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We are rewatching Thor tonight, as every wonderful household does on a Friday night, and I have THOUGHTS. And FEELINGS.

...spoilers for Thor? Can people still be spoiled for Thor? )

5. God damn, Hemsworth really is a blond Heath Ledger, isn't he? HEEEEEEF ;____;

In other news, I'm done with classes! and am guaranteed to graduate! Which means that, with the exception of some interviews and some family shenanigans, the only things I need to do between now and the end of the month are:

• pack for the summer
• put the gd a/c in the window
• write the story about how Tony and Pepper Make It Work (which is also the story about how Stark Tower comes to be, maybe? And might also involve a threesome with Bruce Banner, fuck you, don't judge me.)
• write the ridiculous gen epic about Steve Rogers Discovering The 21st Century, ugh, [ profile] angelsaves and [ profile] soundslikej are the WORST enablers.
• write about Thor and Jane sleeping with everybody
• write about how everybody sleeps with everybody in the Avengers Mansion, for reasons of plot.

My life choices: actually fairly valid, for a change! If you have thoughts on Thor, or on the Avengers more generally, or if you have things you think I should write, you should come have opinions at me in the comments!
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I was going to make a post about my ~feelings~ after this weekend, but FEELINGS, and also ahahahahaha fuck no.

Then I was going to make a post about the things I brought home from my grandparents' house, but I can't find my camera charger, so that didn't happen.

Then I thought I might make J watch Lil Abner, one of my favorite childhood movies, and liveblog her horrified faces, but the movie is down in the car, and it's raining, so, no.

And then I said, oh, hey, I could post about going and getting the car appropriately insured and titled and registered today! ...which post would interest approximately NOBODY.

So instead I am just going to say project runway spoilers ).

I, yeah. That's what I've got today.
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I had an absolutely EXCELLENT day today, with lots of wine and noms and fangirls and due south! There was a lot of hilarity surrounding the notion of a sex-voice GPS function (to be voiced by one ms. [ profile] shiningartifact, CLEARLY), and also a great deal of general delightfulness - and on the car ride home I inflicted the following on C, who said that clearly this was something that needed shared with the rest of the world.

I'm just saying, blame C, not me.
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so I have actual posts to make (family stuff! flaily life stuff! oh my god I start student teaching in LESS THAN A WEEK oh fuck oh fuck panic stuff!), but I just need to get this off of my chest:

If visibility is less than absolutely perfect, put your fucking headlights on when you are driving. That includes twilight! That includes heavy rain or snow! And that absolutely includes heavy rain/snow/ick in the early morning or late evening! Your headlights may not do a fuck of a lot of good for your ability to see the road, but they make an enormous difference in how well the rest of us can see you.

This announcement has been brought to you by the department of JESUS FUCK, PUT YOUR FUCKING HEADLIGHTS ON, PEOPLE.

...and now I will go back to Operation: Bake ALL the cookies!

...bake ALL the cookies?
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Okay, internet: question time! How do you pronounce the word "mobile"?

(if it makes a difference, we're talking about the hanging sculpture-y things that you put over babies' beds to make them smarter or whatever.)

[ profile] soundslikej and I have been going over this one for...a while...and we cannot decide, and now it's not even a WORD anymore, so we are turning to the internet to tell us how to talk good the english. HALP.

CLARIFICATION: J says "mo-beel"; I thought I said "mo-bile" but on further reflection "mo-bill" actually sounds a little better? But I would also understand "mo-beel" if somebody said it? AUGH WHY IS ENGLISH NONE OF THESE ARE EVEN WORDS ANYMORE A:LDJS:LDKAJDLSDJ:LAKDSJAS:LD.
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Ray Vecchio is pretty great. I mean, I am still always going to prefer Ray Kowalski, because he was my very first Ray and also because his face is the BEST face, and if you put a knife to my throat and made me pick, well, that's how it would go down - and don't even get me started on Benton Fraser, stupid freaking space alien of my HEART - but, hey. Ray Vecchio: a pretty okay dude!

In other news, it is 2003. Or possibly 1994, idk. Either way, I am HIP and WITH IT over here on the couch.

OKAY, OKAY, SHUT THE FUCK UP, I HAVE TOO SEEN THE VECCHIO SEASONS BEFORE. Or. Parts of them. Just not all of them! And it was approaching the point at which [ profile] soundslikej was going to kick me out to live on the streets if I didn't watch the rest, so. Due South marathon o'clock!

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So I'm doing my homework, like I do, and I come across this wonderfully useful diagram:

This schematic drawing of the lateral surface of the human brain shows the regions primarily responsible for recognition.

...yeah. Exactly. Because as a classroom teacher, I am going to have so many opportunities to cut open my students' heads and look at their brains.

I share this with [personal profile] jai, who stares at me intently and says,

"I don't need to cut open your head."

...guys, she is the CREEPIEST PERSON EVER. ♥


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