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Ray Vecchio is pretty great. I mean, I am still always going to prefer Ray Kowalski, because he was my very first Ray and also because his face is the BEST face, and if you put a knife to my throat and made me pick, well, that's how it would go down - and don't even get me started on Benton Fraser, stupid freaking space alien of my HEART - but, hey. Ray Vecchio: a pretty okay dude!

In other news, it is 2003. Or possibly 1994, idk. Either way, I am HIP and WITH IT over here on the couch.

OKAY, OKAY, SHUT THE FUCK UP, I HAVE TOO SEEN THE VECCHIO SEASONS BEFORE. Or. Parts of them. Just not all of them! And it was approaching the point at which [ profile] soundslikej was going to kick me out to live on the streets if I didn't watch the rest, so. Due South marathon o'clock!



Jan. 21st, 2007 01:38 am
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someday, I will make an entry that is not in the form of a list. some day...later.

recently, I:

1. was thoroughly discouraged from EVER ENTERING ACADEMIA EVER; was reassured that I can work for the CIA without undue soul-sucking; listened to some extremely dull speakers and one who was batfrak insane; ate a food. (TNS. Verdict: seven hours of my life that I will never see again.

2. Gussied myself up; danced with the dinosaurs; swanned about the Field Museum being a GINORMOUS DORK with [ profile] shoemaster; spent thirty minutes quality time with a globe, finding places I know from fandom. There are pictures! Possibly there will some day be a slideshow of FANNISH CHICAGO images - we shall see! ([ profile] shoemaster's homecoming. Verdict = KICKASS, mostly because OMG CANADA.)

3. was tagged at [ profile] stop_drop_porn; freaked out (mostly on [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] custardpringle; stayed up until A MILLION AM; wrote this. (Verdict: F/K, bodyswap, smut.)

4. found someone who may be willing to share an apartment with me next quarter (thereby enabling me to have, you know, a BEDROOM again). Verdict: FUCKING AWESOME. *crosses fingers*

Soon, I will:

1. Study Arabic until I throw up.

2. Sleep for a million years.

3. Meta on about the bodyswap, and why it wound up being such a goddamn story, and how it's really the outgrowth of a number of things that have interested me for a very long time. Possibly, this will involve finishing that bizarre little pain-sharing snippet from SGA. Possibly, it will only involve shooting myself in the FACE.

4. curl up in bed with [ profile] shoemaster and watch Call Of The Wild. BOYFRIENDS YAY.
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Good things:

1. Chicago, yay! And classes are going well, thus far.

2. [ profile] muskratjamboree! I am so excited I could just DIE. *spins and flails*

3. I get a [ profile] riverlight on Friday! Again with the mad flailing excited.

4. Christmas gifties! I got kickass Christmas cards from [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mrsronweasley and [ profile] riverlight, and icon space from [ profile] shoemaster and BOOTS from my momma and gloves from Flatmate A and I feel well-loved. And in need of more icons.

Bad things:

1. Still no internets at the flat. Comcast must DIE.

2. I may have agreed to go to the SCRS tomorrow and set up an appointment. Um. Yeah. Probably will react to that in a few days.

Communication-based things:

1. [ profile] solvent90, I am SO SORRY that I am a lousy lameass. I mean, internets have been a pain? but that is no excuse, and I am sorry for sucking.

2. [ profile] pearl_o, you OWE ME A BLOWJOB. Or part of a blowjob, whatever. *is impatient*

3. [ profile] riverlight, I love you! *smishes*

4. [ profile] trinityofone, do you want to work on that thing? We might could do it by email, this time, or else comments - whatever works for you. Leave me know!
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1. Chicago thunderstorms are made of awesome. Not that I don't love other thunderstorms! But, dude, I totally have a balcony now, and can sit on it and watch the sky turn into an enormous strobe light.

1a. Orange skies, man. When did I get used to so much reflected light?

1b. If I have a religion, I'm pretty sure it's thunderstorms.

2. Why do I insist in majoring in something that hurts me so much?

2a. More specifically, syntax. Why does syntax have to exist? Why does it have to cause me so much pain? Why do I have to do homework on it?

2b. Most importantly, why is syntax so much like math?

2c. The hell of it, of course, is that it wouldn't be nearly so satisfying if it didn't BURN LIKE FURY to do in the first place. And I actually liked math! back when, you know, I could still do it.

3. I fail at bodies. Or possibly my body fails at me.

4. I believe two things.

4a. There is truth out there. I don't care if we know it - I don't even care if we ever know it. It's enough, for me, to believe that on some level, this all makes sense.

4b. Improvement is always possible. Improvement is, in fact, inevitable. People are basically good.

4c. People are also basically shitheads. Life's funny like that.

4d. Aw, fuck. I'm an optimist.

5. I'm totally going to bed before midnight. I WIN. Goodnight, all: I love you. No, really. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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