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so J and I were talking earnestly, as we often do on Friday nights, and we wound up discussing parenting (as we often do on Friday nights), and came to the following realization: both of us come from families with a limited vocabulary of negative emotions.

For example: My parents were GREAT at positive feeling words! They were proud, they were happy, they were excited, they were interested, they were amused, they were pleased...

...but when it came to expressing NEGATIVE feelings, they had two options: frustrated and disappointed. The latter was for something my brother or I had done wrong; the former was pretty much a catch-all for any negative emotion about something else - work kerfuffle, family drama, geopolitical turmoil, you name it. I think my mom had an option out on sad, but that was really only for if somebody you knew personally had died.

J had a similar experience—the same words, even!—which makes me wonder: what were the words your parents used to express emotions? I'm trying to figure if this is a thing that all parents do, or if this is just my family being wicked weird.
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Okay, so, hi, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about The Dark Knight Rises. Trust me: there is absolutely nobody on this planet who is more surprised about that than I am.

TDKR thoughts + spoilers )

…On the other hand, I spent a lot of quality time leaning over to [ profile] soundslikej and whispering WELL NOT MY MOM OKAY SHE DIDN'T IT WAS INJUSTICE / SHUT UP BATMAN YOU'RE RUINING THE SONG and laughing until I cried. So that was awesome.

Also, I watched this video of NASA mission control during the Curiosity landing and legitimately teared up. SCIENCE.
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...which will in no way prevent me from saying it again. GO GO GADGET TALKING BOX.

anonymity and social groups and growing pains )

For what it's worth, I'm sorry for the people who've been hurt. Please believe me when I say that bandflesh wasn't intended to be a hate meme. I don't think that's what we want to be now, either, but it's definitely true that we've acted like that in the past, and, hey: I'm sorry for that. I've never leaked flocked info to BF, but I've read it, and I've mocked it, and I'm not real proud of that.

Yeah, idk. Basically what I want to say is FUCKING N00BS AND TOURISTS, LURK MOAR AND SUCK LESS. >:(


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