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I HAVE A JOB!, through May, now. Not just "for another week". A job running a program that I absolutely adore, and—apparently—also teaching French in the charter school that's going to take over this site in a few weeks. Can we all say FUCK YEAH?

*twirls madly*


Apr. 26th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Remix is live, and the time for confessions is upon us all—I, to the surprise of none so much as myself, wrote Strain (the Negative Space Remix), from [ profile] bugchicklv's original, here. Firefly! Which turned out to be both easier and harder than I had expected, stretching a decidedly different set of writing muscles.

My mystery remixer is still mysterious, to me at least, but whoever-it-was wrote the absolutley amazing Réveillé (The Night Terrors Remix), which took a slow and sleepy story of mine and turned it into something rich and complex and amazing. OH FRASER, I say. OH FRASER. Who are you, oh mystery remixer? Reveal yourself, that I may shower you with affection and flaily hands of glee!


In other news, I just realized yet again that, no, I'm not going to be able to just pack up and head out to MN this summer once I finish finals, because:

a) I'm not renewing my lease here, so I have to do something with my bed and my bookcase and the couch (sell them, probably), not to mention my books and knick-knacks and warm-weather clothing (get them home somehow? or leave them with people who are staying, I guess...), and

b) I'm not driving up, owing to time and also not having a car, so I can't just have random flotsam from my school-year life floating around in my car all summer.

Probably I'll wind up going home for a long weekend or two in May, and taking home at those points the least necessary-for-existing parts of my worldly possessions, and then selling as much of the furniture as I can and giving everything else to my family when they come up for the big G.

which means that today is a day for Tidying! and Sorting! and possibly even Putting Things In Boxes, all of which are some of my favorite things to do. Open the windows and curtains, blast the music, bop around like mad while reorganizing my microcosm—sounds like an awesome Saturday to me!

...also possibly I will go buy cider sometime this afternoon. And then drink it sometime this evening! *marvel*
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So, well, I, um. Never thought I'd be making a post like this? but for the record, every day is friending/defriending amnesty day around here, and I practice what I preach. The composition of my flist is really mostly a question of my attention span, and what kind of a fannish time I'm having on any given evening, and how many hours I'm spending away from my computer from day to day—rest assured, it's really not personal. Or, like, it is? but it's something that's personal to me, and really doesn't have anything to do with me disliking you. Seriously. I swear.

UGH OKAY NOW I FEEL LIKE A TOOL. Um. My teeth are fixed! [ profile] celli recommended me a kickass old-man dentist who fixed the CRAP out of those fuckers, so now I'm able and talk and all that good stuff. [ profile] celli, I want to shower you in baked goods! so you should NAME YOUR PASTRY. *plots*

Oh duh! and also I went to see a band called Empires tonight; they're pretty kickass. The internet was also there; the internet is pretty kickass too. Not very skilled in the matter of public transit, perhaps! but very very awesome. Also awesome: pancakes! milkshakes! being squished into a booth with the internet and being Loud Terrible Inappropriate people! Being Loud Terrible Inappropriate people generally!

Also, I got a teapot from my grandmother, which is badass in a rather random way.

Gah. I don't know, dudes: I really just want to deal with the next three months by waving my hands around and saying, "FOR REASONS OF PLOT". Why doesn't that work outside of fic, again?
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I caught them washing the el last night.

When I got to the red line station, the attendant told me to watch my step on my stairs. I was confused, but nodded amiably. There was a hose running down the stairs: I stared at it, somewhat bemused, but went down to the platform anyways.

And they were washing it. Two guys manning high-powered hoses, three guys with long-handled scrubbing brushes. There were suds everywhere—I wound up sitting on the stairs and just watching.

I mean, it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, you know? If you'd asked me whether or not they washed the el platforms, I'd have shrugged and said, well, yeah, I guess so. And of course washing is done with, you know, soap and water. It all stands to reason!

...but it was still really startling. When the train finally came, it was a cloud of cold, damp, chlorinated air. I'm still not entirely sure it happened.


I remain steadfastly committed to my plan of marrying the Hush Sound on the astral plane. Collectively. They are adorable and amazing and my VERY FAVORITE SOCIOPATHS EVER.

Also, Bob Morris will never not be an extra from Firefly, in my heart of hearts.


The new Panic is also made of fabulous. Less fabulous: the paper that is due in less than 24 hours, now, and is...still basically unstarted. /o\ I'ma gtfo and do that, so if you see me on the internets feel free to thwap me with a stick.
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awkwardness is: bumping into the professor of a class you've just (as in, seriously, less than ten minutes ago) dropped, and having him NOT ONLY smile and say hi, but also ask for your name, since he's "really going to make an effort to remember the names of everybody in the class, this quarter."

also, apparently the plague is back? Um. I don't even really know what to say about that.
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really only 1 and 5 are at all likely, BUT I WILL STILL DREAM. )

...i'm not really back, i don't think, but i can pretend?

pity party!

Jan. 5th, 2008 12:38 pm
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me: *coughs wretchedly*
Abby and Allison: take some fucking mucinex!
me: *takes mucinex*
an hour: *goes by*
me: *continues to cough wretchedly*
AA: take some more fucking mucinex!
me: but i don't want to! and if it didn't work the first time, why is taking MORE going to help?
AA: ...
me: ...okay, so that was kind of stupid, wasn't it?
me: *takes some more fucking mucinex*
half an hour: *passes*
me: *is really fucking stoned on mucinex*

...there followed a period of cavorting around the Walgreens being mocked by everybody ever, and then a VERY EXCITING DRIVE where they let me navigate but not sing, and then I got home and collapsed and now I am awake. And have sinus drugs. And am either A) still stoned, B) stoned again, or C) really just very tired and loopy.

so, yes. i'm sick and exhausted and loopy and if you don't come over here and tell me i'm pretty i'm going to mainline the first season of the west wing, okay? THERE I SAID IT. and i don't think that sorkin and cold medicine should be mixed.

(I'm going to go out and get textbooks at some point, but I'm pretty sure that involves me getting out from under my comforter and, like, putting on pants. PANTS SUCK WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR THEM?)


Nov. 12th, 2007 10:21 pm
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guys, I'm doing my prag homework, and I swear to god that one of the assumptions the professor wants us to start with is just not true. SO. I am asking you! You don't need to know anything about pragmatics or about linguistics to answer this, I swear - y'all speak English, and that's enough. I really just want to know what your instincts are about these sentences, to see whether or not I am at all right.

Ready? OKAY! a totally informal (but quite possibly very helpful) poll! )


Sep. 30th, 2007 03:18 pm
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This entry has been brewing for a very long while, and I still don't think I'm saying everything I mean to say, or saying the things I do say in entirely the right way - but I've been chasing this same set of ideas around my brain for long enough, at this point, that it seems worth it to grab the nearest trailing end and try to unravel it all.

First, though, two notes:

I do not want wank. I am all about discussion, because it's fun and interesting and Good For You (and Me) - but this is first and foremost a collection of my views, as informed by my life and experiences. It's my soft underbelly, friends – so, you know, disagree all you like, but mind the entrails.

I am not, nor have I ever been, an expert on sexuality. There are people who are! They are probably much smarter and better-informed than I am! And I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel, with this - but I also feel that, on these kinds of issues, we all have to come up with our own wheels, because these are so much questions of the individual and of identity. So, you know. Bear with me.

Good? Good.

Hi, livejournal! I've been thinking about 'queer' recently, and what it means as a word in the world, and what it means to me specifically (and how those two are and aren't the same thing). )


May. 1st, 2007 04:07 pm
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You know what's really fun?

...yeah, me either, but I can tell you what's not fun! What's not fun is finding out that Smaller Cat has been gnawing on your laptop cord - not hard, but enough that it no longer, you know. CHARGES YOUR COMPUTER.

You know what's even more fun? Finding this out when you have 2% battery charge and a shitload of computer-based work to do in the next three days.

I got it fixed-ish, obviously*, by dint of doing what I always do - fiddle with it until it works again. Laptop is charging, and my door will henceforth be locked whenever I am out of the apartment. And - depending on how well the cord holds up in its fiddled-with state - I may cave in and buy a new power adapter from Apple, even though I was really hoping to use that money for something fun. Like maybe food.

Smaller Cat, you are officially warned. I'm letting you off this once, because you didn't actually cause any lasting damage, but if this happens again? I don't care about how cute you are, or about how you love thunderstorms as much as I do, or about how you jump straight up in the air to bite my toes. You will be fired.

Dear May, you were supposed to be better than April. Not on, May. Not on at all. You are also on notice.

In other news...on second thought, let's not talk about the other news. It's all pretty suck.

Instead, have a song! Which, no lie, I have been waiting for months to upload.

First of May, Jonathan Coulton Not especially worksafe, but very fun. Because the first of May is when the weather starts getting nice - and when the weather starts getting nice, we all know what happens next...

In conclusion, I like assfucking. Discuss.

*No, really: I am not the sort of person who would spend her last six minutes of battery power complaining about how, soon, she won't have ANY battery power. I am slightly smarter than that. Honestly.
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The paper is done! and it wound up having a title, even - I can't for the life of me remember what it was, but it at least wasn't the slightly terrifying Luther/Locke OTP!.doc that is even now lurking on my desktop.

It is now 11 am, give or take. I will be at work, with some few interruptions, until 8h30 pm, making up the hours that I skipped when I was sick last week and working on the paper this week.

So - spam my comments! tell me about your life, ask me invasive personal questions, prod me about those stories I claim to be writing - whatever suits your fancy. It's going to be a long, long day - I would appreciate the hell out of whatever entertainment you can offer.

oh, life

Mar. 7th, 2007 06:15 pm
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Professor Awesome: [sample language] was spoken on that island - you know, the one that sank because of the ice caps melting recently?

Smartass: You mean Atlantis?

[ profile] etben: *sporfles quietly*

Professor Awesome: No, no - I said "recently", not "on the SciFi channel".

[ profile] etben: *sporfles some more*

Class: *stares*


In other news, for those of you following along at home, it turns out that I don't have mono. Yay! ...I am slightly anemic, but that's a) not contagious and b) not actually news.

I also have a paper to write in the next...15 hours, so if you see me on lj before tomorrow? please to be with the hitting.

*sticks s2 SGA dvds (!!!!) under her pillow and ignores the fuck out of them*
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...if anyone has some good vibes to spare, please to be sending them my way?

(HINT: I'm the one wandering around in a bra and pajama pants, trying to translate phrases like "the sleeping bear dunes" into Arabic.)
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Papa [ profile] etben: Hey, I'm sending you speakers. They'll be there next week.
[ profile] etben: Um...okay. Why?
Papa [ profile] etben: Because you need speakers.
[ profile] etben: I do?
Papa [ profile] etben: You do.
[ profile] etben: Well, okay then.

So now I have speakers, which is - odd. I mean, yay? But it's very disorienting, all the same. I keep folding down my laptop screen, looking for where the sound is coming from, before remembering that, no, dumbass, it's coming from the speakers.

Seriously, it sounds like Frank Sinatra is hiding behind my computer. I don't know how to deal with this, people.

How are you all? Tell me exciting things!
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Tonight, see, is the Evening of the Mighty Civ Paper, which started the evening as a scrabble of notes and quotes labeled where's god?.rtf. Right now, it's - 862 words? and needs to be at least 1000, and probably more like 1500. Which is fine! totally do-able! I have two whole sections written, and the third has all of the quotes I need (I think).

BUT. There are places in my notes - and in the draft itself, which is more worrying - that are obstinately refusing to be professor-appropriate English. At one point, I'm pretty sure I say that Henry IV of Germany sacked the fuck out of Rome - which, yes? but also, PLEASE GOD NO. And I think I called Joinville a stupid Louis fanboy and then edited it out.

But more importantly, there is this:

the state makes a safe space for the church, thereby enabling the Catholic Church to rock out with its cock out.

Which pretty much speaks for itself.


Jan. 21st, 2007 01:38 am
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someday, I will make an entry that is not in the form of a list. some day...later.

recently, I:

1. was thoroughly discouraged from EVER ENTERING ACADEMIA EVER; was reassured that I can work for the CIA without undue soul-sucking; listened to some extremely dull speakers and one who was batfrak insane; ate a food. (TNS. Verdict: seven hours of my life that I will never see again.

2. Gussied myself up; danced with the dinosaurs; swanned about the Field Museum being a GINORMOUS DORK with [ profile] shoemaster; spent thirty minutes quality time with a globe, finding places I know from fandom. There are pictures! Possibly there will some day be a slideshow of FANNISH CHICAGO images - we shall see! ([ profile] shoemaster's homecoming. Verdict = KICKASS, mostly because OMG CANADA.)

3. was tagged at [ profile] stop_drop_porn; freaked out (mostly on [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] custardpringle; stayed up until A MILLION AM; wrote this. (Verdict: F/K, bodyswap, smut.)

4. found someone who may be willing to share an apartment with me next quarter (thereby enabling me to have, you know, a BEDROOM again). Verdict: FUCKING AWESOME. *crosses fingers*

Soon, I will:

1. Study Arabic until I throw up.

2. Sleep for a million years.

3. Meta on about the bodyswap, and why it wound up being such a goddamn story, and how it's really the outgrowth of a number of things that have interested me for a very long time. Possibly, this will involve finishing that bizarre little pain-sharing snippet from SGA. Possibly, it will only involve shooting myself in the FACE.

4. curl up in bed with [ profile] shoemaster and watch Call Of The Wild. BOYFRIENDS YAY.
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Or, in other words: I am so happy with the world, right now! I have a [ profile] riverlight, the first season of Slings and Arrows, and a long weekend ahead of me. Could it all be better? Survey says: no.

Now: in a few months, I'm going to be in - you guessed it - BOSTON! At the MUSKRAT JAMBOREE, which will be splendiferous. And right now, I am filled with love for all humanity, and specifically for YOU ALL, so: meme!

Comment here and I'll tell you one thing that I like about you. Then go post it in your LJ and return the sentiment. You know the drill.
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Good things:

1. Chicago, yay! And classes are going well, thus far.

2. [ profile] muskratjamboree! I am so excited I could just DIE. *spins and flails*

3. I get a [ profile] riverlight on Friday! Again with the mad flailing excited.

4. Christmas gifties! I got kickass Christmas cards from [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley and [ profile] riverlight, and icon space from [ profile] shoemaster and BOOTS from my momma and gloves from Flatmate A and I feel well-loved. And in need of more icons.

Bad things:

1. Still no internets at the flat. Comcast must DIE.

2. I may have agreed to go to the SCRS tomorrow and set up an appointment. Um. Yeah. Probably will react to that in a few days.

Communication-based things:

1. [ profile] solvent90, I am SO SORRY that I am a lousy lameass. I mean, internets have been a pain? but that is no excuse, and I am sorry for sucking.

2. [ profile] pearl_o, you OWE ME A BLOWJOB. Or part of a blowjob, whatever. *is impatient*

3. [ profile] riverlight, I love you! *smishes*

4. [ profile] trinityofone, do you want to work on that thing? We might could do it by email, this time, or else comments - whatever works for you. Leave me know!


Dec. 31st, 2006 06:38 pm
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so, mm, yes. I just finished typing up the whole "things what I wrote in 2006" post, with coding and links and all...only to realize that I can't actually post it until the ds_ss reveals go up tonight, since I want to put that in. Mmmmyes. I am both beautiful and talented!

Still, I'll be gone this evening when all the well-wishing goes down, so: Happy 2007, everyone! May it be filled with joy and love and plenty of good sex (fictional and nonfictional, hopefully!). You have all been wonderfully good to me, and I love you in a sprawling, flailing, undignified sort of way. To list the ways and wherefores would be time-consuming and embarassing, so I'll just say: rock on with your bad selves, people, and here's me hoping to see more of you in the coming year.

also, because no year is complete without them: Resolutions! )

So, yeah. I'm going to be less of an antisocial dumbfuck! and also write more porn.

This afternoon, I finally dragged my family down to Powell's, which - god, that's totally my happy place. Books and books and books! and the sort of people that Borders had when I was small and it was still cool. (side note: I have t-shirts from Borders Young Readers Club, back when they still did that sort of thing. They rock.) Powell's isn't as enormous as I remember it, seeing as I haven't been there in several years, but it's still awesome and I still wanted to buy more books than would fit in my suitcase even if I left all of my clothes here. Managed to restrain myself, though, and wound up with three books of short stories - one by Isaac Asimov, one by Ursula Leguin, and one by Neil Gaiman.

Also - I don't think I mentioned this? - but my mom and Flatmate A conspired together to get me boots for Christmas, and I am as happy as a clam at high tide. Knee high! Black leather! Do not be surprised if you find yourselves suddenly unable to resist my charms.

aaaaaaand yes. I'm going to go read, now. Kisses to you all! See you on Wednesday!
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okay, wow: that got wordy. the short news: going to portland, or, from 25.12.2006 to 1.1.2007. wireless yes, privacy limited, lj-presence minimized. poke me for delayed-reaction entertainment or to take me AWAY FROM THE FAMILY DEAR GOD. still here tomorrow, but BUSY BUSY ACK. send reinforcements or porn.

Read more... )

so, basically: later days, lovelies! feel free to poke me, but don't be sadfaces when I am not so prompt as maybe usually.


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