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HELLO YULETIDER! You are writing me a story! That is really cool of you! Anything you write will delight me, but in case you were looking for more guidance...

Generally, I don't care for: death, pining that doesn't get resolved, infidelity, rape, torture and abuse, incest.

Generally, I like: ladies, shenanigans, worldbuilding, snappy dialogue & banter, domesticity, porn, teams, found families, smart and competent characters, characters who BECOME smarter and more competent over the course of the story, absurdly codependent bff pairings, outsider POV, pining that gets resolved, bodyswap, telepathy, fucking around with gender, cross-dressing, fake dating / pretending to be married / woke up married, nonsexual intimacy, cuddling (for warmth or otherwise), characters taking care of each other, ladies topping the shit out of people, negotiation of kinks, characters being awkward about their kinks but then finding a partner who validates and supports them, threesomes and moresomes, open relationships negotiated well, shenanigans, pornography. ALL OF THE TROPES, GIVE THEM TO ME.

Specifically: The ArchAndroid, Brooklyn 9-9, The Unusuals, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Musketeers, Push )

In conclusion: I like hot ladies in charge of shit! And also dumb shenanigans. [ profile] soundslikej is a good guide to whether or not I'll like a thing, but on the whole, I'm pretty easy to please.
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Thing One: delightful sunny happy beachy day, yaaaay! I haven't really made it out to a New England beach this year (apart from some quality time at Revere), so it was great to do that and see some excellent humans (even if I totally did burn the shit out of my shoulders, but what the hell, it's not summer without sunburn).

I also made these brownies, which were magical and delicious, so if you're looking for a good fudge brownie recipe, here you go!

Thing Two: In between various wedding planning shit and trying not to panic about the impending school year, I've been reading a lot! So, A, if you're on Goodreads, we should be buds, and, B, here's a books meme! Stolen from [ profile] sansets, because books! Boooooooks.

Give me a letter and I will hold forth on one of the following topics:

A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From
B. Best Sequel Ever
C. Currently Reading
D. Drink of Choice While Reading
E. E-Reader or Physical Books
F. Fictional Character You Would Have Dated In High School
G. Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
H. Hidden Gem Book
I. Important Moments of Your Reading Life
J. Just Finished
K. Kinds of Books You Won’t Read
L. Longest Book You’ve Read
M. Major Book Hangover Because Of
N. Number of Bookcases You Own
O. One Book That You Have Read Multiple Times
P. Preferred Place to Read
Q. Quote From A Book That Inspires You/Gives You Feels
R. Reading Regret
S. Series You Started and Need to Finish
T. Three Of Your All-Time Favorite Books
U. Unapologetic Fangirl For
W. Worst Bookish Habit
V. Very Excited For This Release More Than Any Other
X. Marks The Spot (Start On Your Bookshelf And Count to the 27th Book)
Y. Your Latest Book Purchase
Z. ZZZ-Snatcher (last book that kept you up WAY late)

Thing Three: Is anybody else watching the current cycle of Project Runway? Anybody? Bueller?
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so for reasons that do not need any goddamn exploring, I just backread, um, the first two years of my LJ? (Which, ahahahahahaha oh god, bb!self, you were SO TRANSPARENT about SO MANY THINGS.) Whatever, it's been grand, I found the first comment [ profile] soundslikej ever left me, n'awwwww.

And, like, whatever, hop on the 2:02 bus down Nostalgia Lane - but what really struck me was that all of the stuff I was dealing with then? It's the same stuff I'm dealing with now, in slightly different window dressing. I worry about being Enough, about Accomplishing Things; I remain (moderately) convinced that I have no worth except in the things I do, and therefore (sort of) believe that I don't deserve good things unless I am doing something good myself. Which - there's a level on which that is super upsetting and sad, I guess - I will always be like this! I will never get better! - but at the same time, idk, somehow it's a little comforting? Like, yeah, this will always be my tendency, and I'll live with it, and that will be fine. I will always be short and chubby and nearsighted and sarcastic and striving to be kinder and more patient with myself. There are worse things to be!

I was trying to articulate this to J, which led to the following conversation:

M: Like, this was the fight I was having with myself at 19, and this will be the fight I will be having with myself at 90.
J: Yup!
M: I'm just saying, when it comes time for me to retire, you had better fucking brace yourself, because I am going to be an actual human disaster. Like, I'll be asleep for the first week, and then I'll spend the second week reading, and then the third week I will be a fucking nightmare.
J: So, like every August ever, then?
M: ...shut up.
J: And, like - why would I want to make you retire, anyways?
M: ...because old?
J: Right, okay, so you'll stop working, but you'll immediately start volunteering at, like, six different places.
M: ...yes.
J: I have met you, you know.

I am marrying a pretty A+ human being, internet. In case you weren't aware. ♥


Jan. 2nd, 2014 09:35 pm
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So we watched the newest Sherlock tonight, because we enjoy suffering (and also because neither of us have to get up in the morning, snow emergency WOOHOO).

spoilers )

So, yeah. That happened, and it was entertaining but ultimately SUPER FRUSTRATING, as anticipated. After we were done, J and I turned to each other and said, "yeah, that was...kind of awful. Why can't we watch more Elementary instead?"


books 2013

Dec. 31st, 2013 06:46 pm
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So for the last two years, I've kept a log of the books I read and what I thought about them - I'm gradually transitioning to using Goodreads, but I kept the log up for posterity's sake / out of sheer cussedness. And since at this point I am unlikely to finish another book in 2013, I might as well post the log!

books 2013 + thoughts )

A good year in books, on the whole! Tomorrow you should all bring your hangovers over here so that we can talk (quietly!) about books.
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Dear LJ, this is the best winter break in the history of ALL WINTER BREAKS EVER. We went to see my family for Thanksgiving, which meant just local relatives to wrangle for Christmas. YAY! Plus we did the Family Christmas Spectacular on Sunday, which let us chill on the couch on Christmas Eve and drink beer and watch The Sound of Music, and then we had a lazy Christmas morning of Yuletide and chocolate before venturing up to [ profile] soundslikej’s mom’s house for dinner.

AND SO, I will now proceed to do that which I have never had time to do in the past, and present to you all some Yuletide recs!

The Heat, Easy A, Welcome To Night Vale, Parks and Recreation, Elementary, The Middleman, and sex toys )

What are you reading? What should I be reading? If you want to guess what I wrote, go ahead - it’s not something I’ve written before, but I’ve been vocal about enjoying the canon, so it’s not a complete nonstarter. Merry Yuletide, internets!
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aka THE ONLY COOKIE I WILL EVER MAKE AGAIN. Peanut butter cookies...with chocolate chips. How did it take me 26 years to discover this magic?

I know I promised a couple of people this recipe, so: magical cookies of delightful magic )
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Hello, Yuletider! We've matched on a fandom, so clearly you are a person of excellent taste and judgment; furthermore, you're writing a story! For me! And I will love it no matter what, but in case you are looking for guidelines:

Generally, I don't care for: death, pining that doesn't get resolved, rape, torture and abuse, incest.

Generally, I like: shenanigans, worldbuilding, snappy dialogue, domesticity, porn, teams, stories about characters teaching and learning, stories about making the world a better place, found families, smart and competent characters, absurdly codependent bff pairings, outsider POV, pining that gets resolved, roadtrips, bodyswap, telepathy, fucking around with gender, cross-dressing, fake dating / pretending to be married, historical retellings, cuddling (for warmth or otherwise), characters taking care of each other, negotiation of kinks, threesomes and moresomes, open relationships negotiated well, shenanigans. ALL OF THE TROPES, GIVE THEM TO ME.

Specifically: Metropolis Suites, Indexing, The Unusuals, Elementary )

As ever, [ profile] soundslikej is a good resource on things I will and will not enjoy, but honestly I'm pretty easy. Also, if you're not feeling the fandom we matched on, none of these are particularly extensive canons - Elementary is just starting its second season; The Unusuals only ever had one season; Indexing is a shortish novel, published serially on Amazon; and the Metropolis Suites are a pair of amazing albums. Feel free to branch out! could even cross any of these four over, and that would ALSO be amazing.
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Honestly, I do feel bad for everybody who's trying to negotiate Boston traffic, torrential rain, and a Red Sox home game, all while driving a U-Haul...but mostly I feel smug as actual fuck. Whatever, I'll get my comeuppance the next time we move, I'm sure.

HEY LIVEJOURNAL WHAT ARE THE HAPS? I am TWO DAYS OUT from beginning my second year as a full-time teacher; I am both more and less terrified than I was this time a year ago. Mostly less terrified, honestly, because, hey: I have done this before! I don't know everything I want to - I probably don't even know everything I need to - but I at least know how to post attendance and who to email about my keys! PLUS I am not developing three entire courses entirely from scratch, this year, so I have way more material to work from.

On the other hand, I'm developing a split-level junior/senior class entirely from scratch and with no textbook, so there's that. On the OTHER other hand, I don't have a study hall anymore, quite possibly because somebody in the administration looked at my schedule and said, "um, or maybe we could NOT make her cry?"

WHAT ELSE. I finally paid off my library fines, so I can get free books again! And of course I am trapped in a terrible Mercedes Lackey series - I thought it was a trilogy but it turns out it is a QUINTET, what the fuck, ML, why would you do that to me? But I also have other books I am reading, and I am trying to get into the swing of using my GoodReads account to track things / find things. You should add me!

UM, STUFF. I stopped watching Teen Woof over the summer, because busy, and now I am too dispirited by everything I've seen about it on tumblr to keep going. I'm enjoying the everloving fuck out of Welcome To Night Vale, which is creepy and delightful. I'm wicked excited for the new Toby Daye book, even though it comes out on the first day of school and I'll probably never have time to read it. I tripped and fell and watched a whole bunch of American Ninja Warrior last week, which is oddly soothing. Oh yeah and I BOUGHT NEW BRAS, omg, my boobs look amazeballs.

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okay but so we just finished orange is the new black and I have some feelings: )

so obviously I feel that you should all come over here and discuss this with me.

May. 17th, 2013 03:25 pm
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[ profile] mrsronweasley is hosting yet another love meme! My thread is here, and if you wanted to come and tell me nice things I would be very appreciative indeed.
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will somebody please come over here and yell about Game of Thrones with me? Because spoilers )
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so J and I were talking earnestly, as we often do on Friday nights, and we wound up discussing parenting (as we often do on Friday nights), and came to the following realization: both of us come from families with a limited vocabulary of negative emotions.

For example: My parents were GREAT at positive feeling words! They were proud, they were happy, they were excited, they were interested, they were amused, they were pleased...

...but when it came to expressing NEGATIVE feelings, they had two options: frustrated and disappointed. The latter was for something my brother or I had done wrong; the former was pretty much a catch-all for any negative emotion about something else - work kerfuffle, family drama, geopolitical turmoil, you name it. I think my mom had an option out on sad, but that was really only for if somebody you knew personally had died.

J had a similar experience—the same words, even!—which makes me wonder: what were the words your parents used to express emotions? I'm trying to figure if this is a thing that all parents do, or if this is just my family being wicked weird.
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• dropped a full glass of water - not because I was walking or holding it weird, just sitting on the couch, holding a glass of water, oops now I'm not;

• spilled used coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor;

• while setting up the coffee maker, put in water, a filter, fresh grounds...but not the basket that holds everything in place;

• spilled my oatmeal onto the coffee table; and,

• while cleaning up my oatmeal, knocked a pile of knitting needles onto the floor.

I need an adult. /o\ Failing that, I think I will just sit on the couch and reread the Alanna books until I feel more prepared to be a human being.
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Vacation, Day One:

• slept until 9:00 (aka FOUR HOURS LATER THAN USUAL)
• did my federal and MA taxes (MN taxes are complicated and barely worth anything, so I am dithering)
• went grocery shopping
• roasted a chicken for chicken pot pies
• made pizza dough for pizzas tomorrow

And then J came home and we put together the chicken pot pies, with much "assistance" from the cats. And then my brain was basically fizzing - turns out that I have a lot more physical+mental energy when I'm not at school all day - so after I spent some quality time twitching and muttering with my face pressed against her stomach, we sat down and emailed our potential wedding venues.

Other sexy exciting plans for my week of nothingness: completely re-plan my level 4 class; get my car inspected, take a load of crap to goodwill and donate it, clean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING EVER, do a recycling run, yoga, make hummus, sew some things. This, for the record, is why I have to have a job during the summer. @____@

In addition to being spectacularly twitchy, I have a Serious Life Question: HOW DO YOU SKIN?

backstory: I actually had reasonably decent skin when I was a teenager - I spent nine months of the year chapped beyond the telling of it, but I didn't really break out that much. no longer the case. /o\ And since I would ideally prefer to look MORE like an adult than my students, I am in the market for a skincare plan that isn't "scrub it with face-scrub stuff when you remember to do so; put lotion on it when it's scaly and gross." What do you do to take care of your skin? Does it work? Do I really need to care that much about what lotion I'm using? Obviously people have different skin types, but my degree of mind/body disconnect is such that I straight up could not tell you what kind of skin I have, other than, "probably human"; has anybody else had this problem?
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Earlier this week, [personal profile] jai informed me that we were going to see that modern classic, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Internet, I tell you freely: I was dubious as fuck. Renner's face swayed me a little, and the prospect of fangirls swayed me a little more, and the promise of seeing it at the movie theater that will sell you beer persuaded me, but still: dubious as fuck.

...which turned out to be unwarranted, because OH MY GOD SO MUCH FUN. :DDDDDD

Not, let me clarify, because the movie is good. The movie is...not good. Very much with the not good. The opening scene involves a witch's house (in pseudo-1300s Germany) with orange candy peanuts on the door, okay - historical accuracy is just ONE of the many things that went completely out the window in this movie. Other things: coherent plot, couth, subtlety, class, any pretensions at a lack of an incest subplot.

And yet: SUPER ENJOYABLE. Largely, to be fair, because a few minutes after we settled in at the theater, some people sat behind us. I listened to their conversation, as creepy people do, and after a few minutes I leaned over to J and whispered,

"I think they're from the Internet."

Which indeed they were! And together we made a very merry ten-person heckling section while Jeremy Renner ran around with his anachronistic weaponry, pretending (badly) not to want to fuck his sister. There were witches! (Renner had sex with them) And fanboys! (Renner didn't have sex with them, unless that happened while I was getting more beer) And a troll! (...god, I hope nobody had sex with the troll.) Basically, it was utter schlock, gratuitous on every level, and I enjoyed it 1000000%. D- movie, A+ experience.

And then we left the theater, exchanged internet contact details, got shushed at in the hallway twice, took over a patch of sidewalk for a while, went in search of cupcakes, achieved cupcakes, went in search of MOAR BOOZE, were unsuccessful, gave up for reasons of OMG COLD, and parted ways.

MY POINT IS: I love the internet. Thank you, tubes, for bringing me fandom, and by extension not only Jeremy Renner and his ridiculous dead face, but fangirls of all different stripes to join me in making a spectacle of ourselves in public. ♥!
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So I did this in 2011, and it was actually really fun - I liked keeping track of things as I read, and I also really enjoyed looking back periodically to remember what I'd read so far that year. Here, then, is Year Two of the book log!

books 2012 + thoughts )



Dec. 31st, 2012 01:01 pm
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So last year I made a post about what I wanted to get done in 2012, and today I am in a pensive sort of mood, so here is how I did on those goals:

2012 in review )

So, yeah. That happened. Thanks for being around, internet!
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I am about to go into the West - specifically, to my aunt's cabin in Oregon for Family Etben Fun Togetherness Time! My aunt has assured us that there is internet up there, but between family pressures and the fact that we will be in an actualfax cabin in the woods, this may or may not prove to be the case. I will try to read my story as soon as the archive goes live! But if I don't, or if I can't comment, it is in no wise because I don't appreciate it - just, you know. Family.

Love to everybody, and I hope your holiday season is warm and fuzzy and filled with people who treat you well.


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