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NOTE: this only really applies to the English I happen to speak, which is the English of American Midwestern Intellectuals. Any and all statements I make are null and void elsewhere.

And now, some musing on eye dialect. And Ray Kowalski, and also Rodney McKay. Because everything is about fandom. )

Does that make sense to anyone who's not, um, hip-deep in this stuff already? Because it's really interesting to me, but that's no good unless I've managed to, in some way, make it accessible to those of you who aren't, you know, tremendous dorks. (Or at least not tremendous dorks in this particular way.)

Although, damn. Now I want someone to write fic in which Ray has his accent pointed out to him, and gets really self-conscious about it, and tries to talk 'properly', and drives Fraser nuts. Any volunteers to write it? I'd be totally willing to provide all of the linguistics meta-babble that Fraser would spew, in an attempt to make him feel better about his accent...

Aw, fuck. *adds it to the list of stories she'll write one of these days*

[ETA: As [ profile] tovalentin pointed out, most non-American English speakers say [zed], not [zee], so < ZedPM > is really only an American-listening-to-a-Canadian thing. Yay for accuracy!]
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ok, so, seriously, now: bwuh?

I've had Michael downloaded since early Tuesday, I think, but I was busy enough since then that I only just watched it.

And now I'm seriously thinking I should have started drinking before watching it. )

Conclusion: not my favorite episode, although parts of it did make me giggle like a loon. Mostly I'm such a not-fan of bad science that my brain just broke.

in other news, ghoti spells fish!


Nov. 29th, 2005 06:11 pm
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because no sooner have I finished rambling about the Hive and how it is and what it makes me want (if you're too lazy to read that: I want John to freak the fuck out). And then, then, then...[ profile] eretria, who is a ROCKSTAR, uploaded Epiphany in .wmv form, which meant I could watch it, which meant exceedingly happy thérèses.

Then, though, as though the world wasn't loving me enough, the episode? was totally EXACTLY what I wanted. Like, to the letter.

Life, she is good.

More episode commentary! (this time, though, I took notes. two index cards, front and back, covered with scribbles of squee! I am in so much love right now.) )

It's kind of neat being in a fandom where I'm actually catching things as they air, instead of coming late to the canon. exhilirating!

seriously, apart from the hot mansexing, this episode gave me pretty much all I wanted right now, particularly from John Sheppard. You can go now, boys...
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So, just saw the Hive.

Read more... )

Yeah. Maybe I think about this too much?

But, really? no way.
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So, THIS is what I was trying to write, earlier. Not earlier tonight, because then I was trying to write something completely different, but earlier-a-few-weeks-ago. Languages and linguistics in Pegasus! Yay!

In this part: Rodney is annoyed. By Sheppard, but mostly by the galaxy. He has no right to be, really, but since when has that stopped him? Also, he Has A Plan. Of some sort.

Language Barrier, part 1 of...more )

also, um, apparently people have friended me? hey, cool! I actually didn't expect that—I have this journal because I got tired of trying to remember to write down the usernames of all the interesting people I found on lj, so it's more my own personal reading list, except now I'm getting all fic-y, and posting it and stuff, so, um, hi? Glad to meet youse. Iff'n you have things to say, about the fic or the fandom or my personal hygiene, feel free—I friended you because you seem interesting, so...yeah.

and now is the time when I go to BED, and stop trying to pretend I'm a real person.


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