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so J and I were talking earnestly, as we often do on Friday nights, and we wound up discussing parenting (as we often do on Friday nights), and came to the following realization: both of us come from families with a limited vocabulary of negative emotions.

For example: My parents were GREAT at positive feeling words! They were proud, they were happy, they were excited, they were interested, they were amused, they were pleased...

...but when it came to expressing NEGATIVE feelings, they had two options: frustrated and disappointed. The latter was for something my brother or I had done wrong; the former was pretty much a catch-all for any negative emotion about something else - work kerfuffle, family drama, geopolitical turmoil, you name it. I think my mom had an option out on sad, but that was really only for if somebody you knew personally had died.

J had a similar experience—the same words, even!—which makes me wonder: what were the words your parents used to express emotions? I'm trying to figure if this is a thing that all parents do, or if this is just my family being wicked weird.

A Query:

Dec. 22nd, 2012 01:40 pm
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So for reasons that don't need explaining that this juncture (mostly TEACHER DISCOUNTS FUCK YEAH), I'm considering moving my phone service to T-Mobile and replacing my phone at the same time. Do any of you fine humans (esp. those of you in the Northeast) use T-Mobile? On the phone-companies scale, how much does it suck? Are there phones you would or would not recommend in particular? TELL ME THINGS.

In other news, J is covered in kittens and we are both off work for a week and a half. Victory is ours, great day in the morning, &c.
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Internet, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture (aka I took a practice licensure test, because I like suffering), I am the proud possessor of a $100 gift card to Penguin Books. Rejoicing! Celebration! But I have to use it all at once, which is...I mean, not that I couldn't spend $100 on books at one go? But being restricted by publisher is kind of a tricky thing.

SO: What books should I own? Don't worry about checking if Penguin has them (although if you know that they do, that's cool!) - if nothing else, it will serve me well to have a list of recommended books to come back to at a later date.
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Okay, internet: question time! How do you pronounce the word "mobile"?

(if it makes a difference, we're talking about the hanging sculpture-y things that you put over babies' beds to make them smarter or whatever.)

[ profile] soundslikej and I have been going over this one for...a while...and we cannot decide, and now it's not even a WORD anymore, so we are turning to the internet to tell us how to talk good the english. HALP.

CLARIFICATION: J says "mo-beel"; I thought I said "mo-bile" but on further reflection "mo-bill" actually sounds a little better? But I would also understand "mo-beel" if somebody said it? AUGH WHY IS ENGLISH NONE OF THESE ARE EVEN WORDS ANYMORE A:LDJS:LDKAJDLSDJ:LAKDSJAS:LD.
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• I am dogsitting for family friends all week, which means that a) I am much closer to campus than usual, b) I have their car to use, and c) I also have their parking pass.
• I am expected back at home for dinner tonight.
• I have one class today, for which I have done all of the necessary work and which I usually enjoy.
• University of Homestate prides itself on never canceling class. Because they're jackasses.

With those things in mind, should I:

A. Go to class (it's good for me! and it's not like it will take actual work! (apart from shoveling out the driveway)), and go to dinner (om nom nom FOOD).

A'. Go to class, but take the BUS (less shoveling, more walking).

B. Skip class (going on to campus for ONE HOUR is a huge pain), but go to dinner (same amount of shoveling, but later in the day, and after the roads are plowed).

C. Skip class, make dinner with whatever I can find here. LAZINESS IS ME. (I'll still have to shovel out the driveway EVENTUALLY).


ETA: Just called my mom, who told me in no uncertain terms that if I so much as set foot outside for any purposes other than dog-walking before the roads were plowed, I would be grounded from here to eternity. (My dad, who drove in this morning at 7 AM in his VW BUG, is also grounded.)

Guess that settles that! Now to find out what's on TV.


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