Oct. 8th, 2013

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Hello, Yuletider! We've matched on a fandom, so clearly you are a person of excellent taste and judgment; furthermore, you're writing a story! For me! And I will love it no matter what, but in case you are looking for guidelines:

Generally, I don't care for: death, pining that doesn't get resolved, rape, torture and abuse, incest.

Generally, I like: shenanigans, worldbuilding, snappy dialogue, domesticity, porn, teams, stories about characters teaching and learning, stories about making the world a better place, found families, smart and competent characters, absurdly codependent bff pairings, outsider POV, pining that gets resolved, roadtrips, bodyswap, telepathy, fucking around with gender, cross-dressing, fake dating / pretending to be married, historical retellings, cuddling (for warmth or otherwise), characters taking care of each other, negotiation of kinks, threesomes and moresomes, open relationships negotiated well, shenanigans. ALL OF THE TROPES, GIVE THEM TO ME.

Specifically: Metropolis Suites, Indexing, The Unusuals, Elementary )

As ever, [livejournal.com profile] soundslikej is a good resource on things I will and will not enjoy, but honestly I'm pretty easy. Also, if you're not feeling the fandom we matched on, none of these are particularly extensive canons - Elementary is just starting its second season; The Unusuals only ever had one season; Indexing is a shortish novel, published serially on Amazon; and the Metropolis Suites are a pair of amazing albums. Feel free to branch out! ...you could even cross any of these four over, and that would ALSO be amazing.


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