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champagne! and also flailing )

And now I have to go watch Southland with my grandmother. Because my family is MADE OF FANGIRLS, when you get right down to it.
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time I got up: 8:30
time I thought I had gotten up: 10:30
time it took me to realize that I had gotten up two hours early: 110 minutes.

sections of class I teach: 3
average number of students per section: 22
inches of exam I brought home with me: 3.5
inches of exam I left at work: 2

times I wrote "THIS MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE" on a student's paper: 0
times I wanted to: MANY.

sections of the exam: 10
sections of the exam graded yesterday: 1 (x3 sections)
sections of the exam graded today: 8 (x3 sections)
sections of the exam left to grade: 1 (x3 sections)

cups of coffee consumed: 2.5
showers taken: 0

my awesomeness: ∞

we can all ignore the part where % of yuletide written is still sitting at 0, right? right? .../o\
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lol oral; work babble )

IN OTHER NEWS, I have been invited to a Halloween party! And Halloween is...the day after tomorrow! It's being thrown by some of the grad students I work closely with, and while I am fairly certain that they all secretly hate me, I am also pretty certain that I am being neurotic and incorrect in my opinions, and also that social interaction is good for me. So I need a Halloween costume! internet, what should I be for Halloween that is a) cheap and b) not too labor-intensive? I thought about wearing leggings as pants and a wretched plaid shirt and going as my students, but that might be a joke that would only be funny to me, and also I'd have to wear leggings as pants, which, NO.

Come talk to meeeeeeee, internet. Other acceptable topics: Middleman, Castle, Farscape, Whip It; any and all crossovers between the aforementioned fandoms; lol ORAL.
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I caught them washing the el last night.

When I got to the red line station, the attendant told me to watch my step on my stairs. I was confused, but nodded amiably. There was a hose running down the stairs: I stared at it, somewhat bemused, but went down to the platform anyways.

And they were washing it. Two guys manning high-powered hoses, three guys with long-handled scrubbing brushes. There were suds everywhere—I wound up sitting on the stairs and just watching.

I mean, it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, you know? If you'd asked me whether or not they washed the el platforms, I'd have shrugged and said, well, yeah, I guess so. And of course washing is done with, you know, soap and water. It all stands to reason!

...but it was still really startling. When the train finally came, it was a cloud of cold, damp, chlorinated air. I'm still not entirely sure it happened.


I remain steadfastly committed to my plan of marrying the Hush Sound on the astral plane. Collectively. They are adorable and amazing and my VERY FAVORITE SOCIOPATHS EVER.

Also, Bob Morris will never not be an extra from Firefly, in my heart of hearts.


The new Panic is also made of fabulous. Less fabulous: the paper that is due in less than 24 hours, now, and is...still basically unstarted. /o\ I'ma gtfo and do that, so if you see me on the internets feel free to thwap me with a stick.
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awkwardness is: bumping into the professor of a class you've just (as in, seriously, less than ten minutes ago) dropped, and having him NOT ONLY smile and say hi, but also ask for your name, since he's "really going to make an effort to remember the names of everybody in the class, this quarter."

also, apparently the plague is back? Um. I don't even really know what to say about that.


Nov. 12th, 2007 10:21 pm
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guys, I'm doing my prag homework, and I swear to god that one of the assumptions the professor wants us to start with is just not true. SO. I am asking you! You don't need to know anything about pragmatics or about linguistics to answer this, I swear - y'all speak English, and that's enough. I really just want to know what your instincts are about these sentences, to see whether or not I am at all right.

Ready? OKAY! a totally informal (but quite possibly very helpful) poll! )
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So there's a meme going around, as there usually is - this time, it's the ask me questions about myself and I will answer them! meme, of which I am rather fond. So! questions! ask them, and I will try to answer.


In other news...well, really, all I have to say is this:

Dear Professor Awesomesauce, you are very sexy and I love your lecturing style, but don't you think that assigning 150+ pages of reading for the Thursday section of a Tuesday-Thursday class was a possibly little cruel? especially when the paper that's worth about a third of our grade was due on Tuesday.

Much love, me.
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"A sign, or representamen, is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity."

Why, thank you, Mr. Dead Philosopher-Linguist. That's really fucking helpful, that is. *sporks face*

edit: I really really really hope that this is one of those readings you warned us about, Professorlady - the ones that we're reading mostly to get a sense of how OMG DUMB people used to be about this stuff. Because if I am going to have to actually remember anything other than OMG DUMB from this stuff? I am probably going to cry.

oh, life

Mar. 7th, 2007 06:15 pm
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Professor Awesome: [sample language] was spoken on that island - you know, the one that sank because of the ice caps melting recently?

Smartass: You mean Atlantis?

[ profile] etben: *sporfles quietly*

Professor Awesome: No, no - I said "recently", not "on the SciFi channel".

[ profile] etben: *sporfles some more*

Class: *stares*


In other news, for those of you following along at home, it turns out that I don't have mono. Yay! ...I am slightly anemic, but that's a) not contagious and b) not actually news.

I also have a paper to write in the next...15 hours, so if you see me on lj before tomorrow? please to be with the hitting.

*sticks s2 SGA dvds (!!!!) under her pillow and ignores the fuck out of them*
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...if anyone has some good vibes to spare, please to be sending them my way?

(HINT: I'm the one wandering around in a bra and pajama pants, trying to translate phrases like "the sleeping bear dunes" into Arabic.)
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Tonight, see, is the Evening of the Mighty Civ Paper, which started the evening as a scrabble of notes and quotes labeled where's god?.rtf. Right now, it's - 862 words? and needs to be at least 1000, and probably more like 1500. Which is fine! totally do-able! I have two whole sections written, and the third has all of the quotes I need (I think).

BUT. There are places in my notes - and in the draft itself, which is more worrying - that are obstinately refusing to be professor-appropriate English. At one point, I'm pretty sure I say that Henry IV of Germany sacked the fuck out of Rome - which, yes? but also, PLEASE GOD NO. And I think I called Joinville a stupid Louis fanboy and then edited it out.

But more importantly, there is this:

the state makes a safe space for the church, thereby enabling the Catholic Church to rock out with its cock out.

Which pretty much speaks for itself.
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Christmas Wishes! )

In other news, I'm 45 minutes from handing in my last syntax assignment of the quarter (Icelandic case marking, ack!), which means that your days of listening to me whine about syntax are over. Unless I've failed the class, in which case you'll hear me again next fall, when I re-take it and hate my life EVEN MORE.

But let's not think about that. Let's just rejoice in the end of the Days Of Syntax, and welcome in the Days Of...well, technically it's the Days Of Finals And Sublet-Hunting, but I'm hoping that those will soon become the Days Of Writing Lots.
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OK, all. I come to you in my veriest HOUR OF NEED, when the bio paper is maybe three quarters done but the syntax homework* is still untouched and I am craving music like none other.

Specifically, I'm craving Don't Get Around Much Anymore. Yes, because of [ profile] zoetrope's Big Damn Media Project (which is incidentally really really cool, and deserves pimping by someone less cranky than I am) - I have this song stuck in my head, and I want very badly to listen to it, but somehow it's not anywhere in my available music collection.

I know that some of you must have recordings of it, so please - share! share! share! Any version is awesome, although I tend to prefer vocals over instrumental-only. Yousendit works fine for me, and my email is if you want to do it like that. You will have my gratitude for forever, and - I don't want to promise, but if you left prompts I might witter at them.

In 12 hours, I will be - for better or for worse, and I'm betting on 'for worse' - done with the bulk of my work this week. I'm going to go to class, and then I'm going to hand in my work, and then I'm going to go to work (and possibly to tea at the department, if I'm sufficiently coherent), and then I'm going to go to a movie in my old house, and then I'm going to DIE DEAD.

After that, though, I pretty much plan to spend the weekend writing (and watching the media I've missed, and possibly pimping my flat into BSG if I can get into town to buy s1). Keep your eyes peeled! There may soon be actual fannish content around here!**

*yes, more syntax homework. Trust me, I'm sorry to keep bitching about it here...but if the professor is going to keep making us suffer, well. Things will happen, that's all. (DEAR PROF STOP PLEASE STOP GIVING US SO MUCH FUCKING WORK STOP I SWEAR TO YOU IT IS NOT NEARLY AS EASY AS YOU THINK STOP)

** quelle choque, I know. Believe me when I say that I'm trying really hard to be less lame...
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1. I am not dead! Really a lot not.
1b. ...but I will be tomorrow. Fuck.

2. Syntax continues to hurt, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!
2b. Or at least this assignment is prettier than the last one.
2c. I think.
2d. Never as much fun as phonetics, though. Too bad, bitches.

3. I'm slow to get angry. I mean, something will happen, and I'll just kind of smile and nod, and then I'll get home, and be kind of annoyed, and I'll talk about it, and gradually, over the course of the conversation, grow more and mroe agitated as it finally sinks in that no, really: I'm fucking pissed off, over here.
3b. For a while, I thought this was a bad thing, coming mostly from my reliance on the opinions of others. Now, though, I don't think that that's the case. My reactions are my own - I just don't like to express them in haste.
3c. The exception, of course, is when I'm in a genuinely pissy mood. Then, everything pisses me off, and I'm snappy as all hell, but I get over it in a hurry.
3d. These may actually be related - I've had some bad experiences with snapping at people just from stress, so when I can, I try to hold my reactions back until I can control them and sort through them in some sort of safe space.
3e. Which I knew? I mean, I know I've said that before, and meant it, but as of today it really sank home.
3f. And no, it's none of you. Real life, pshaw! I reject your reality and substitute my own.

4. I don't think that you should be or feel obliged to spend time with people who make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes it's unavoidable, of course, but when it's not? Don't touch that stuff, man.

5. You know what's a great word? Concatenation.
5b. Which means things that are linked or overlap or what have you.
5c. Example: I wonder what the concatenation of interests is on my flist? Like, say: who likes f/v/k AND genderswap?
5d. OK, yeah. That one is maybe not an entirely rhetorical question, but given the probable size of the set in question, I don't think you'll ever see the relevant texts.



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