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So I've been thinking about the idea of Atlantis as a sentient being, and particularly as the portrayal of Atlantis as female, and I've had a few thoughts )
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Looking back at it during the WIP meme that's been circulating, I realized that, hey! this is actually done. Or I'm willing to say that it's done, which is very nearly the same thing.

this, this (is history)
987 words
Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla, OT4
[spoilers for the Ark]

Teyla remembers. )
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dude, who knew that dogwood - in addition to being a pernicious allergen and kind of funny-looing - was also a cause of crazy? that's my opinion, at least. *ties bandanna over nose and mouth*

IN OTHER NEWS: I have two exams, three papers, and a late shift at work tomorrow. THEREFORE, I bring to you the Rodney McKay Backhanded Compliments Meme, my entry here. Go! Comment! Say things about me that are maybe sort of nice, a little, if you look at it from the right perspective. And then leave your usernames around somewhere so that I can tell you that you're not completely worthless, either.

When I surface from stuff, I mean.

oh, life

Mar. 7th, 2007 06:15 pm
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Professor Awesome: [sample language] was spoken on that island - you know, the one that sank because of the ice caps melting recently?

Smartass: You mean Atlantis?

[ profile] etben: *sporfles quietly*

Professor Awesome: No, no - I said "recently", not "on the SciFi channel".

[ profile] etben: *sporfles some more*

Class: *stares*


In other news, for those of you following along at home, it turns out that I don't have mono. Yay! ...I am slightly anemic, but that's a) not contagious and b) not actually news.

I also have a paper to write in the next...15 hours, so if you see me on lj before tomorrow? please to be with the hitting.

*sticks s2 SGA dvds (!!!!) under her pillow and ignores the fuck out of them*
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destiny, manifest
by [ profile] etben
for [ profile] picfor1000 2007
SGA, team, gen
Thanks muchly to [ profile] torakowalski, who did a lightning-fast beta and prevented a very silly mistake.

destiny, manifest )
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Another snippet! This one from the file of, No, Seriously, What the Fuck?

currency of virtue )

Um, yeah. In my defense, I'd just had a really fascinating class discussion of Beowulf...oh, wait. That doesn't actually defend me, does it? Never mind, then.
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Yay for [ profile] wip_amnesty! I'm a fan.

1) the one about the cat. I really don't know what this was actually going to be about - I wrote this much, and then I took a nap, and when I woke up, I couldn't remember where the ending was supposed to be. Still, I like the history of Rodney's cat, so I saved it...but, honestly, it's never going to be finished.

Rodney McKay's cat was completely insane. )

2) Rejoice Greatly Because, yes: I am a cheap whore for singing. Abandoned because, really, who else would have wanted to read this?

Rejoice Greatly )

3) Earthside Genderfuck I'm still writing this story! But, really, I realized that this wasn't the way to tell it.

Why, John, how...expository of you. )

4) Advances At one point, this summer, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a long, plotty story about Rodney and Elizabeth, and spent several hours sitting in the bathroom, typing like a fiend, outlining stuff.

Then I realized that I didn't actually want to write the story. Ooops?

this conversation survived, however. )

Fly free, little stories! I'll be over here, reading about OT and HATING MY LIFE.

Also, I posted a thing over at [ profile] mjcountdown! Because [ profile] shoemaster told me to, and I'm...pretty much her flunky. Ma-Agbor's House Of Fine Garments, outtake from the ballet-fic*.

*Which is becoming the fic of DOOM, oh God, and even now that I've worked out that issue in the middle and done the name-changes I needed to, it's still going to eat my FACE, I know it for sure...
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And in the meantime, any of you want to beta something? SGA, OT4 but G-rated, post-Ark (which means spoilers!), Teyla POV. About a thousand words? but it may well need something that I am just not seeing. Drop me a comment or an email (, and I will love you for until I get distracted by something shiny.

God, it's nice to be writing (and finishing) things again. Mmm. (Unless this is not actually finished, in which case - um. Drat?)

And in other news: I GET A [ profile] riverlight TODAY! In - *scratches head, fails at math* - fifteen hours, give or take. Yeah, so that was totally actually nineteen hours - but now it is ELEVEN HOURS, so I still get to say YAY LIFE.
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end-of-the-year writing meme!

This year, I, most of my stories ever. Really! I'd posted one story late in 2005, and then dribs and drabs of Settlement, but that didn't get finished until I came back to Chicago in 2006, and after that...well.

In Stargate: Atlantis, I wrote and finished nine stories, one of which was a crossover: )


In due South, I wrote fourteen stories, of which two were crossovers! )

And one that really ought to be outside the cut, just for the sake of...well, of being able to jump around and point and say LOOK AT MY STORY: excuse me if i may be staring, December 25th, written for [ profile] brooklinegirl in [ profile] ds_seekritsanta (F/V/K, V/K, NC-17)


In Supernatural, I wrote...two stories. Of which one was a crossover. )


Conclusions: I wrote a lot of smut in due South! And a lot of gen in SGA! I am flexible in my pairings, but I like my smut. Um. Written pairings don't necessarily reflect the pairings I read or ship - I wrote mostly gen or team-porn in SGA, but I read lots of McKay/Sheppard, and I wrote Ray/Ray for [ profile] stop_drop_porn, when I hardly ever read it.

I am bad at finishing stories? Which, fine, is only something evident if you've had the chance to look at my "in progress" folder, which currently houses...twenty-one stories in various stages of completion, from the little HEY I SHOULD WRITE A STORY ABOUT THIS to the half-finished challenge prompts to the co-written projects that haven't really been worked on in a while *guiltyface* to the stories that are currently 12,000 words long and stonewalling me.

I didn't do anything fannish over the summer, but that's only to be expected, since I was off in the wilderness with small children and limited everything. (which on a side note, may change this summer! since I have a laptop, now, and so may have the personal space to be a-writering. yay!)


Now, the fun stuff! )


Happy January, all!
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exceptionally vivid
by [ profile] etben
SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, 8288 words
spoilers through 2x14, Grace Under Pressure

So this was started, or at least spawned, on 14th December, 2005. Yeah. I'm a fast one, aren't I? Still, with the most recent episode, it actually kind of works? Maybe? Thanks go to [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] ferret_kitty for beta duty at the last minute, and to [ profile] rike_tikki_tavi for cheerleading in the extreme.

grace, under rocks )


and now I will go learn biology.
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...because if I've finished one thing, it's time for me to bother you all and try to write another.

a poll about clothes. and genderfuck. and sga. or, well, really it's a poll about the intersection of those sets. )

Right. I'm going to go buy groceries, now, and probably won't see lj until tomorrow. Be brilliant in my absence!


Dec. 1st, 2006 07:19 pm
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because if i'm not doing work, and i'm not writing, maybe doing a meme about works in progress will make me be productive.

things i have been trying to finish (all SGA): )

as ever, asking me questions about these (or other things that you've heard me claim to be working on) will be welcomed with open arms and answered in as much detail as I can muster. As soon as I wake up, tomorrow, I'm going to move into the library and either write or learn biology, so i'll have plenty of need of distraction.

ETA: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm almost to the end of the GUP-fic. This is what sitting the fuck down and writing will do for you - makes you figure out the parts you didn't want to write.

So, um. I know it's finals season, and ficathon season, and a great many of you are crazyfaced and/or elsewhere...but does anyone want to beta-read? it's probably not going to make it past 9,000 words, and I wouldn't be able to get it to you until tomorrow, but drop me a line if you're interested.
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I'm thankful for a number of things, today.

I'm thankful for my family, first and foremost. They are - god, nice, and funny, and sweet, and furious, and smart, and we just laugh so much together. And, yeah: at least one person gets reduced to tears each day, during the holiday season especially, but at the same time? being here, I really remember why my closests friends have always, always, always been my parents and my brother. Being here - arguing with my brother about everything we can, swapping bad jokes and smartass remarks with my dad, talking about veronica mars (and everything else ever) with my mother - well, let's just say that I needed it a lot more than I'd realized.

I'm thankful for my friends, recently more than ever. For the people who ask me the hard questions, and the people who give me the answers I don't want to hear. For the people who make me laugh, smile, roll my eyes, weep in frustration. For the people who collaborate with my parents against me, for the people who buy chocolate and share. For the people who let me come over and have hysterics at them, even when it's late and they're exhausted. For the people who love and support me, even when I'm a mad flailing mess.

And I'm thankful - god, I'm so very extremely thankful - for fandom. For the community, all of these amazing people who encourage each other and me, who create amazing things in the margins of our sources. For the chance to connect and argue and think seriously about silly things, and the chance to be ridiculous. For meeting people, and planning to meet people, and meeting people by chance. For co-writing and long talks and randomass comment tags. For the fact that this is our sandbox, and it's the biggest and bestest sandbox ever. For writing and being proud of it, and for becoming a better writer every day I'm involved. For not having to justify my love of bad sci-fi, or good sci-fi, or threesome porn. For the joy that I get, and the joy that you all just have.

And of course I'm thankful for Stargate: Atlantis, and for the end of the hiatus. (spoilers, hey) )

Basically? I love my big gay geeky space show, and I am so extremely thankful that it is back.

And, you know. other stuff.


Nov. 22nd, 2006 09:36 am
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hey, all:

1) internets have still not been restored at the flat. which means that I can get online before class (if I wake up early and go to the coffee shop), during class (if it's biology or I skip), or after work (if I bring my computer and stay late at the library).

2) i have the dead! by which I mean to say that patient zero (a's boyfriend) has contaminated us all with a vile infection, and I am DEAD FROM ACK. which means that I'm much less likely to get up early, or to stay late, and thus much less likely to get interwebs.

which means that the lack of communication? is not because I hate you. really, it's not! it's just the universe hating me. this weekend will be better in some ways (internets! family!) but worse in others (family time means less chance to use the internets! plus, OMG SO MUCH WORK TO DO.), and then I'll get back and have finals.

Two weeks, though: in two weeks, I go home FOR GOOD, having done all the many million things I need to. And then I'll get back to people on a more timely basis!


a) [ profile] riverlight, we will CHAT I SWEAR! as soon as I can stay in the library all night without my head trying to explode, we will chat and write and plan and MAKE FESTIVITY.

b) [ profile] pearl_o, I know I owe you a blowjob. or, um, part of it? because we were totally playing tag, there, and I didn't mean to die on you. Just, you know. DEAD.

c) [ profile] shoemaster, I'm really sorry if I infected you. REALLY A LOT. Also, I'ma miss you already, man.

d) [ profile] trinityofone, remember that thing that we were writing, back when? well, obviously I can't work on it right now (SCHOOL OWE), but in two weeks I'll abruptly be much less busy. You? I know that the holiday season isn't as calm and restful for everyone else as it is for me, but if you're free at all...

e) EVERYBODY: HI HI HI! Tell me happy things! rec me fic! poke me in the side and watch me squirm! tell me I'm pretty! write me porn! tell me about porn I should write!

f) cobb coffee shop: you know, not that I'm opposed to daddy sang base (momma sang tenor) or don't take your gun to town or hey, good lookin', but I kind of liked you blasting the classical music, too. violins! trumpets! and an oboe, there was totally an oboe. what motivated the change, dudes?

g) OMG SGA! it is downloaded and waiting for me to WATCH IT ON THE TRAINS TONIGHT. i hope that whoever I'm next to doesn't mind flailing squee...
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Two very important (SGA) questions:

1) In McKay and Mrs Miller, cut for spoilers )

2) More generally speaking, do we have any idea of the general population of planets in Pegasus? Or, for that matter, of the population on Atlantis? I really don't have a good idea of how big things are; numbers are hard

In other news: OMG BSG! That was fucking awesome. Also, I watched the miniseries with S and R; R didn't take to it much, but S loved it. Next up: flatmate A! And then the dominion of BSG will be completeish.

Also, I think I was being flirted with this weekend. I'm not sure! But I think so. In which case...well, I'm kind of a fan, frankly. It won't go anywhere, of course, and if it does it will almost certainly end very very badly, but still. Still. I'm smiling.

It is Monday and I have lots of work to do, but I'm WRITING for once, and so I do not care. How are you all?
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Should probably do my phonetics homework...but it's not due until Monday, so fuckit. Should maybe also be actually writing...but instead, have a progress report:

Things I Am Currently Trying To Write:

The Ones That Appear To Be Going Somewhere (with snippets, even!): )


The Ones That Are Really More Conceptual, At This Juncture: )

As usual, any of these are fair game: ask me questions, and I'll attempt to explain. Ask me for snippets, and I'll do my best to oblige. Harass me into productivity! Because otherwise I'll probably just take a nap.
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Meme! As created by [ profile] china_shop over here, because this one seems really awesome.

If you were only going to read three of my (SGA) stories, you should read:

1.Settlement. Because it's the first big thing I wrote, and the longest story I've ever posted, and I still love it to bits. [Gen]

2.Previous Motives. Because Teyla! And because this story kicked my ass to the curb, but turned into something I'm proud of. [Gen]

3.Stick Fighting. Because, if you're at all like me, your Tuesday needs some crossover fivesome porn. [John/Rodney/Teyla/RayK/Fraser. yes, really.]

If, on the other hand, you were only going to read three of my (due South) stories, you should read:

1.Submersible. Because everybody likes submersible porn, right? Oh, wait. Hmm...[F/K]

2.Stacks. Because, OK, maybe not everyone likes submersible-porn...but everyone likes library-sex, right? Of course right! [F/K]

3.Getting It. Because it was my first non F/K fic, and because it came out of left field, and because I still think it's one of the hottest things I've ever written. [F/V/K]


...yeah, OK, I cheated, but it's not my fault! I'm just a polyfannish skank.


Also, you should all listen to Balade en Forêt, by Tryo. Because it's a really cool song, and it's also a good description of where my head is right now.
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1. Does anyone know how long it takes the Daedalus to go between Earth and Atlantis? Not that I'm starting a new project or anything...

2. BSG 2x19. Yay on many counts, but mostly I'm stuck on one thing: Dear Gaius Baltar, what is up with your hair? Dude, that needs to stop.
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or, in other words: a tag for McKay and Mrs Miller! I know: I'm impressive. And spoilery. And going to be so very, very tired tomorrow morning.

Vaguely slashy, spoileriffic, goofy. Short.

Five True Things )

Hello, my name is She Who Is Smooshy (And Who Will Be So Fucked Out Tomorrow As To Defy All Belief. Ack.).


Sep. 8th, 2006 10:50 pm
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McKay and Mrs Miller: Spoilers and Squee )

although, really this episode makes me wish to all hell I'd managed to finish the damn alternate-universe-female-rodney story. It's not so much that I've been's just that now that this has aired, my story feels a little superfluous. How many alternate universes can you have, after all?


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