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So, hey, Philadelphia is pretty rad! For one thing, the airport is obscenely close to the city, and seems generally clean and well-kept. Plus, free wireless! That is never a bad thing. And also the weather was gorgeous, which I do understand is not guaranteed, but still. STILL. Like, it was actually very nice weather, not just "oh, it's only ten below! how nice!" weather. Sunshiiiiiiine, I have missed you! And then I got to traumatize a lot of people with my crazy talk of -40 weather! IT IS A REAL TEMPERATURE I SWEAR.

Also Philly has a [ profile] riadsala, who purchased muffins with me! And then we wandered around and were chatty and awkward in that "hi, we know each other from the internet!" kind of way. FUN TIMES. ♥

And then of course there was the Thing I Am Still Not Discussing Online, which went...well? I think? But it's hard to be sure. I did my best to be impressive, and the people I talked to did seem to be impressed! Which was certainly a good sign. At the same time, though, everybody else was also VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE! And the big cheeses can say all the things they like about wanting to take all of us, but the fact of the matter is that they probably don't have that much space available, and so ultimately it comes down to somebody being more awesome than somebody else. SO. I'll just be over here fidgeting until March.

Aaaaaaaand now it is about time for me to get on an airplane! I'll be in Chicago for about two hours in about an hour and a half, if any of you happen to be out at O'Hare for whatever bizarre reason.
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Dear eljays, [ profile] lordessrenegade and I have discovered the most marvelous game. It's quite simple:

1) take the title of any song (or album, or lyrics. We've been going with bandom bands, but I'm pretty sure it would work regardless.),
2) replace key words with the word "muppet",
3) laugh until you feel sick,
4) repeat as necessary.

Our current favorites:

the MUPPETS know something I don't know
MUPPETution is the world's oldest profession (and i, dear madame, am a professional)
mad as MUPPETS
she's a handsome MUPPET
the MUPPETS are too refined
i'm like a MUPPET with the way i'm always trying to get you off
thnks fr th MPPTS
grand theft MUPPET/where is your MUPPET tonight?
welcome to the MUPPET parade
house of MUPPETS
the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is MUPPETS
I constantly thank God for MUPPETS
One day, MUPPETS will cry

And of course, MUPPET's Privateers.


FOR ADDED HILARITY: typo MUPPET as MULLET a time or two. Hold a sing-along!


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