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Yes, you guessed it. I actually wrote the story! And, although I'm not sure about the title, I'm ridiculously proud of the rest of it.

For those of you who have been reading along, this is not quite the same thing. I've edited a lot of the earlier parts, making clearer things I liked and cutting out parts I didn't care for, and I've pretty much entirely rewritten Sheppard's part, and stuck it at the end. Which all goes to say, for those of you who've been following along: Read it again! tell me what worked and what didn't! Tell me you love me! (or, ok, don't. fine.)

But, on the flipside, if you haven't been following along, there's no need to go back and read the earlier parts. This is the whole story, the sum of which all my earlier posts have been parts.

So, story!

Settlement: Five Stories About a Shirt, More Or Less
By etben
Length: 7755 words. Yeah, I know. I'm a little surprised, too.

Settlement )

Feedback of any sort makes me spin in circles. I'm not kidding. It's pretty funny to watch, I'm told.

Thanks and blame to [ profile] out_there, who didn't tell me no, and to [ profile] permetaform, who told me yes, yes, yes! and who helped me figure out how it ended (and, um, what it was about). Thanks to you both - you're rockstars.
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Will someone just take that damn picture already? Rodney's Christmas shirt, part five. IN WHICH: Ronon Dex is revealed to be a seriously thinky little bastard, gets someone to give him a camera, and flusters the crap out of Sheppard. Culture clash, how we love you. )

I'm actually really pleased with this part. Ronon is, as mentioned above, a seriously thinky guy, once you get him going, but I really like his backstory. Although I feel like I may have to go back and rewrite John's part, now - I feel like I just didn't do him justice (he's 400-odd words...Ronon, here, was somewhere around 1,300.)

Again, any title suggestions? For all, um, two of you who are reading this?
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Hey, you know, if I’m going to be writing this, anyone got any thoughts on a title?

The story about Rodney's Christmas t-shirt. In this part, Teyla thinks about her people, and about tea. Rodney argues with John, gets slimed, argues with Carson, wears his damn t-shirt, doesn't argue with Ronon, and eats french fries. Yeah. )

Teyla POV? Dear my brain: what the hell? Still, I'm pleased; I think Teyla works for this one. Don't know if Ronon can be the next part, which would give a really nice little feeling to the whole thing, or if it'll have to be Rodney again. Or possibly John.

There are maybe...two parts of this left? Which means I'll maybe finish it before I go back to school. yays!

...and then there are the other two stories I need to write. Oh well.

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The story about Rodney's Christmas t-shirt: Now with actual t-shirt. Also, be warned: consumption of alcohol! if that bothers need to get out even more than Rodney does. Which he doesn't! And he'll tell you all about it, just watch him. )

I'm actually rather proud of myself: not only am I actually writing something, I'm writing all of it, and not giving up after a page or so of merblewerble. Also, interestingly, each part of this has been about twice as long as the part before. Also-also, each part has been posted earlier than the one before. Life is winning, but I'm catching up!

Also, I've a question: does there need to be more? it feels like it might be done, but then there's getting Rodney to actually wear the shirt. I think it happens for the first time after a mission, when his uniforms are all slimed and there's something good in the mess and he just doesn't have time for this. Anyone got a POV suggestion? I don't really want to do Rodney again, just yet...I was thinking possibly Ronon? Let me know.
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More of the Christmas present story. This is still not the part with the actual gift, though. In this part, Sam Carter thinks about Rodney, although not like that, and John Sheppard packs his own luggage, and doesn't accept packages from other people. Except when he does, that is. )

The next bit is maybe the one with the actual gift in, and will come tomorrow night, same bat time, same bat channel, if at all possible.
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This is entirely the fault of [ profile] out_there, who failed to tell me that this was a really dumb idea.

Ok, fine, no.

This is going to be a story about Rodney McKay getting a t-shirt for Christmas, and the chaos that ensues. We're not there, yet, though, because John Sheppard's a thinky bastard who can't just transport packages like a good go-between. )

More to follow--I just had to stop there, because sleep is one of those things I really, really ought to do more often, especially since I'll probably stop altogether when I go back to school in (ohshit) a week.


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