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So because I am a MASSIVE DORKFACE, [ profile] soundslikej and I went to see the This American Life live show. Yes, that's super dorky, but it was also AMAZING - heartwarming and funny and sharp and all of the things that TAL always is, but with the added benefits of:

a) excellent animation sequences,
b) live music by OK GO (and audience participation! I love audience participation!),
c) a short film with Terry Gross, which - okay, if you know who Terry Gross is, this will crack you up - it's funny regardless, I think, but it is particularly hysterical if you grew up listening to public radio.

AND ALSO THERE WAS D) IRA GLASS, oh my god, sir, please never leave my life. *________*

Some of the sequences were less my bag - David Sedaris' bit had some gratuitous fat jokes; some of the other bits were overly long or mottsy - but overall it was an extremely enjoyable night, well worth leaving the house on a rainy Tuesday.


Before the show, [ profile] soundslikej and I hit the bathroom, as one does. Since The Avengers is still playing on several screens, we briefly discussed sneaking into a later showing, but concluded that the spirit was willing but the flesh was likely to be sleepy. This conversation turned into an appreciation of Natasha Romanova, as all such conversations must do, and somehow Amy Pond entered the discussion.

While we were washing our hands and silently pondering the hotness of that, a woman emerged from a stall toward the end.

"So what do you think - have you had enough of Amy Pond?"

We admitted that we would probably never have enough of Amy Pond, but allowed as how the last season had gotten a little much, in places; all present agreed that we were psyched for the new season of Who - depending of course on the new companion and the quality of the writing, etc.

This woman proceeded to follow us into the theater and sit in the row behind us. J and I whispered "one of usssssss" and tried not to giggle too terribly hard.

Which is all by way of saying: If you were sitting behind us in Theater 5 at the Showcase Cinema De Lux in Revere, hi! We should probably be friends.
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I had an absolutely EXCELLENT day today, with lots of wine and noms and fangirls and due south! There was a lot of hilarity surrounding the notion of a sex-voice GPS function (to be voiced by one ms. [ profile] shiningartifact, CLEARLY), and also a great deal of general delightfulness - and on the car ride home I inflicted the following on C, who said that clearly this was something that needed shared with the rest of the world.

I'm just saying, blame C, not me.
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First off, MASSIVE FLAILY THANKS to [ profile] brooklinegirl, [ profile] mrsronweasley, [ profile] drlense, [ profile] ldthomps, [ profile] giddygeek, and [ profile] bathsweaver for all of their help with the move yesterday. It was AMAZING and a million times smoother than any of us (or [ profile] lordessrenegade and I, at least) had expected, and also FAST LIKE LIGHTNING. THANK YOU ALL.

(ps, one of you left a Red Sox baseball cap on our kitchen table?)

But. Okay. So the thing you have to understand is that in the following pictures, I am TOTALLY INNOCENT.

But. Well. Um. )

AND YET, I am still extremely pleased with this state of affairs! I have put up some shelves in the kitchen cabinets, and put some things ON those shelves, and puttered around ridiculously, and just - APARTMENT. This is my face right now: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

At some point soon, one of us will post a picspam of the entire process of relocation, and sometime next month I will start CLASSES and want to talk about other things again! ...but not right away, sry2say.
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NOTE: The kindergarteners have a bird. It's bright blue parakeet, about six inches long from beak to tail-tip, and it flies freely around the classroom. Most of the time it ignores me, except for one day a few weeks ago when it decided my shoulder was the BEST place to sit. The kids love it, and mostly everything is fine.


SCENE: Monday morning, 10:30 AM. Kindergarten.

N00BLES and [personal profile] etben are teaching a class. THE BIRD is flying around the classroom, landing from time to time on a desk or a strategically-placed branch. THE KIDS are mostly paying attention to the lesson.

N00BLES: (in French) What is that bird doing?

[personal profile] etben turns to look at the bird, who rubs itself frantically against a lamp, its cage, and then a child's head.

[personal profile] etben: (in French) ...exactly what you think it's doing.




SO YES. Masturbating parakeet: check! I mostly managed to stifle my giggles; n00bles was less successful, but he has a tendency to laugh awkwardly for no real reason, so I don't think anybody noticed.

GUYS. MY LIFE IS A DUE SOUTH STORY. WHAT. I mean, I guess at least it's a good story? But still. WHAT.


In news that has nothing to do with masturbating birds, it is almost the end of the school year! I have to admit that I am pretty excited. Eight more days of classes (not that I am counting), and for a week of that I will have my [personal profile] jai with me! \o/

I am less excited about packing up all my worldly possessions, but...still kind of excited, actually! I like putting things in boxes, okay. BOXES ARE RAD.

Other things that I am excited about: FOB in MSP!, going to CHICAGO for a few days, going HOME for a few days, summertime!, all the middleman fic that I am going to write once my off-brand claritin kicks in. And also the lentil soup that I am going to make just as soon as I wake the rest of the way up. I was hiding in my room from n00bles and C and n00bles' ladyfriend, because they wanted to go be social and I really did not...but then I, um, fell asleep.

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[ profile] shoemaster: YOU OWE ME
[ profile] etben: OWE YOU WHAT, HO?
[ profile] shoemaster:
[ profile] etben: OH FUCK YOU
[ profile] shoemaster: HAHAHAH
[ profile] etben: WHO THE FUCK EVEN?
[ profile] shoemaster: MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[ profile] shoemaster: *cackles*
[ profile] etben: FUCK YOU IN A DIRTY ALLEY, HOR.
[ profile] etben: A DIRTY ALLEY

Things We Have Learned:
1) [ profile] shoemaster is a hooker. With an astonishingly long memory.
2) Capslock is a dangerous thing.
3) I'm writing a story about Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel.'s a good thing I have this shiny new icon, isn't it? *facepalm*

So, if any of you have anything to contribute to the discussion of Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel, please do so. I'm writing it, evidently, and I'd like to take as many of you down with me as possible get the input of interested parties.

*wanders off to work on one of several genderfuck stories she's working on. or possibly to dye her hair, depending on how soon the flatmates get home.*
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So, a while ago, [ profile] kalpurna and [ profile] custardpringle and [ profile] shoemaster and I got together at [ profile] shoemaster's place. We talked of many things, but by far the most important topic under discussion was Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel. And today, because I am bored and have this shiny new paid account and nothing to do with it (and because [ profile] shoemaster is a terrible enabler), here's a poll.

Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel )

IN conclusion: Benton Fraser, Teenage Sex Rebel! (and also, hi.)

{other discussion of all of this available over here.
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Just spent the evening with [ profile] kalpurna and [ profile] custardpringle at [ profile] shoemaster's place, watching the season premiere of BSG. I'm - I'm kind in an incoherent place about it right now, I guess, so I think I'll save the commentary and thinkiness for when I wake up again.

And, OK: by "commentary and thinkiness" I definitely mean "uncomplimentary comments about everyone's hair." Because - because, OK, not everyone has terrible hair on that show, but so few of them have really good hair anymore, and so very, very many of them have REALLY BAD HAIR.

The above will not be spoiler-cut. It's not a spoiler. It's a fucking public service announcement.

And now, a few words from our sponsors: )

In conclusion, a logic problem: If Benton Fraser were raised by his father, then he would be tremendously slutty. Discuss.


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