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Should probably do my phonetics homework...but it's not due until Monday, so fuckit. Should maybe also be actually writing...but instead, have a progress report:

Things I Am Currently Trying To Write:

The Ones That Appear To Be Going Somewhere (with snippets, even!): )


The Ones That Are Really More Conceptual, At This Juncture: )

As usual, any of these are fair game: ask me questions, and I'll attempt to explain. Ask me for snippets, and I'll do my best to oblige. Harass me into productivity! Because otherwise I'll probably just take a nap.


Aug. 31st, 2006 06:25 pm
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*picks up suitcase and hatbox, jumps on bandwagon*

Five things meme! Wherein you all, you know, give me lists of five things—five things Veronica Mars won't eat, five things Ray Kowalski loves about Battlestar Galactica, five times John Sheppard actually did see it coming...whatever makes you happy. I, in turn, write you small fictions to flesh out those lists.

Fandoms are...well, SGA and dS for sure. Veronica Mars. Battlestar Galactica (although if you pick this one, bear in mind that I've only seen through 2x09, and would prefer not to be spoiled for the rest of season 2). Supernatural...maybe, although you might want a backup if you ask for one of these. Crossovers are encouraged and adored, because I'm wrong like that.

I will do as many of these as I can.

(right now, though, I'm going to go play with the cat, who is purring on my knees and knocking the powed cord out of my laptop. Clearly, someone wants to wrestle with me...)

PS: Have just seen the Big Damn Snake Movie, which—is it a spoiler to say that it's really, really bad? No? OK, then. (ETA: By Big Damn Snake Movie, I mean Snakes On A Plane; I saw Boa vs Python a week or so ago, and it was also really, really bad, but this is the one I was talking about)

...was anyone else thinking of Boa vs Python the entire time they were talking about antivenin? Because, dude—with the universal antidote, you wouldn't have needed to fuck around with the helicopters and the chasing bad guys and what have you.


Aug. 19th, 2006 12:01 am
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So, OK: that didn't completely suck. I mean, I'm still all antsy with the desire to watch my spacemen, but [ profile] riverlight continued to rock my world, and came out to co-write with me, and much fun was had. Now, I'm just waiting for some wonderful people to upload things, but I have beer and BSG, so things aren't bad.

And my computer didn't freak out on me (much)! This makes, what, two whole days? Three? Dear computer, this is one of the many reasons you are getting replaced by a younger, sexier laptop.

But, in between the scifi channel spazhattery and my ordi's most recent fit of the collywobbles, I did a meme! *twirls* aren't you proud? It's the one where you post lines (or paragraphs, or snippets) from your WIPs. And, in this case, wordcounts, because I am a whore. (I only did the ones that I'm actively working on, though, because I'm a lazy whore.)

six lines (or paragraphs, or snippets...) from six partially-finished stories )

In conclusion: Beer. Also, Kara Thrace is hot like a hot hot thing. Also-also, [ profile] riverlight and [ profile] trinityofone continue to win at EVERYTHING EVER.

(did I mention how much starbuck is hot? DEAR HOLY GOD. I think I've just met my new TV girlfriend, except for how she's way too hot for me.)


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