Dec. 16th, 2007 12:46 pm
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the internet is refusing to entertain me this morning. *grumpyface* clearly, the logical response is to post snippets-of-stuff, right? of course right!

Jori, don't read this. IT HAS BABIES IN. (follows on from here. kidfic, genderswap, nonsense.)

Christmas 2007 )
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Another snippet! This one from the file of, No, Seriously, What the Fuck?

currency of virtue )

Um, yeah. In my defense, I'd just had a really fascinating class discussion of Beowulf...oh, wait. That doesn't actually defend me, does it? Never mind, then.
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Yay for [ profile] wip_amnesty! I'm a fan.

1) the one about the cat. I really don't know what this was actually going to be about - I wrote this much, and then I took a nap, and when I woke up, I couldn't remember where the ending was supposed to be. Still, I like the history of Rodney's cat, so I saved it...but, honestly, it's never going to be finished.

Rodney McKay's cat was completely insane. )

2) Rejoice Greatly Because, yes: I am a cheap whore for singing. Abandoned because, really, who else would have wanted to read this?

Rejoice Greatly )

3) Earthside Genderfuck I'm still writing this story! But, really, I realized that this wasn't the way to tell it.

Why, John, how...expository of you. )

4) Advances At one point, this summer, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a long, plotty story about Rodney and Elizabeth, and spent several hours sitting in the bathroom, typing like a fiend, outlining stuff.

Then I realized that I didn't actually want to write the story. Ooops?

this conversation survived, however. )

Fly free, little stories! I'll be over here, reading about OT and HATING MY LIFE.

Also, I posted a thing over at [ profile] mjcountdown! Because [ profile] shoemaster told me to, and I'm...pretty much her flunky. Ma-Agbor's House Of Fine Garments, outtake from the ballet-fic*.

*Which is becoming the fic of DOOM, oh God, and even now that I've worked out that issue in the middle and done the name-changes I needed to, it's still going to eat my FACE, I know it for sure...
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[ profile] pearl_o made me do it! she talked about Fraser watching Ray while he slept, and then I got tagged for [ profile] stop_drop_porn, and this kept coming up. it's not porn (well, not really), and it's not betaed, and it's not what I'm writing, but it's here and it's staying and it's getting the hell out of my head.

for [ profile] pearl_o
633 words, un-betaed
When Ray wakes up, Fraser's watching him. )

*goes back to the thing she's actually working on*
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Right now, I'm actively working on five stories, and thinking intently about two more.

Of the five:

Two are co-written; both of these are crossovers. One of them is het, and the other one is gen with undertones of ORGY.
The other three are all primarily McKay/Sheppard, although one of them comes with a side order of Sheppard/AU-McKay and McKay/AU-McKay. All three are planning to have actual sex in them at some point, but none of them have made it that far. As of today, two of them are over 6000 words and nowhere near done; the other is hovering around 3,000, looking resentful and sad.

Most importantly, they all have characters who share a name.

Let me repeat that, for those of you who weren't listening the first time: all three of the stories I'm actively writing on my own right now have two characters with the same name. ALL OF THEM.

The extremely-belated GUP-coda has Sheppard and hallucination-Sheppard, of course, and Rodney making a distinction between them.

The Story About The Ballet has John and Rodney, and also the actors who play them in the titular ballet. Really. I'm not making this up, except in the sense that of course I am, because I'm writing it. (side note: [ profile] rike_tikki_tavi, you're right about it not being anything like done. I mean, I knew that, sort of, but now I'm re-reading it and saying, yeah, this is going to be a lot longer.)

The story about Ingram McKay has two McKays and two Sheppards, although one of the McKays is a girl, which makes it slightly easier.

...I mean, is my subconscious trying to tell me something, here? Because if so, I really don't get it. Dear brain, WTF? Love, Me.

Also, because I'm a ho, have a cookie )

All right. Back to the mines fic!
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Skimming over the headlines, my eyes catch on this:

Atlantis Is Readied for Launch on Wednesday.

The space shuttle, of course, but it took me way too long to figure that one out.

Brother starts school tomorrow, which means the whole family will be up and tromping around in the kitchen (read: right above my head) at 6h00 tomorrow. Not Fun.

But! This is fun!

snippet of girl-Rodney fic )

Plus: transition resolved! Now I have the in for the scene in which John is Defeated By Means Of Unexpected Breasts.
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So I was looking through my folder of "Things I Need to Finish", and found this. I remember (vaguely) sitting down to write it, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was going to be about.

A couple hundred words of Sheppard and Ronon. )

Did I talk to any of you about this? Do you know where I was planning to take it? Do you have any suggestions about where it should go? It's set post-Sateda (which I only know because the document is titled "post-Sateda"), but I really don't remember where it was going, except I think McKay was the problem.

So, um. If any of you know what I was thinking, could you tell me? That'd be awesome.

[please don't link anywhere, though]


Apr. 17th, 2006 10:09 am
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Um, yes. For those of you who, you know, have better things to do than check livejournal compulsively, or who don't have [ profile] stop_drop_porn friended, I just thought I'd give a heads up: I did my tag over there! Will probably repost here at some point, just for the sake of knowing where everything is, but then again, maybe not. Any road, here it is:

Getting It

In other news, I'm probably going to go hear the CSO play Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition this Saturday, and I'm MAD EXCITED. Mussorgsky is my musical boyfriend and I love him like nobody's business (I mean, come on, people: his first name is MODEST. How can you fail to love him?). And after that, I'll probably come home and get roaring drunk, because it will be my birthday and I will bloody well deserve it.
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All right: I have a Very Important Fandom Question: )

(only, OK, not really. It's more of a WWJSD question, I guess, but still! Important!)

...and, yes: this does have to do with Earth Boys Are Easy, which, yes, is the foursome porn. Shut up and vote, you.

Also, um. If I were to write RayK/RayV/Fraser threesome porn for my tag at [ profile] stop_drop_porn, would any of you still be my friends be willing to look it over before I post, to check my Vecchio? And, you know, to check my smut, since moresomes are hard to write without losing track of the hands.

In other, non-perverted-person news, my hair looks hot and I win at meatloaf. This is a good way for Saturday to be, I think. Also, I've started using the word 'vexing' a lot, and I truly can't fathom why.
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Who wants to beta the sequel to Kiss Me, I'm an Earthling!? It's not finished yet, but it is all outlined out, and I've taken a solemn vow to finish it when I get home from work. As of right now it's 2767 words, and I know it's more than half finished. The current title is Earth Boys Are Easy, although I'm definitely open to any other suggestions, because my titles are always crap.

And, um. Since it's the sequel to a story in which SGA-1 has to make out with each other, and since I'm not so good with the serious and the thinky, this is very lighthearted, and very porny. We have lots of banter, and then we have an orgy. We do not have angst or wibble, and we don't even have much in the way of plot. I need some brave soul (or two, or three: the more, the merrier!) to read the porniest thing I've ever written, and to take me to task over things that are unclear, or unhot, or un-in-character. So, um: if you're not so much with the orgies or with porn in general? well, what are you doing on my journal? but also, sit this one out.

So: any takers? Comment with a good email, and I'll shoot it over to you once it's finished.

also, because I like the music-pimpery memes: if you comment with a number between 1 and 156, I'll yousendit you whatever song has that number on my "yay awesome good music" playlist.
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So first, we have the part where I'm demanding:

Who wants to beta? (not you, [ profile] riverlight, I know you're busy). It's SGA, surprise-surprise! About 2400 words right now, although it's not quite done yet; I know pretty much where it's going, but I need to get some sleep before I can get it there. It's teamfic, and by teamfic I mean team kissing porn, which, yes, would be a foursome. And, um. Aliens make them do it? Except that, really, no. It's not that story. It's the story about how there isn't any kissing in the Pegasus Galaxy. (and aliens make them demonstrate, for quantities of 'alien'='Ronon Dex')

So, any takers? It won't be really finished until tomorrow afternoon or so, and I'm not too demanding in terms of turnaround time. If you dig, drop me a line with your info in the comments—if it's in the next half hour or so, I can even send you what I've got so far before I crash tonight, but if not, I'll email it you in the morning.

And now the funny:

Work is kind of awesome, sometimes, like when we talk about dying and read sex books together, but sometimes it kind of sucks. One such time was today, when I had to sort a bunch of forms according to what member of the senior staff needed to see them. For an hour. Suck, suck, suck, especially when you're already tired and fuzzy and not at all inclined to read things.

But the senior staff are identified by three-letter codes, which I presume are their initials? And one of the people I had forms for today was JPF.

And verily, I say unto you all: I spent at least five minutes staring at the form, trying to figure out what JPF stood for. I mean, you've got your Real Person Fiction, and your Fictional Person Fiction, and then...Jupiter Person Fiction? Jewish Person Fiction? Jittery Person Fiction?

Oh, life. You resemble crack quite nicely.
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So, as previously mentioned, I work in a library. It's a pretty nice library, as libraries go, although I am continually bewildered by some of the books we order. For example, what in the name of all that is good and holy is The Handbook of Drug-Eluting Stents? I mean, I'm reasonably certain that parts of that title aren't even words.

But I digress.

The library is marvelous, largely because the work I do doesn't require me to do much in the way of actually, you know, thinking. I just look up titles and give them barcodes to match, and my higher mental functions can go entirely different places—porn, usually. Today, though, I started contemplating the music I was listening to, and I realized that each of my fandoms has a song.

Like, OK, Supernatural's song is Red, which I posted in my music pimpage last night, because it's creepy and weird and really really pretty. Actually, Supernatural and Dave Carter are generally a good match.

Similarly, SGA is pretty much always set to Erin McKeown, for me. White City, but also We Are More—come on, people, back me up! You know I'm right. (And Bells and Bombs? such a Teyla song.)

So, I wondered, what's the underlying song of due South?

The Little Things You Do Together. Sondheim, from Company.

Now, I know what you're saying. You're saying that it's really a shame how I've so clearly suffered a total mental meltdown brought on by final exams. And, you know, I'm not going to deny that. I went to bed at the ever-reasonable hour of 1 am last night, only to get up half an hour later and start cleaning the sink. I make no claim to sanity.

But the fact remains that this song is the biggest damn RayK/Fraser song I've ever heard, and if someone were to vid them to that? I would be that person's willing slave for, um. A while.

And because you clearly still don't believe me: lyrics! (although you should really listen to the song, people.) )

OK, now. Who's going to make this vid? I'd do it, if I had anything even remotely resembling audio-visual skills. Or, like, depth perception, or some shit like that. Word.
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"You want to—OK, fine. Whatever."
"Nothing, nothing—ignore me, really."
"No, seriously, what?"
"No, it's nothing."
"Look, will you just tell me what's wrong."
"No, really—I mean, I'm all in favor of people making their own choices and doing what makes them happy, and if it will make you happy to go down in history as the stupidest person in two universes, then by all means, go right ahead and do that."

Please: remind me that I am already busy, with school-shaped things and other writing projects and figuring out my study abroad and hopefully soon having a job, to start writing another epic.

Even if that epic is the story about the team going to an alternate universe, one where Rodney McKay is actually Rachael McKay (or some other, less awful, girl's name beginning with an R), Jeannie McKay's sister, who's just as smart as Rodney, and just as evil, but much more passive-agressive about it, and a little more self-contained. They have witty banter! (and possibly also sex, oh god, somebody stop me before I write this! I'm begging you...)


OK, but if I did ever write that story, the beginning of it would go like this: )

...this icon has never been more apropriate.
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So, ok, as I mentioned in my last entry, [ profile] riverlight and I are writing a crossover of due South and Stargate Atlantis. We've spent the past several days plotting on it, figuring out how it's going to go and tossing ideas back and forth, but tonight was the first time we sat down together and actually wrote something collaboratively.

And, ok, first of all, I just need to say that [ profile] riverlight is a joy to work with and I'm so glad we're married. She's a rockstar and I love her to bits.

But, ok, seriously—she and I are honest-to-god braintwins, in the best of all possible ways. As proof, I offer for your perusal this transcript of this evening's chat. Seriously, now: isn't this just a little bit weird? (but good! so good!) )

We report. You decide.

And, to my SGA people—I love you, still! and some day, I will write that story with Rodney in the hole, and the one with the civil war, and I've got the first half of what's maybe a pornlet sitting around here. I just—wow. This is insane, and marvelous, and so I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait for me to get it out of my system.

And, hey—if tomorrow's as insane as today was, I may be able to offer you cookies of Rodney McKay, Reluctant Canadian National Treasure.

love to all!
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John and Fraser form the Women Are Scary, Where Can I Hide From Them? club.

Ray and Rodney, in response, form the Why Am I Working With Someone So Unaware Of His Own Sex Appeal, And Furthermore What Does He Have That I Don't? club.

Or possibly the Hands Off, Lady, Can't You See He's Not Interested? (And Anyway, He's With Me) club.

oh, our baby will be lovely. (Although I don't know that you want me to name it - I'm somewhat notorious for trying to get a friend to name her unborn child Obadiah.)
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I would be very interested to know why it is that I can't ever write the stories I want to write.

Lacking an answer to that question, here's the first part of something new.

A Thanksgiving Story, part 1 of more. Rodney McKay yells at people, Jeannie McKay makes a proposition, and John Sheppard likes to watch. Which, really, we already knew. )

Seriously - if anyone happens to know where my brain is? Or why I can't seem to write the story I'd really like to write?
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Hey, you know, if I’m going to be writing this, anyone got any thoughts on a title?

The story about Rodney's Christmas t-shirt. In this part, Teyla thinks about her people, and about tea. Rodney argues with John, gets slimed, argues with Carson, wears his damn t-shirt, doesn't argue with Ronon, and eats french fries. Yeah. )

Teyla POV? Dear my brain: what the hell? Still, I'm pleased; I think Teyla works for this one. Don't know if Ronon can be the next part, which would give a really nice little feeling to the whole thing, or if it'll have to be Rodney again. Or possibly John.

There are maybe...two parts of this left? Which means I'll maybe finish it before I go back to school. yays!

...and then there are the other two stories I need to write. Oh well.

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The story about Rodney's Christmas t-shirt: Now with actual t-shirt. Also, be warned: consumption of alcohol! if that bothers need to get out even more than Rodney does. Which he doesn't! And he'll tell you all about it, just watch him. )

I'm actually rather proud of myself: not only am I actually writing something, I'm writing all of it, and not giving up after a page or so of merblewerble. Also, interestingly, each part of this has been about twice as long as the part before. Also-also, each part has been posted earlier than the one before. Life is winning, but I'm catching up!

Also, I've a question: does there need to be more? it feels like it might be done, but then there's getting Rodney to actually wear the shirt. I think it happens for the first time after a mission, when his uniforms are all slimed and there's something good in the mess and he just doesn't have time for this. Anyone got a POV suggestion? I don't really want to do Rodney again, just yet...I was thinking possibly Ronon? Let me know.
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So, ok, thinking about Grace Under Pressure (spoilers) )

Shit, I'm going to have to write this thing, aren't I? God damn.
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So, for some reason, recently my brain has been going overtime, with the planning and the ideas and the plotting of random fic. This, needless to say, is NOT WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING in any way shape or form. I should be studying for finals (eep!), or planning for study abroad, or eating, or sleeping, or any of the other things I tend to not do.

But the ideas, they come. And since the index cards are quick to get unsightly (plus, you know, I kind of need those for making flash cards with), I will put them here.

Things I Will Eventually Write (maybe) )

If you want any of these, please, take them. In all probability, I'll never actually write more than a few scenes of each, and I'd love it if they had a home to go to.


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