all of this up for fun and to keep [ profile] shoemaster entertained, and not for purposes of profit. DON'T READ STORIES ABOUT PEOPLE YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE.

that CREEP. *______* )
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first of all, Patrick Stump thinks that Pete Wentz doesn't get enough credit for being a hardworking dude and an awesome lyricist. PAAAAAAATRICK. ♥

but maybe even MORE IMPORTANTLY, Pete's parents met while working on Biden's senate campaign. Meaning that without Joe Biden, there would be no Pete Wentz.

...I don't even know what to say about that, except BECAUSE PETE WENTZ JOE BIDEN.
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PANIC AT THE DISCO: STILL THE MOST PRECIOUSEST EVER. I heard this while in the car with my parents, and was all "...wait. WAIT A SECOND I KNOW THAT MONOTONE!" It's about ten minutes long, with live versions of Nine In The Afternoon and Northern Downpour, and there's a video of them playing That Green Gentleman in the NPR studios. IT IS AWESOME.

In other news, I think I got a sunburn while sitting inside, arguing with my boss over whether or not we should let the kids make s'mores. NOT ON, BOSSLADY. NOT ON, SUNSHINE.
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Okay, so. There's this dude called Jepha Howard, and the sum total of my knowledge about him is that:

a) he is in a band called The Used, and
b) he has a TINY PUPPY* )

Really, though, I'm pretty sure that's all I need to know.


Every single thing about this post. Seriously, you guys. Emily the Strange interviewing Gerard Way. In comic form. I had to flap my hands madly in order to be able to BREATHE, it was so fucking adorable.


Bandom is having a Big Bang thing! and while I am totally not going to finish my story in time (I'm about 9,000 words short, and the deadline is tomorrow), I am kind of enchanted with how adorable it is, sometimes.

as evidence: )

SO YES. Basically I am being overwhelmed by the endless preciousosity of the universe, today. Send help! or, like, other links to cute shit.

OH ALSO: for the francophones on my flist: Re: vos cerveaux. Jonathan Coulton continues to be the most awesome of several awesome things.

PS [ profile] berserkide, I totally just ganked that photo from you, to share with the sad souls who don't have you friended; let me know if it is not stealable and I something else!
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This story owes basically EVERYTHING EVER to [ profile] pearl_o, who let me write it at her in chat and then said, "right, great, now make the ending not suck," and then, when I sent it back to her again, said, "okay, yeah, better, but can it not suck?" Everything awesome in here was her idea; I'm seriously not kidding. Thanks also to my other three favorite ladies, [ profile] angelsaves and [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] lordessrenegade, who made squeaky noises in all the right places. All four of them deserve pie. Or possibly kittens.

title from josh ritter.


made out like bandits
Bob Bryar/Brendon Urie, NC-17
~6500 words
Notes: written for [ profile] strangecobwebs in a random fic exchange. Um. I wroted you a story?
&also: not real, never happened, don't google yourself.

Ultimately, it's all Patrick Stump's fault. )


Dec. 16th, 2007 12:46 pm
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the internet is refusing to entertain me this morning. *grumpyface* clearly, the logical response is to post snippets-of-stuff, right? of course right!

Jori, don't read this. IT HAS BABIES IN. (follows on from here. kidfic, genderswap, nonsense.)

Christmas 2007 )
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really, right now, more than anything else? i want to make pie for Cobra Starship. Or, well, flan, actually. CHEESE FLAN. Delicious, delicious cheese flan. For Cobra Starship.

&lots of other people, of course. BASICALLY I WANT TO QUIT LIFE AND JUST FEED PEOPLE A LOT*, OKAY.

...this is reasonable, right? RIGHT?

sadly, flan is hard to mail. *tragicface* otherwise? I would tell you to WATCH YOUR MAILBOXES.

*which, yes, is rather ridiculous, all things (read: my continued failure to consistently feed MYSELF) considered. TRUST ME I KNOW.
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So, as most of you have probably heard by now, Cobra Starship has read the fanfiction. Not only has read it, but reads it! regularly! over hot chocolate! Which I think we can all agree is pretty fucking adorable.

I was discussing this important piece of information with Jai, as I do so many things, and we came to the following important conclusions )

IN CONCLUSION: Gabe Saporta has read the fanfiction. And probably sent links to the relevant people. And staged a dramatic reading of the best parts.

Gabe Saporta, I think I love you.

oh and also: a real-life conversation!

me: man, this is so WEIRD. When did Cobra Starship become my band of fluffy bunny love?
abby: ...
abby: ...
abby: don't know when Cobra Starship became your band of fluffy bunny love.

*laughs so hard*


Nov. 14th, 2007 11:40 pm
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you guys you guys you guuuuuuys - *wiggles like an excited puppy*

*takes a deep breath*

okay. OKAY. do any of you not have [ profile] pearl_o friended? AND IF SO WHY NOT? She is shiny and pretty and full of funtimes and YOU JUST WISH YOU HAD ONE, DON'T YOU?

But for the three of you that read me and not her (and, seriously, why?), I would like to point out that she's just posted our handwavey masterwork. Bandslash, in which Mikeyway is a girl, and has Pete Wentz's baby, and everything else is...remarkably the same.

[ profile] pearl_o, I LOVE YOU LOTS. *flails all over you*

(and the best part? now I'm down to only TWO stories about babies. *glee*)
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Look, guys, all I really want to say is that linguistics? is awesome. And so is bandslash.

And so are [ profile] pearl_o and I, for putting the two together.

...because, okay, listen: all of the linguists I have ever known (and, hi, senior in the department, here; I know kind of a lot of the fuckers at this point) are awesomely nerdy, socially awkward people who are, y'know, kind of (if not very) queer. And who drink a lot.


It is quite possible that none of you care about this AT ALL, but I really don't mind, because LINGUISTS. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER. I want a linguistics AU in every fandom ever, even the fandoms I'm not in.


...oh, and also: the month of October is hereby officially FIRED. *hates October forever*
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...I blame [ profile] shoemaster. For everything. She stayed online with me for I don't even know how many hours, saying YES AND THEN over and over until I finally wrote this story, and then did it all again as I slogged through the edits. I love her best.

Thanks also to [ profile] lordessrenegade, [ profile] angelsaves, and [ profile] pearl_o for reading this over and assuring me it doesn't suck, and also for being made of SOLID AWESOME.

the last gentleman in new jersey
bandslash, mcr, girl!frank/gerard
warnings: genderswitch, het sex, rated R, ~11,000 words.
extra special rps warning: NOT REAL. NEVER HAPPENED. If you got here by googling yourself or someone you know in real life, please go away now.

He only knows her full name because that's how the guitarist introduces her - 'Francesca Antonia Iero, ladies and gentlemen!' - and that's pretty much all he knows. )
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Five snippets of sex-type stuff; all bandslash; all FICTION.

RPS disclaimer: None of this happened - and if it did, that's none of my business. If you are, or think you may be, any of the people mentioned in this post, please DO NOT CLICK THE MOTHERFUCKING CUT TAGS. Trust me. We will all be happier that way.

1. [ profile] shoemaster:10 AM (MCR, frank/gerard) )

2. [ profile] helleboredoll:dirty (FOB, pete/patrick) )

3. [ profile] misspamela: plus ├ža change (FOB, pete/patrick) )

4. [ profile] lordessrenegade: flash flash flash (FOB/Entourage, patrick stump/eric murphy) )

5. [ profile] greyandgrey: not really like a cult at all (drummer!love) )

...everyone else, I'll get back to you. I WILL.


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