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amateur night
by [ profile] etben and [ profile] lordessrenegade
Entourage/Battlestar Galactica (…really.)
Kara Thrace/Eric Murphy/Vincent Chase (…no, really.)
NC-17 (threesomes, pegging)
4106 words
Notes: beta by the amazing [ profile] brooklinegirl, title from the intrepid [ profile] shoemaster. For reasons that do not need to be explored at this juncture, Kara Thrace is in L.A. - look, you're just going to have to go with us on this one, okay? Okay then.

The thing is, Eric actually really likes Kara Thrace. )


[It's entirely possible that we should be shot for this – only by "we", I really mean "I", because [ profile] lordessrenegade wrote all the good parts.]


Mar. 25th, 2007 10:01 pm
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season finale )

In non-spoilery news: why is it not coming back until 2008? WHYYYYYYY? *weeps*
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Long story short: one week left until MJ! *twirls* And in honor of this fact, I obeyed [ profile] shoemaster's bidding wrote something for [ profile] mjcountdown. Um. Yeah.

[ profile] synecdochic said something recently about how pretty much everyone feels like their smut is too revealing and too personal and just not hot, and, um. Yeah. *hides face*

Kara Thrace/ofc, Kara/Zak, Kara/Lee, Kara/Kara's right hand, not in that order.

Kara Thrace is going back to Picon.

and if you can figure out who the girl is based on (and your name isn't [ profile] shoemaster), you get...a gold star! and a hug! and probably some other stuff, I guess, depending on how much I like you.
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dear battlestar galactica )

Also, if I have mono? I will be so pissed off.
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All right, you lot: ANONYMOUS LOVE MEME TIME!

mine is here, show me some loving!


1) Comment with your username.
2) Go back to your own LJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know to come fawn over you if you don't tell them about it!
3) Your friends will leave ANONYMOUS comments to your comment about all the many reasons that you are WONDERFUL, and then they will comment with THEIR usernames and go post the link to THEIR comments and it will be a giant big snowball of love.
4) We will all feel WARM and FUZZY and excited about the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS! YAY!!!

In other news, I am with fangirls and we are watching BSG. This is what we have to say: !!!!!!!!!

also, what's with the dancing cylon ads on the commercial breaks? yays.
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Two very important (SGA) questions:

1) In McKay and Mrs Miller, cut for spoilers )

2) More generally speaking, do we have any idea of the general population of planets in Pegasus? Or, for that matter, of the population on Atlantis? I really don't have a good idea of how big things are; numbers are hard

In other news: OMG BSG! That was fucking awesome. Also, I watched the miniseries with S and R; R didn't take to it much, but S loved it. Next up: flatmate A! And then the dominion of BSG will be completeish.

Also, I think I was being flirted with this weekend. I'm not sure! But I think so. In which case...well, I'm kind of a fan, frankly. It won't go anywhere, of course, and if it does it will almost certainly end very very badly, but still. Still. I'm smiling.

It is Monday and I have lots of work to do, but I'm WRITING for once, and so I do not care. How are you all?
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1. Does anyone know how long it takes the Daedalus to go between Earth and Atlantis? Not that I'm starting a new project or anything...

2. BSG 2x19. Yay on many counts, but mostly I'm stuck on one thing: Dear Gaius Baltar, what is up with your hair? Dude, that needs to stop.


Aug. 31st, 2006 06:25 pm
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*picks up suitcase and hatbox, jumps on bandwagon*

Five things meme! Wherein you all, you know, give me lists of five things—five things Veronica Mars won't eat, five things Ray Kowalski loves about Battlestar Galactica, five times John Sheppard actually did see it coming...whatever makes you happy. I, in turn, write you small fictions to flesh out those lists.

Fandoms are...well, SGA and dS for sure. Veronica Mars. Battlestar Galactica (although if you pick this one, bear in mind that I've only seen through 2x09, and would prefer not to be spoiled for the rest of season 2). Supernatural...maybe, although you might want a backup if you ask for one of these. Crossovers are encouraged and adored, because I'm wrong like that.

I will do as many of these as I can.

(right now, though, I'm going to go play with the cat, who is purring on my knees and knocking the powed cord out of my laptop. Clearly, someone wants to wrestle with me...)

PS: Have just seen the Big Damn Snake Movie, which—is it a spoiler to say that it's really, really bad? No? OK, then. (ETA: By Big Damn Snake Movie, I mean Snakes On A Plane; I saw Boa vs Python a week or so ago, and it was also really, really bad, but this is the one I was talking about)

...was anyone else thinking of Boa vs Python the entire time they were talking about antivenin? Because, dude—with the universal antidote, you wouldn't have needed to fuck around with the helicopters and the chasing bad guys and what have you.
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Or, Battlestar Galactica (up through) Episode 2x08: Home, Parts 1 and 2.

I have, seriously, way too much love for this episode. )

I really shouldn't watch more—sure, the ep is downloaded, but it'll be there tomorrow, and I really need to sleep if I'm going to impersonate a human being tomorrow, not to mention work on my WIPs, cook dinner, and write F/K involving the two of them watching BSG.

but BSG is SHINY SHINY SHINY, and somehow I suspect that sleep is at least another fourty-two minutes away.

PS: OMG I NEED A BSG ICON! I CANNOT SQUEE WITHOUT AN ICON! *ponders which of the six will have to go in order to make room for the amazingness that is Kara Thrace*
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I have no impulse control.

And, I mean, it's not like this should be a surprise to anyone. It's a well-documemted fact, and motivates a whole lot of what I do. It's why we have no more M&Ms or fruit snacks, and very little beer, and it's also why I almost never eat lunch unless there's someone around to make me. It's why I've just rewatched all of SGA s1 in the space of about a week. It's why I have new headphones. It's why I go months without writing a word, and then spend days straight spending every spare second on writing.

It's why I watch Stargate: Atlantis, due South, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars (shh! it's a secret!) - because I can't resist smart people being hot, or shiny scifi, or a whole lot of things. Or, well, anything.

...It's also why I was up until 5 last night watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

HI YES I KNOW. Staying up until your eyes will not focus is a really dumb thing to do. Like I said: no impulse control. This is a bad thing to do to myself, and I know that, and yet I did it, and I'm totally going to try to keep doing it, in order to be caught up for the new season. (I can watch two seasons of scifi in a few weeks, right? That's totally possible!)

Which brings me to my situation: do any of you watch BSG? I'm not asking for fic recs quite yet, but it would be nice to have someone around to whom I could squeal and flail and gibber about how this show is basically amazing, and how there isn't a single person on it who isn't absolutely fascinating, and very few who aren't dead sexy. I need a squee partner, and I need one soon.

Hi. My name is [ profile] etben, and I'm a fannish whore.


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