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So I was thinking about doing that "my week in pictures" meme, but 90% of my day would be a FERPA violation, so, nope! Instead, here's a post about things I have recently watched and enjoyed. Feel free to share your feels and/or suggestions in the comments - I think the next thing in our netflix queue is The Fantastic Four, for reasons of Chris Evans and his stupid rubber face, but we are both very suggestible humans.

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In other news, I'm wicked excited for the Avengers, I can't even lie. The fact that it comes out the same day as my last day of student teaching is just the cherry on top of the sundae of fabulousness that is that movie. MOVIES ABOUT SUPERHEROS AND BLOWING SHIT UP, PARTY OF ME. *\o/*


Jan. 5th, 2012 11:08 pm
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So J and I finally watched Bridesmaids! And as EVERYBODY EVER predicted, we totally loved it, so thanks for calling that one, everybody. Someday I will manage to pick up on the media you are recommending me in a timely manner!


CONCLUSION: A+++++ movie, would watch again, I am still the awkwardest human alive.
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Hi internet! I...kind of fell off the edge of lj for a while, there - school stuff, mostly, and also a generalized desire to flop on the couch and do nothing. Winter, why must you be the worst? But I have been reading books - some of them with actual pages and things! - and watching movies and TV! And now I will make a post about things that I have enjoyed recently.

1) Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. DELIGHTFULNESS INCARNATE. I saw this with a huge crowd of fangirls last night, and we were loud and ridiculous and had all of the fun in the world. Every time I thought the movie had reached a new height of ridiculousness, it proved me wrong and became even more absurd. And gay! But mostly I want a million words about Mary Morstan Watson, kicking ass and taking names and smiling serenely.

2) Friends With Kids. Not even gonna lie, I decided we should watch this movie based entirely on a gif of Adam Scott with a small child, and it was an A++++ life decision. I expected it to be a lot more mottsy and terrible than it was, but it was genuinely incredibly charming and adorable. Adam Scott! And a kid! And Jennifer Westfeldt, who I don't think I'd ever seen in anything before, but who I liked tremendously! A+ film, would creep on Adam Scott being a dad again! (Not Adam Smith, as I initially typed. BRAIN WHAT ARE YOU.)

3) Friday Night Lights. SHOWWWWWWWWW. We are halfway through the first season, and pretty much every second of every episode is me flapping my hands and yelling out characters' names. The writing and the acting of this show are just - and the relationships - jfc, so good I can't even handle it. It is a show about football - and I grew up at a Big Ten school, so I can say with some certainty that I am not a football fan, if ever I was gonna be it would have happened a long time hence - and I love this show so much I can't even handle it sometimes. Also I want to form a Tyra Collete Appreciation Society, meetings twice weekly. IN MY PANTS.

4) The Vorkosigan Saga. IDK why I have resisted this series so long, but oh my god, it is DELIGHTFUL and also ridiculous. The amount of cackling in handflappy glee I have done in the past week is absolutely rigoshdarndiculous.


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