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Heyyyyy internet!

[ profile] soundslikej and I have had a VERY EXCITING Saturday, by which I mean that we mostly puttered around the house and flumped on the couch a lot. BUT! We also did some of the household tasks we've been neglecting, which was exciting. ALL OF THE LAUNDRY EVER: done and folded! Christmas tree needles in the hall (which we've been reminding each other about ALL WEEK and then forgetting anyways): swept up!

But in the process, we realized that we have a problem. Now, I call this problem "If we lived in a civilized state with bottle returns in grocery stores, this wouldn't happen."


So we made a voyage to Kappy's and returned...almost all of that? Or, no, the bag of cider didn't go, because we knew from sad experience that they wouldn't take it. But the rest of it was recycled for the (measley $.05, wtf is this state up to, where I come from, fnargle bargle) deposit.

...and then we bought some more, because we're great.

Speaking of amusing regional differences, when we went to get our tree, we saw ads for KISSING BALLS. I loled a LOT, but [ profile] soundslikej assures me that this is an actual THING around these parts.

This, I am informed, is a Kissing Ball (lol kissing ball) )

...yeah, I'm stuck on KISSING BALLS. Because I am TWELVE, WHAT.

other adventures in regionalisms: frappes (which are...possibly the same as malts? but possibly just milkshakes) and slush (which is kind of like a sno-cone, I guess? but distinct from a slush-ee. IDK, I just thought it was funny that the gas station convenience store was advertising ICE CREAM AND SLUSH.) and, of course, the epic pie debate. Changing states is fun! And educational!
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First off, MASSIVE FLAILY THANKS to [ profile] brooklinegirl, [ profile] mrsronweasley, [ profile] drlense, [ profile] ldthomps, [ profile] giddygeek, and [ profile] bathsweaver for all of their help with the move yesterday. It was AMAZING and a million times smoother than any of us (or [ profile] lordessrenegade and I, at least) had expected, and also FAST LIKE LIGHTNING. THANK YOU ALL.

(ps, one of you left a Red Sox baseball cap on our kitchen table?)

But. Okay. So the thing you have to understand is that in the following pictures, I am TOTALLY INNOCENT.

But. Well. Um. )

AND YET, I am still extremely pleased with this state of affairs! I have put up some shelves in the kitchen cabinets, and put some things ON those shelves, and puttered around ridiculously, and just - APARTMENT. This is my face right now: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

At some point soon, one of us will post a picspam of the entire process of relocation, and sometime next month I will start CLASSES and want to talk about other things again! ...but not right away, sry2say.


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