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Ray Vecchio is pretty great. I mean, I am still always going to prefer Ray Kowalski, because he was my very first Ray and also because his face is the BEST face, and if you put a knife to my throat and made me pick, well, that's how it would go down - and don't even get me started on Benton Fraser, stupid freaking space alien of my HEART - but, hey. Ray Vecchio: a pretty okay dude!

In other news, it is 2003. Or possibly 1994, idk. Either way, I am HIP and WITH IT over here on the couch.

OKAY, OKAY, SHUT THE FUCK UP, I HAVE TOO SEEN THE VECCHIO SEASONS BEFORE. Or. Parts of them. Just not all of them! And it was approaching the point at which [ profile] soundslikej was going to kick me out to live on the streets if I didn't watch the rest, so. Due South marathon o'clock!

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OR: five times Stella surprised Ray (and Ray didn't mind at all)
Ray K/Stella (yes, het!)
NC-17 (...dirty het.)
1977 words
Written for [ profile] pearl_o, who asked me to tell her a story. Is anyone surprised that this is the result? Beta thanks to [ profile] pearl_o and the Incomparable A, who I'm dragging into fandom by inches. (Of cock.) Hopefully, this will make the Lusty Month Of May less inclined to be mean.

oh! i'm ready for it! (come on, bring it!) )

I am a terrible, terrible person, and should probably never be let out of the house again. This was, no lie, the only thing I could think about in class today.

OKAY SO: If you know where the title comes from - look, I really am sorry, but it had to be done, and I think that if you consider the matter seriously, you'll come to agree with me.

And if you don't know where the title's from, well, consider yourself a fortunate soul, and please for the love of all that's good and holy don't go find out. Seriously. I promise that you will be happier this way, and you will love me more. ([ profile] brooklinegirl, THIS MEANS YOU.)
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So there was a remix? And that happened. My mystery remixer was [ profile] bluebrocade, who turned my bodyswap porn from [ profile] stop_drop_porn into Freaky Friday (the Behavioral Data Remix), which is all full of changing POVs and outsider opinions and people thinking they know what's going on and not, and - and also, awesome. Lots of awesome. *hugs [ profile] bluebrocade LOTS*

In turn, I wrote this story, which I'm re-posting for...well, for to make myself happy. Originally posted here. *waves weakly at [ profile] justbreathe80*

Title: Jet Ski Accidents (the Radio Silence Remix)
Summary: “Tell me something, Frase. Tell me something you’ve never told anyone else.”
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray Kowalski / Benton Fraser
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine. Very, very, not mine.
Original story: jet ski accidents by [ profile] justbreathe80
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] madsciencechick and [ profile] lordessrenegade for beta-ing the shit out of this thing, all in one long afternoon, and to [ profile] shoemaster for holding my hand through the entire goddamn thing, and for just generally being more awesome than words can express. *hugs you all forever and ever*

begin as you mean to go on )

...I also may clean up and post the results of Story Hour With [ profile] pearl_o and [ profile] etben at some point tonight. Then again, I may have another drink. It's all kind of uncertain, you know?
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Bend Over, Buddy
by [ profile] etben and [ profile] shoemaster
F/K, genderfuck, pegging.

Notes: So, um. We were sitting around, discussing how much Lee Adama needs to be fucked up the ass – a perfectly innocent conversation! nothing more harmless in the world, I'm sure you'll agree. And then [ profile] shoemaster said to me, hey, you know what fandom needs more pegging fic? due South.

And then we wrote this. 2073 words of dirty, dirty porn. Aren't you glad? A million billion thanks to [ profile] shihadchick, [ profile] kalpurna, and [ profile] justbreathe80 - they did an amazing job of wrangling our italics and making sure that we were actually using English. *loves on them all*


Bend Over, Buddy )

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end-of-the-year writing meme!

This year, I, most of my stories ever. Really! I'd posted one story late in 2005, and then dribs and drabs of Settlement, but that didn't get finished until I came back to Chicago in 2006, and after that...well.

In Stargate: Atlantis, I wrote and finished nine stories, one of which was a crossover: )


In due South, I wrote fourteen stories, of which two were crossovers! )

And one that really ought to be outside the cut, just for the sake of...well, of being able to jump around and point and say LOOK AT MY STORY: excuse me if i may be staring, December 25th, written for [ profile] brooklinegirl in [ profile] ds_seekritsanta (F/V/K, V/K, NC-17)


In Supernatural, I wrote...two stories. Of which one was a crossover. )


Conclusions: I wrote a lot of smut in due South! And a lot of gen in SGA! I am flexible in my pairings, but I like my smut. Um. Written pairings don't necessarily reflect the pairings I read or ship - I wrote mostly gen or team-porn in SGA, but I read lots of McKay/Sheppard, and I wrote Ray/Ray for [ profile] stop_drop_porn, when I hardly ever read it.

I am bad at finishing stories? Which, fine, is only something evident if you've had the chance to look at my "in progress" folder, which currently houses...twenty-one stories in various stages of completion, from the little HEY I SHOULD WRITE A STORY ABOUT THIS to the half-finished challenge prompts to the co-written projects that haven't really been worked on in a while *guiltyface* to the stories that are currently 12,000 words long and stonewalling me.

I didn't do anything fannish over the summer, but that's only to be expected, since I was off in the wilderness with small children and limited everything. (which on a side note, may change this summer! since I have a laptop, now, and so may have the personal space to be a-writering. yay!)


Now, the fun stuff! )


Happy January, all!
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save your energy (you'll need it in your childbearing years)
by [ profile] etben
4929 words
Notes: Oh, gosh. Um. If you don't like genderfuck, this is not the story for you. If you don't like threesomes (or if you specifically dislike F/V/K), this is not the story for you, either. And if you like genderfuck and threesomes, but not, I just don't know what to say to you. Some people are so picky.

A million thanks to [ profile] isiscolo, who threatened to hunt me down and kill me if I used "OK" instead of "okay" one more time, and to [ profile] justbreathe80, who made my commas not suck. Together, they are a beta-ing duo of great amazingness, worthy of all praise and honor. Any and all remaining mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Title from Some Like It Red, of course.

So Ray Kowalski turns into a woman... )


Dedicated to everyone who is as wrong inside as I am. You people rock.

PS: how do I not have a f/v/k icon? how is my life this sad and empty?
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dear Secret Santa )

Also, dear syntax:

etben: flowers and sky (SGA - *facepalm*)
[ profile] shoemaster: YOU OWE ME
[ profile] etben: OWE YOU WHAT, HO?
[ profile] shoemaster:
[ profile] etben: OH FUCK YOU
[ profile] shoemaster: HAHAHAH
[ profile] etben: WHO THE FUCK EVEN?
[ profile] shoemaster: MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[ profile] shoemaster: *cackles*
[ profile] etben: FUCK YOU IN A DIRTY ALLEY, HOR.
[ profile] etben: A DIRTY ALLEY

Things We Have Learned:
1) [ profile] shoemaster is a hooker. With an astonishingly long memory.
2) Capslock is a dangerous thing.
3) I'm writing a story about Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel.'s a good thing I have this shiny new icon, isn't it? *facepalm*

So, if any of you have anything to contribute to the discussion of Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel, please do so. I'm writing it, evidently, and I'd like to take as many of you down with me as possible get the input of interested parties.

*wanders off to work on one of several genderfuck stories she's working on. or possibly to dye her hair, depending on how soon the flatmates get home.*
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So, a while ago, [ profile] kalpurna and [ profile] custardpringle and [ profile] shoemaster and I got together at [ profile] shoemaster's place. We talked of many things, but by far the most important topic under discussion was Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel. And today, because I am bored and have this shiny new paid account and nothing to do with it (and because [ profile] shoemaster is a terrible enabler), here's a poll.

Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel )

IN conclusion: Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel! (and also, hi.)

{other discussion of all of this available over here.
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Should probably do my phonetics homework...but it's not due until Monday, so fuckit. Should maybe also be actually writing...but instead, have a progress report:

Things I Am Currently Trying To Write:

The Ones That Appear To Be Going Somewhere (with snippets, even!): )


The Ones That Are Really More Conceptual, At This Juncture: )

As usual, any of these are fair game: ask me questions, and I'll attempt to explain. Ask me for snippets, and I'll do my best to oblige. Harass me into productivity! Because otherwise I'll probably just take a nap.

yay porn!

Sep. 21st, 2006 09:20 pm
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For those of you who don't watch [ profile] stop_drop_porn, quick heads-up: I done wrote something! And, yes, it's Ray/Ray, but it has Fraser! and, OK, it kicked my ass around the block, so I want to show it off to you all and preen a little.


[R, Ray/Ray, with voyeuristic Fraser.]

In which Ray and Ray are "fighting", and Fraser is...concerned. Yes. Concerned.
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Meme! As created by [ profile] china_shop over here, because this one seems really awesome.

If you were only going to read three of my (SGA) stories, you should read:

1.Settlement. Because it's the first big thing I wrote, and the longest story I've ever posted, and I still love it to bits. [Gen]

2.Previous Motives. Because Teyla! And because this story kicked my ass to the curb, but turned into something I'm proud of. [Gen]

3.Stick Fighting. Because, if you're at all like me, your Tuesday needs some crossover fivesome porn. [John/Rodney/Teyla/RayK/Fraser. yes, really.]

If, on the other hand, you were only going to read three of my (due South) stories, you should read:

1.Submersible. Because everybody likes submersible porn, right? Oh, wait. Hmm...[F/K]

2.Stacks. Because, OK, maybe not everyone likes submersible-porn...but everyone likes library-sex, right? Of course right! [F/K]

3.Getting It. Because it was my first non F/K fic, and because it came out of left field, and because I still think it's one of the hottest things I've ever written. [F/V/K]


...yeah, OK, I cheated, but it's not my fault! I'm just a polyfannish skank.


Also, you should all listen to Balade en Forêt, by Tryo. Because it's a really cool song, and it's also a good description of where my head is right now.
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[ profile] pearl_o made me do it! she talked about Fraser watching Ray while he slept, and then I got tagged for [ profile] stop_drop_porn, and this kept coming up. it's not porn (well, not really), and it's not betaed, and it's not what I'm writing, but it's here and it's staying and it's getting the hell out of my head.

for [ profile] pearl_o
633 words, un-betaed
When Ray wakes up, Fraser's watching him. )

*goes back to the thing she's actually working on*


Sep. 7th, 2006 11:30 pm
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All right, you lot. I've been tagged—fraser/kowalski morning sex over at [ profile] stop_drop_porn. It's not done, yet, but I know where it's going; I'd say it's about halfway done. Any betas out there? Volunteers will have my undying love.


Aug. 31st, 2006 06:25 pm
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*picks up suitcase and hatbox, jumps on bandwagon*

Five things meme! Wherein you all, you know, give me lists of five things—five things Veronica Mars won't eat, five things Ray Kowalski loves about Battlestar Galactica, five times John Sheppard actually did see it coming...whatever makes you happy. I, in turn, write you small fictions to flesh out those lists.

Fandoms are...well, SGA and dS for sure. Veronica Mars. Battlestar Galactica (although if you pick this one, bear in mind that I've only seen through 2x09, and would prefer not to be spoiled for the rest of season 2). Supernatural...maybe, although you might want a backup if you ask for one of these. Crossovers are encouraged and adored, because I'm wrong like that.

I will do as many of these as I can.

(right now, though, I'm going to go play with the cat, who is purring on my knees and knocking the powed cord out of my laptop. Clearly, someone wants to wrestle with me...)

PS: Have just seen the Big Damn Snake Movie, which—is it a spoiler to say that it's really, really bad? No? OK, then. (ETA: By Big Damn Snake Movie, I mean Snakes On A Plane; I saw Boa vs Python a week or so ago, and it was also really, really bad, but this is the one I was talking about)

...was anyone else thinking of Boa vs Python the entire time they were talking about antivenin? Because, dude—with the universal antidote, you wouldn't have needed to fuck around with the helicopters and the chasing bad guys and what have you.


Aug. 19th, 2006 12:01 am
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So, OK: that didn't completely suck. I mean, I'm still all antsy with the desire to watch my spacemen, but [ profile] riverlight continued to rock my world, and came out to co-write with me, and much fun was had. Now, I'm just waiting for some wonderful people to upload things, but I have beer and BSG, so things aren't bad.

And my computer didn't freak out on me (much)! This makes, what, two whole days? Three? Dear computer, this is one of the many reasons you are getting replaced by a younger, sexier laptop.

But, in between the scifi channel spazhattery and my ordi's most recent fit of the collywobbles, I did a meme! *twirls* aren't you proud? It's the one where you post lines (or paragraphs, or snippets) from your WIPs. And, in this case, wordcounts, because I am a whore. (I only did the ones that I'm actively working on, though, because I'm a lazy whore.)

six lines (or paragraphs, or snippets...) from six partially-finished stories )

In conclusion: Beer. Also, Kara Thrace is hot like a hot hot thing. Also-also, [ profile] riverlight and [ profile] trinityofone continue to win at EVERYTHING EVER.

(did I mention how much starbuck is hot? DEAR HOLY GOD. I think I've just met my new TV girlfriend, except for how she's way too hot for me.)
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So I just uprooted this list, from right before I left for work this summer, of Stories To Write )

And, see, the thing is that I'm really only in this fandom gig for the interaction, because I love batting ideas around for people and responding to their ideas and going in new directions because something that X says reminds me that, yeah, I really do want to know how that would go, I appeal to you to make me get off my ass.

So, please: ask me questions! About any of these things! Or about other things I've told you I'm going to write...nothing is off-limits! Bother me, needle me, threaten my unborn children and my job and my car and my chances of getting a date this fall (or ever), but please: harass me into writing. I will answer all questions, no matter how absurd.

(although as far as 6, 8, 15, and 17 go, I don't know how useful I'll be. I mean, I don't even remember what 15 was supposed to be, although I've nothing against it in principle.)
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A Man With A (Fucking Fantastic) Plan
by etben
due South, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17
4260 words

A sort-of-but-not-really sequel to Getting It—the two stand alone, but this is (I think) about the same relationship that that story's about. More will probably come, at some point, but don't hold your breath.

Regular Fraser is a little bit snippy and a little bit goofy and sometimes an enormous pain in the ass, but Fraser-in-distress is so goddamn focused on not letting his problems interfere with the rest of the world that he's psychotically cheerful, endlessly obliging, so fucking friendly you worry that he's maybe going to go for your jugular with those white, straight teeth of his. )


This is what finals week will do to me, people: I work until I'm exhausted, go to bed, and then get back up again half an hour later because Ray Kowalski won't fucking stop talking.

Beta credit to [ profile] j_s_cavalcante and [ profile] justbreathe80, both of whom are rockstars of the highest degree and helped this beyond measure. It's for—well, it's for a lot of people. If you think it's for you, it probably is.

...and now I think I'll go fall over and be dead for a while study for my OMG ARABIC ORAL FINAL tomorrow.
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oh my GOD, Ray Kowalski, shut the fuck up.

Or, well, no, don't. Because you are my One True Fictional Love (or at least one of my True Fictional Loves), and I don't want you to leave me or stop speaking to me ever. EVER, you hear?

But, um. Ray? If you want to talk to me, can you do it sometime that's not finals week? And sometime that's not at NIGHT, when I am intending to sleep the sleep of the people who have way too much to do tomorrow? Yeah. That'd be great.

By which I mean:

So I go out with the family today, which is excellent and all kinds of fun, but which means that I don't really do any work this afternoon. Which, for the record, is a Bad Thing. I come back, work until my eyes go funny and blurry, and then go to bed.

As soon as the lights are off, Ray Kowalski starts talking about how Fraser's having a really rough day, and how this needs to be remedied with hot hot sexing. Naturally, because this is still my head, so far all we have is 1683 2537 (as of 2h30, and I'm for bed) words of introspection, but there will be porn! rather soon, actually! and of the f/v/k variety.

so...provided my head doesn't explode and I finish this tomorrow, anyone want to beta? I've talked this idea around a lot, I know - it's the one where (among other things) Ray and Ray interact, in the gap between s2 and s3. Not the story, I think - that story is a lot longer and is not at all porny - but it's built on that arc, and there are references to it (it's also not the story where the three of them get together, because Ray doesn't want to talk about it right now and I really don't want to beat him up quite that much. But Vecchio! being kickass!). [ profile] aerye? [ profile] justbreathe80? anyone?

All right: Ray and Ray and I are going to go help Fraser out of the funk he's in. You're welcome to join us, if you like...we'll be up until Ray shuts the hell up for a while.

ETA: Oh my God...less than 12 hours, start-to-beta, and it's 4002 words long. How do I do this? And, maybe more importantly, why?

If this thing winds up being longer than my research paper, I may actually commit acts of great violence.


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