May. 1st, 2007 04:07 pm
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You know what's really fun?

...yeah, me either, but I can tell you what's not fun! What's not fun is finding out that Smaller Cat has been gnawing on your laptop cord - not hard, but enough that it no longer, you know. CHARGES YOUR COMPUTER.

You know what's even more fun? Finding this out when you have 2% battery charge and a shitload of computer-based work to do in the next three days.

I got it fixed-ish, obviously*, by dint of doing what I always do - fiddle with it until it works again. Laptop is charging, and my door will henceforth be locked whenever I am out of the apartment. And - depending on how well the cord holds up in its fiddled-with state - I may cave in and buy a new power adapter from Apple, even though I was really hoping to use that money for something fun. Like maybe food.

Smaller Cat, you are officially warned. I'm letting you off this once, because you didn't actually cause any lasting damage, but if this happens again? I don't care about how cute you are, or about how you love thunderstorms as much as I do, or about how you jump straight up in the air to bite my toes. You will be fired.

Dear May, you were supposed to be better than April. Not on, May. Not on at all. You are also on notice.

In other news...on second thought, let's not talk about the other news. It's all pretty suck.

Instead, have a song! Which, no lie, I have been waiting for months to upload.

First of May, Jonathan Coulton Not especially worksafe, but very fun. Because the first of May is when the weather starts getting nice - and when the weather starts getting nice, we all know what happens next...

In conclusion, I like assfucking. Discuss.

*No, really: I am not the sort of person who would spend her last six minutes of battery power complaining about how, soon, she won't have ANY battery power. I am slightly smarter than that. Honestly.
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Meme! As created by [livejournal.com profile] china_shop over here, because this one seems really awesome.

If you were only going to read three of my (SGA) stories, you should read:

1.Settlement. Because it's the first big thing I wrote, and the longest story I've ever posted, and I still love it to bits. [Gen]

2.Previous Motives. Because Teyla! And because this story kicked my ass to the curb, but turned into something I'm proud of. [Gen]

3.Stick Fighting. Because, if you're at all like me, your Tuesday needs some crossover fivesome porn. [John/Rodney/Teyla/RayK/Fraser. yes, really.]

If, on the other hand, you were only going to read three of my (due South) stories, you should read:

1.Submersible. Because everybody likes submersible porn, right? Oh, wait. Hmm...[F/K]

2.Stacks. Because, OK, maybe not everyone likes submersible-porn...but everyone likes library-sex, right? Of course right! [F/K]

3.Getting It. Because it was my first non F/K fic, and because it came out of left field, and because I still think it's one of the hottest things I've ever written. [F/V/K]


...yeah, OK, I cheated, but it's not my fault! I'm just a polyfannish skank.


Also, you should all listen to Balade en Forêt, by Tryo. Because it's a really cool song, and it's also a good description of where my head is right now.
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I am not dead—I've just been finishing school and making move-out plans and writing some sga when I can remember how to think in words.

BUT! [livejournal.com profile] minervacat was asking for top five songs, and so I uploaded some, and hell—if I'm going to be yousending stuff, I had as well to pimp it here, too, right? of course right.

SO: Five songs, some of which I've uploaded already and some of which I haven't, but all of which are full of awesome and yours for the taking. Go for it! )

And now I will go write porn to linguistics. (And write porn.) Not that I don't love my major! I just don't particularly love this instructor.
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Do You Take It?, The Wet Spots.

This song comes with two warnings attached:

1) NOT WORKSAFE. Or, well, I guess that depends on your profession, but as a general rule? not somethng you should listen to in your place of work. And, you know, it's kind of crude, so those of you with a strong dislike of the slightly tasteless should probably turn away now.

2) EARWORM. This is one of the catchiest damn songs I've ever heard, which is mostly a problem because of #1—not something to be caught singing under your breath.

Why, then, am I posting it? Because of this lyric:

You're beautiful and curvy,
but unless you're kind of pervy,
there's no way that you and me are gonna last.

And if fandom isn't the place for that line, I don't know where that line could possibly belong.

Don't say I never did anything for you, people.

ETA: Do You Take It?, the vid. Again, massively not worksafe, but pretty hysterical.
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been a while since I've done one of these, so:


Sad-but-pretty! Get your Sad-but-Pretty here! )

As ever, I'd appreciate it if you'd comment—all files are yousendit, so you don't really need to, but I'd enjoy hearing who's taking what and what you all think of my choices.

*sighmutter* stupid work...

(PS: Drabble-requesting peoples, I am working on it! You are not abandoned and I still love you!)

(PPS: Beta-needing peoples, I love you too! I am working on your stuff, I promise...life is just a slice of crazy, right now.)

(PPPS: Story ideas, you know that I love you, but seriously: go the fuck away for a while, please? PLEASE? I have so much other stuff to do, right now, that it is not even funny. )

(PPPPS: Post-GUP Rodney, you can stay. And you, linguistics-professor-Fraser, and bring grad-student-Ray with you. The rest of you, seriously: piss off!)


Mar. 27th, 2006 10:41 pm
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As requested, here are (some of) my Atlantis tuneskies: )

In other news, my Loud Angry Music playlist is very suitable for driving (which we knew) and for quilting (which is rather more of a surprise). Also good for quilting productivity: SGA! As a result, I've mostly finished a quilt (this will make four, all of which are on my bed. Yes, I know.), and have re-watched all but the last four episodes of Season One. And, um, question: am I just not remembering the non dark-and-angry parts of S2, or are John and Rodney just genuinely not as cute in s2 as they were in s1? Because they were ridiculously cute together in s1, as I was reminded. Maybe it's just that I'd forgotten how much I liked s1, and so when I re-watch s2, I'll get the shiny back on that, too.

Because all roads lead to re-watching SGA. ALL OF THEM.

Also, in non-fannish things, I have housing for next year! I will live in The Apartment Of The Woefully Under-Socialized , also known as the Land Of No, Please, Spell It Out For Me. Really.

Not that I like being thick as a brick, but it's occasionally amusing, especially when I'm in the company of similar people. We may have to put up warning signs, though.


Mar. 13th, 2006 10:12 pm
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So I have a final exam tomorrow, and a paper due, and another exam early on Wednesday, and I have to work tomorrow night.

Clearly, what I need to be doing is pimping music to people. Yay for yousendit!

So: the five most played songs on my computer right now, because I am all about sharing good things. )

So there you have it. Let me know what you like, and whether any of you would be at all interested in me making this a semi-regular thing. Or, contrariwise, let me know if this sort of post makes you want to spork your eyeballs out.

Or anything that you think I ought to know, really. I'm easy like that.


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