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dude, who knew that dogwood - in addition to being a pernicious allergen and kind of funny-looing - was also a cause of crazy? that's my opinion, at least. *ties bandanna over nose and mouth*

IN OTHER NEWS: I have two exams, three papers, and a late shift at work tomorrow. THEREFORE, I bring to you the Rodney McKay Backhanded Compliments Meme, my entry here. Go! Comment! Say things about me that are maybe sort of nice, a little, if you look at it from the right perspective. And then leave your usernames around somewhere so that I can tell you that you're not completely worthless, either.

When I surface from stuff, I mean.


May. 1st, 2007 04:07 pm
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You know what's really fun?

...yeah, me either, but I can tell you what's not fun! What's not fun is finding out that Smaller Cat has been gnawing on your laptop cord - not hard, but enough that it no longer, you know. CHARGES YOUR COMPUTER.

You know what's even more fun? Finding this out when you have 2% battery charge and a shitload of computer-based work to do in the next three days.

I got it fixed-ish, obviously*, by dint of doing what I always do - fiddle with it until it works again. Laptop is charging, and my door will henceforth be locked whenever I am out of the apartment. And - depending on how well the cord holds up in its fiddled-with state - I may cave in and buy a new power adapter from Apple, even though I was really hoping to use that money for something fun. Like maybe food.

Smaller Cat, you are officially warned. I'm letting you off this once, because you didn't actually cause any lasting damage, but if this happens again? I don't care about how cute you are, or about how you love thunderstorms as much as I do, or about how you jump straight up in the air to bite my toes. You will be fired.

Dear May, you were supposed to be better than April. Not on, May. Not on at all. You are also on notice.

In other news...on second thought, let's not talk about the other news. It's all pretty suck.

Instead, have a song! Which, no lie, I have been waiting for months to upload.

First of May, Jonathan Coulton Not especially worksafe, but very fun. Because the first of May is when the weather starts getting nice - and when the weather starts getting nice, we all know what happens next...

In conclusion, I like assfucking. Discuss.

*No, really: I am not the sort of person who would spend her last six minutes of battery power complaining about how, soon, she won't have ANY battery power. I am slightly smarter than that. Honestly.
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When I agreed to work three four-hour shifts a week, and to start this week, I didn't realize two things:

2) 4 hours is a fucking long time when it's just you and a cartful of books.

So, despite my previous resolution not to check or use lj at work (which, given the content of this journal, could probably get me fired), here I am, asking the assistance of my mighty f-list.

Comment on this entry. I don't care what you say - tell me true things, tell me stories, tell me scurrilous lies about your neighbors or your family or your fandoms. Tell me jokes. Tell me about your day or your cat or your own personal conspiracy theory. Meta away! Tell me how pretty I am (hint: considering the crippling attack of the stupids that I had today, I'm probably VERY VERY PRETTY). Ask me questions of any stripe, about any topic (although I can't promise timely or truthful answers). Write me porn! Ask me for porn. Bring your friends, and have an argument all your own. Give me a poem or an image or an opinion or ANYTHING to distract me from eighteen million unprocessed books.

Who knows - if this goes well, maybe I'll make it a Wednesday Thing. There might even be prizes! For now, though, just comment with whatever you want. Save my brain, leave a comment.

ETA: Thank you all so much! You are ROCKSTARS! *hugs all around*


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