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end-of-the-year writing meme!

This year, I, most of my stories ever. Really! I'd posted one story late in 2005, and then dribs and drabs of Settlement, but that didn't get finished until I came back to Chicago in 2006, and after that...well.

In Stargate: Atlantis, I wrote and finished nine stories, one of which was a crossover: )


In due South, I wrote fourteen stories, of which two were crossovers! )

And one that really ought to be outside the cut, just for the sake of...well, of being able to jump around and point and say LOOK AT MY STORY: excuse me if i may be staring, December 25th, written for [ profile] brooklinegirl in [ profile] ds_seekritsanta (F/V/K, V/K, NC-17)


In Supernatural, I wrote...two stories. Of which one was a crossover. )


Conclusions: I wrote a lot of smut in due South! And a lot of gen in SGA! I am flexible in my pairings, but I like my smut. Um. Written pairings don't necessarily reflect the pairings I read or ship - I wrote mostly gen or team-porn in SGA, but I read lots of McKay/Sheppard, and I wrote Ray/Ray for [ profile] stop_drop_porn, when I hardly ever read it.

I am bad at finishing stories? Which, fine, is only something evident if you've had the chance to look at my "in progress" folder, which currently houses...twenty-one stories in various stages of completion, from the little HEY I SHOULD WRITE A STORY ABOUT THIS to the half-finished challenge prompts to the co-written projects that haven't really been worked on in a while *guiltyface* to the stories that are currently 12,000 words long and stonewalling me.

I didn't do anything fannish over the summer, but that's only to be expected, since I was off in the wilderness with small children and limited everything. (which on a side note, may change this summer! since I have a laptop, now, and so may have the personal space to be a-writering. yay!)


Now, the fun stuff! )


Happy January, all!
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Should probably do my phonetics homework...but it's not due until Monday, so fuckit. Should maybe also be actually writing...but instead, have a progress report:

Things I Am Currently Trying To Write:

The Ones That Appear To Be Going Somewhere (with snippets, even!): )


The Ones That Are Really More Conceptual, At This Juncture: )

As usual, any of these are fair game: ask me questions, and I'll attempt to explain. Ask me for snippets, and I'll do my best to oblige. Harass me into productivity! Because otherwise I'll probably just take a nap.


Aug. 31st, 2006 06:25 pm
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*picks up suitcase and hatbox, jumps on bandwagon*

Five things meme! Wherein you all, you know, give me lists of five things—five things Veronica Mars won't eat, five things Ray Kowalski loves about Battlestar Galactica, five times John Sheppard actually did see it coming...whatever makes you happy. I, in turn, write you small fictions to flesh out those lists.

Fandoms are...well, SGA and dS for sure. Veronica Mars. Battlestar Galactica (although if you pick this one, bear in mind that I've only seen through 2x09, and would prefer not to be spoiled for the rest of season 2). Supernatural...maybe, although you might want a backup if you ask for one of these. Crossovers are encouraged and adored, because I'm wrong like that.

I will do as many of these as I can.

(right now, though, I'm going to go play with the cat, who is purring on my knees and knocking the powed cord out of my laptop. Clearly, someone wants to wrestle with me...)

PS: Have just seen the Big Damn Snake Movie, which—is it a spoiler to say that it's really, really bad? No? OK, then. (ETA: By Big Damn Snake Movie, I mean Snakes On A Plane; I saw Boa vs Python a week or so ago, and it was also really, really bad, but this is the one I was talking about)

...was anyone else thinking of Boa vs Python the entire time they were talking about antivenin? Because, dude—with the universal antidote, you wouldn't have needed to fuck around with the helicopters and the chasing bad guys and what have you.
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So I just uprooted this list, from right before I left for work this summer, of Stories To Write )

And, see, the thing is that I'm really only in this fandom gig for the interaction, because I love batting ideas around for people and responding to their ideas and going in new directions because something that X says reminds me that, yeah, I really do want to know how that would go, I appeal to you to make me get off my ass.

So, please: ask me questions! About any of these things! Or about other things I've told you I'm going to write...nothing is off-limits! Bother me, needle me, threaten my unborn children and my job and my car and my chances of getting a date this fall (or ever), but please: harass me into writing. I will answer all questions, no matter how absurd.

(although as far as 6, 8, 15, and 17 go, I don't know how useful I'll be. I mean, I don't even remember what 15 was supposed to be, although I've nothing against it in principle.)


May. 7th, 2006 04:09 pm
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So I finally finished off that drabble-only-not-really-because-I-don't-like-wordcounts meme, and figured I'd post the results here, more for my own reference than for anything else. Six of them, in all three of my fandoms. Woohoo! *dances around*

For [ profile] shoemaster: McKay/Sheppard... bonus points for baseball? )


For [ profile] pearl_o: dS! Dief and Fraser? )


For [ profile] aurora_84: John/Rodney, earth!fic, can be pre-Rising )


For [ profile] justbreathe80: some form of dS )


For [ profile] rike_tikki_tavi: some of the Grace Under Pressure follow-up fic I've been talking about for months )


For [ profile] kbk: SPN gen? with, um, Dean and laundry and smoking? )


Wooohoooo! ...and now, back to the mines with me. grr argh.
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hello hello!

I am back on the—the horse? the wagon? whatever it is that is getting me where I'm going to where I'm going, I mean. Life, which recently has been kicking me all over, has been wrestled back into more managable shapes and sizes, and things are looking up.

Things that make me happy:

1. BABY BUNNIES ON THE QUAD! I almost died of the overwhelming cute.

2. Getting lots of work done, all of it on time and most of it not completely craptacular.

3. Getting a better grade on my second Linguistics quiz than I did on the first, yay!

4. My study-abroad-transfer-credit application has been tentatively approved! Go me!

5. OK, so this is actually two things. See, yesterday my roommate made me leave my room and go be a person, and so we wound up going to the concert evening at the museum. There were three stages set up, and I got to hear a lot of really neat music and eat free food. That was good.

6. The second part of that, though, was that one of the groups performing was a men's a capella group. This would have been good all on its own, because I have a deep and enduring love for boys who can (and do) sing, and because they sang a lot of pretty things. But the happiest thing of all? Was that in this chorus, there was—I kid you not—Sam Winchester. Shhh! I know he's fictional; do you think that would stop him from being in a chorus if he wanted to? OK, fine, it wasn't him, but it was a damn close resemblance, and made me giggle like mad. Then, next to him—I couldn't see, at first, because our seats were lousy and Sam!clone was, as you'd expect, damn tall—was, you guessed it, Dean. I'm sure my roommate thought I was choking to death, because I was laughing my head off and trying to hide it.

...and, yes, now I want to write an AU involving samndean singing. SHUTUP! They could do it.

Which brings me to 7: Supernatural FINALE, which was awesome and lovely and full of shiny, and had me punching my pillow and grabbing my knees in excitement. Oh, wow.

I'm always struck, watching that show, by how incredibly pretty it is—not the boys, although of course they are, but the colors and the framing of the shots and the way it's filmed and just—gah. *fangirls*

8. I cooked! Lemon caper fish and pasta and garlic chili green beans, although those last were kind of a bust, because I lost track of them and they scorched. Still: I COOKED! It was TASTY! I didn't burn down the kitchen!

9. I got a voicemail from a friend I haven't seen in a while, talking about how much she missed me, and then met up randomly with another friend, who told me my hair was looking super-cute. Which it totally was, and I was glad to hear someone say it.

10. I was all writery today! Not, of course, on any of the things I've recently promised to work on (drabble people, I will get back to you! I promise! It's not that I don't love you, it's that I'm a spazzhat!), but on something from a while back, which came to me this morning with a title and said hey, remember me? how about you scrap all of the notes you made on me, and the whole first scene you wrote, and all of your POV plans, and write me this way, hmm? yeah, let's do that!. If any of you remember, it's the story with Teyla and her ex and the fruit—If any of you care, I'm pretty sure I started nattering about it here.

It's not done yet, but it's getting there, I think, so would any of you like to beta? Right now it's 2500 words long, and it'll maybe get to 3500? or something. It's gen, gen, very extremely gen, and...kind of weird? Which, OK, is not the best descriptor ever, but is all I have to offer. I'd need someone (or possibly several someones) to be possibly quite mean to me about this, because I'm not at all sure if it's going the places I want it to go, and if it's being ridiculous, I need to know that now. If you're interested, drop me a line—I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much my wrists object.

11. MUSIC! *puts on pimp hat* Only three this time, though:

Is She Really Going Out With Him?, Elvis Costello, was pretty much the song that made this week happen. FULL OF AWESOME. Oh god, it cracks my shit up.

Big Car, Susan Werner. I was listening to this song with a friend, and she pointed out that the first verse sounds like...well, it doesn't sound like it's about a car, is the point. And I feel like this song should be sung (by a very sexy girl, of course) to Dean Winchester, who would be turned on, and then vaguely offended, and then, oh, wait: still turned on. andthenthey'dhavesex.

Homesick, Kings of Convenience (as pimped to me by [ profile] riverlight). This is the song that made me write today, and it is full of gorgeous, and I am full of love for it.
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by etben
gen, 1541 words
written for [ profile] highwaymiles
beta credit to [ profile] kbk, who is beyond all rockstars.

The five possessions of the Impala, as told by Sam )


In other news, my birthday was...confusing. Rocking! and I love my friends. But hi, I'm confused (and, ok, tipsy) and don't entirely understand what just went down. I know we watched to episode of Firefly that has Richard Burgi in it, and I know I had a conversation in the hall, and I know that I spilled booze on my bed, but other than that? SO CONFUSED, largely about that conversation.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, though!
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So I have a term paper to be writing. I also have my remixredux story to finish and get betaed, my library!porn to finish, not to mention the team!sex, the girl!Rodney, and Obadiah.

Clearly, what I really needed to do was write the sequel to At This Juncture.

Or, well, the first part of it, since this is looking like it's going to be one of those stories with plot and stuff, and consequently may take a while to finish. Still, I like the instant gratification of posting things in parts, and my 'March' box on the calendar was looking lonesome, and, seriously: they gave me (or, well, us) an episode set in Chicago! What was I supposed to do?...and so here we go!

Oogedy-Boogedies (part 1 of...more)
by etben
due South and Supernatural

(Sequel to At This Juncture)

NOTE: contains spoilers for Supernatural 1.16, Shadows

By the time Fraser gets in, an hour and a half later, Ray's pieced together enough of a story to be sure that this is a weird-shit case, maybe the weirdest one yet. )

To Be Continued, once my term paper is finished (or, you know, sooner, since I clearly have no willpower)

Suggestions for a better title would be welcomed with open arms and offers of (sadly, purely hypothetical) booze. (and, um, if anyone wanted to make me an icon? not necessarily a this-fic icon, but a "Hi, I'm a tremendous crossover-whore" icon might be a good idea, at this point. Or something classier, maybe...)
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So, um, March?

Yes, apparently.

Some people on my flist have been making vaguely triumphal "look what I wrote in February!" posts, which, seriously: good for you! rock on with your bad selves!

I, however, would feel more than a little bit silly writing that sort of thing. Instead, I present to you

A Bigass List of Things (Dude, it is so Bigass! 14 Things Is A Lot!) I Will Eventually Write

And so I say unto you all: which should I work on next? )

HINT: if you ask me questions about one of these, I'll probably drabble you some of it in the comments, with the exception of the first two, since #1 is a secret and #2 is a co-written project.

Come on, friends...ask me questions! make me do something other than stare at my ankles and wonder if they've always looked so...awkward.
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At This Juncture
by etben
Supernatural & due South
1000 words, rated G
written for picfor1000

They're in Wisconsin. )

...I have no explanation for this. NONE.

(which doesn't prevent me from being kind of proud of it.)
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So, um, picfor1000? yeah. That. Blanked at me for the longest imaginable time, but now something's happening.

It's, um. *deep breath* It's a due South / Supernatural crossover -shaped thing. No, I don't know why. Seriously, I have no clue.

Any road, it's not done yet, but I have a two response papers and a problem set due this week, so it should be done within a day or two. Are any of you polyfannish in those particular directions? And would you be willing to read it over, once it gets finished, and make sure that it's, you know, reasonable? (or as reasonable as a crossover in those particular fandoms can be, at least) Drop me a comment or an email—it's going to be short, because, you know, word limit.

In other news...

Valentine's Day is always very odd, for me—it's one of those holidays that really doesn't exist, for me. I don't hate it, particularly, although I'm totally prepared to resent the hell out of the people who were doing karaoke in the dining hall (too loud, particularly when I've just worked a long shift and will be doing boring work all evening). I'm not involved romantically with anyone, so it doesn't have that kind of connection, for me. And I don't have any interesting family / personal traditions as regards Vday, so I'm just kind of blank.

Any road, there are many expressions love, fannish and un-, going around, so I'll jump on the bandwagon: you all rock. Anyone who's ever commented on one of my stories, or on one of my thinky posts, or on one of my random crap posts—you're awesome. You make me bounce around and squeak. I've only been active in fandom for a few months, now, and I know it never would have happened without the awesome people.

In other other news...

Eating is good for you, yo. Do it. (this is something I am constantly re-learning. Don't mock me for being easily-distracted...mock me because I very nearly fainted while at dinner with faculty. Or don't, 'cause, you know, that'd be kind of mean.)

In other other other news...

If I can't get credits to transfer from study-abroad, I will take a full load of classes every year until I graduate and never take anything I'm not required to. Excuse me while I flip the fuck out for a minute or two, here.

And now I'm off (well, two feet two the left...) to bed. Happy Wednesday (which it is, now, erk!) to all of you!


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