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Vacation, Day One:

• slept until 9:00 (aka FOUR HOURS LATER THAN USUAL)
• did my federal and MA taxes (MN taxes are complicated and barely worth anything, so I am dithering)
• went grocery shopping
• roasted a chicken for chicken pot pies
• made pizza dough for pizzas tomorrow

And then J came home and we put together the chicken pot pies, with much "assistance" from the cats. And then my brain was basically fizzing - turns out that I have a lot more physical+mental energy when I'm not at school all day - so after I spent some quality time twitching and muttering with my face pressed against her stomach, we sat down and emailed our potential wedding venues.

Other sexy exciting plans for my week of nothingness: completely re-plan my level 4 class; get my car inspected, take a load of crap to goodwill and donate it, clean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING EVER, do a recycling run, yoga, make hummus, sew some things. This, for the record, is why I have to have a job during the summer. @____@

In addition to being spectacularly twitchy, I have a Serious Life Question: HOW DO YOU SKIN?

backstory: I actually had reasonably decent skin when I was a teenager - I spent nine months of the year chapped beyond the telling of it, but I didn't really break out that much. no longer the case. /o\ And since I would ideally prefer to look MORE like an adult than my students, I am in the market for a skincare plan that isn't "scrub it with face-scrub stuff when you remember to do so; put lotion on it when it's scaly and gross." What do you do to take care of your skin? Does it work? Do I really need to care that much about what lotion I'm using? Obviously people have different skin types, but my degree of mind/body disconnect is such that I straight up could not tell you what kind of skin I have, other than, "probably human"; has anybody else had this problem?
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So I did this in 2011, and it was actually really fun - I liked keeping track of things as I read, and I also really enjoyed looking back periodically to remember what I'd read so far that year. Here, then, is Year Two of the book log!

books 2012 + thoughts )

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oh, man, what am I even up to these days?

1) reading books with pages! I am in the middle of, like, five different books right now, which is simultaneously stressful and delightful. The frontrunner for stuff I am likely to finish soon is definitely Embassytown by China Miéville, which is weird and wonderful and absolutely insane in the face, like everything Miéville writes. Is anybody else reading it?

Next up after that will be...probably the new Jim Butcher, once I walk down the block to get it from where it was misdelivered, and then possibly Kavalier & Clay, on J's recommendation, but maybe Blackout and then All Clear instead - I read the first one when it came out, but I want to reread it before I read the second one. BASICALLY I AM SPOILED FOR CHOICE, and also if you want to talk about books / recommend me books / hear my thoughts about books, I am ALL OVER THAT NONSENSE.

2) cleaninnnnnnng. It is honestly kind of disgusting how much of a housewife I am, but god damn do I love flitting around the house in my nightie and tidying all of the things. Not that it does a damn bit of good, since Lilu McFuzzerton continues to shed like a motherfucker no matter what I do, but it makes me feel productive.

3) Mario. I am SO BAD at it, but god I love it.

4) writing! I KNOW RIGHT, god, I haven't written anything at all in waaaaaaay longer than I care to admit, with the exception of yuletides, but yesterday I wrote a thing! and posted it! and then lj went down like a poorly-constructed POS. w/e w/e, it's on the Archive too (as is all of my fic, now! \o/?), and so if you are into Pride and Prejudice and also crossdressing you should check it out: to pass for a lady,—only think what fun!, Mr&Mrs Darcy, (fairly tame) crossdressing.

(Somewhere in the space-time continuum, my childhood self is APPALLED and has no idea why. SORRY, TEENIE!M. LIFE IS ROUGH.)

5) It's not a list without five things, but fuck if I know what I want to say. Today I will cook with peanut butter (rainbow peanut noodles and also peanut butter cookies), beat the last boss on level two FUCK YEAH, and add a few hundred words to the make-charles-xavier-less-of-a-douchebag story. LOFTY GOALS ALL.
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The Wire: *is amazing*
[ profile] etben: !!!!!!!!!
[ profile] soundslikej: I know, right?
[ profile] etben: But - but they set that up!
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup!
[ profile] etben: like, at the beginning of the season, with that throwaway shot!
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup!
[ profile] etben: only it wasn't a throwaway! IT WAS SETUP FOR GENIUS.
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup! ...honey, stop gnawing on your fingers.
[ profile] etben: ...can I gnaw on your fingers, then?
[ profile] soundslikej:
[ profile] etben: but - but I have so many feelings.
[ profile] soundslikej: ...
[ profile] etben: o____________o
[ profile] soundslikej: okay, but ONLY A LITTLE.

In conclusion, I love:
• The Wire
[ profile] soundslikej
• friday nights of doing NOTHING
• Stringer Bell (...ish.)
• Honey Moon.
[ profile] soundslikej

Anybody who feels like discussing any of those things should feel free to contact me! I HAVE ALL OF THE FEELINGS.
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"Yeah, but right now you're just boring the crap out of me."


Other news, in bullet points:
• done with classes
• working many hours and loling at ALL of the students
• fell into a sewing coma and woke up with a new skirt+jacket combo
• got a haircut; frustrated the hairdresser with my apathy
• finally maybe sort of understand how my neighborhood works
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Heyyyyy internet!

[ profile] soundslikej and I have had a VERY EXCITING Saturday, by which I mean that we mostly puttered around the house and flumped on the couch a lot. BUT! We also did some of the household tasks we've been neglecting, which was exciting. ALL OF THE LAUNDRY EVER: done and folded! Christmas tree needles in the hall (which we've been reminding each other about ALL WEEK and then forgetting anyways): swept up!

But in the process, we realized that we have a problem. Now, I call this problem "If we lived in a civilized state with bottle returns in grocery stores, this wouldn't happen."


So we made a voyage to Kappy's and returned...almost all of that? Or, no, the bag of cider didn't go, because we knew from sad experience that they wouldn't take it. But the rest of it was recycled for the (measley $.05, wtf is this state up to, where I come from, fnargle bargle) deposit.

...and then we bought some more, because we're great.

Speaking of amusing regional differences, when we went to get our tree, we saw ads for KISSING BALLS. I loled a LOT, but [ profile] soundslikej assures me that this is an actual THING around these parts.

This, I am informed, is a Kissing Ball (lol kissing ball) )

...yeah, I'm stuck on KISSING BALLS. Because I am TWELVE, WHAT.

other adventures in regionalisms: frappes (which are...possibly the same as malts? but possibly just milkshakes) and slush (which is kind of like a sno-cone, I guess? but distinct from a slush-ee. IDK, I just thought it was funny that the gas station convenience store was advertising ICE CREAM AND SLUSH.) and, of course, the epic pie debate. Changing states is fun! And educational!


Aug. 18th, 2010 10:57 am
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HEY INTERNET. [ profile] lordessrenegade and I have a situation on our hands: we are two grown-ish people who like to eat a variety of things, but dislike spending massive amounts of dollars on the process and don't really know enough recipes to keep things exciting! Also, we have a slow-cooker. And since many of you are or have been in similar situations, we thought we'd turn to you for help, so: what are your favorite recipes? Cheap and easy preferred, but we're willing to branch out some.

In return, here are some of my personal favorites: easy company beef, lentils and things, pesto for days. )



Aug. 18th, 2010 10:57 am
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HEY INTERNET. [ profile] lordessrenegade and I have a situation on our hands: we are two grown-ish people who like to eat a variety of things, but dislike spending massive amounts of dollars on the process and don't really know enough recipes to keep things exciting! Also, we have a slow-cooker. And since many of you are or have been in similar situations, we thought we'd turn to you for help, so: what are your favorite recipes? Cheap and easy preferred, but we're willing to branch out some.

In return, here are some of my personal favorites: easy company beef, lentils and things, pesto for days. )

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there was a dude on the airport shuttle bus who was straight up whining about how far away the hotel was, and how shitty it was, and about the traffic, and the airline, and I was just - SIR YOU ARE AT LEAST TWICE MY AGE. PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ALREADY. and apparently he's on my plane tomorrow morning, so, you know. THAT should be exciting!

so, yes. flight massively overbooked, so I took the $400 travel voucher and the night in the (honestly NOT THAT AWFUL) hotel (WHICH HAS FREE WIFI AND A POOL I SERIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS DUDE'S DEAL WAS) and will be making it home tomorrow sometime! I'm honestly totally cool about it - I am going to try to hang out with some of the MSP people tonight, but failing that there's a mexican place across the street and I have a mattress and a television and a shower all for myself, plus the aforementioned wireless, so. Life: not actually that bad!

Next task: trying to find actual skin color under the layers of accumulated grime on my feet. If you're around, you should tell me interesting things!
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champagne! and also flailing )

And now I have to go watch Southland with my grandmother. Because my family is MADE OF FANGIRLS, when you get right down to it.
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• auto shop
• campus (dad's office)
• doctor's office
• mom's office
• storage unit
• bank
• home
• mom's office
• auto shop
• campus (bookstore)
• tire shop
• storage unit
• tire shop
• home

The car (my dad's), it turns out, has locking lug nuts on its wheels. The car, I am assured by my family, my memory, and common sense, did not have locking lug nuts on it the last time we checked. Either way, we do not have a key to said locking lug nuts, which means we cannot remove the tires, which means that the break work (the reason for the first trip to the auto shop) cannot be done.

Basically, unless there is a confrontational performance artist roaming my town at night and replacing the lug nuts of unsuspecting citizens with rassinfrassin locking lug nuts, I can only conclude that somebody, somewhere, has fucked up very badly indeed.

EDIT: but in the end, I managed to go to my appointment, get my textbook, and do the homework for tomorrow, so on the whole I am prepared to call today a success. Now: naptime.
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lol oral; work babble )

IN OTHER NEWS, I have been invited to a Halloween party! And Halloween is...the day after tomorrow! It's being thrown by some of the grad students I work closely with, and while I am fairly certain that they all secretly hate me, I am also pretty certain that I am being neurotic and incorrect in my opinions, and also that social interaction is good for me. So I need a Halloween costume! internet, what should I be for Halloween that is a) cheap and b) not too labor-intensive? I thought about wearing leggings as pants and a wretched plaid shirt and going as my students, but that might be a joke that would only be funny to me, and also I'd have to wear leggings as pants, which, NO.

Come talk to meeeeeeee, internet. Other acceptable topics: Middleman, Castle, Farscape, Whip It; any and all crossovers between the aforementioned fandoms; lol ORAL.
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The problem with LJ: We all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about one another. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

rl-shenanigans update: was in boston (\o/), am now NOT in boston (boooooo), am probably going to try to get over to chicago at...some point?, am still not getting anything written (but hope to change that soon?), am still only sort of getting shit done w/r/t future plans (but am DEFINTELY going to kick that into high gear pretty soon), am tinhatting john crichton and aeryn sun HARDER THAN ANY PAIRING EVER* WHAT THE HELLLLLLL, am still living in my parents' basement and basically okay with that fact, am still mostly loving my job (and still love to complain about it). Still bad at commenting; still love your faces.

Oral exams this week! Let's see how many terrible jokes I can make about this fact. (HINT: probably more than any of you really want to hear.)

*with the exception of [personal profile] etben/[personal profile] jai, which is my otp to end all otps. ♥
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I keep thinking about posting, and then realizing that I don't have anything interesting to say, and then not posting, and then feeling like, since I haven't posted in a while, I need to say something EXTRA interesting to make up for the radio silence, but I don't have anything interesting to say, much less something extra-special, and so I don't say anything.

But, hey, I exist! Great plans are...not really afoot? I am pretty intensely boring these days; I...knit a lot? and I've been sewing again, and reading books with actual pages, and planning lessons and teaching classes and being perplexed by my students (most of whom are actually awesome! ...but some of whom are the most special of special snowflakes). And grading! Oh, the grading.

For the most part I continue to adore my job! There are aspects of it that I find really frustrating—the way that the department is structured, and the occasionally STUNNING demonstrations of privilege-related fail (in myself, in the students, in my colleagues and my supervisors)—but there have also been some awesome moments. Guys, education is awesome *_____*

Today they have their second chapter test! NGL, I think I am actually more nervous than some of them are—what if they forget how demonstrative adjectives work? did we spend enough time on some of the weirder vocabulary? Did the kid from Brazil actually study, or is he just going to write in Portuguese again and hope I don't notice the difference? AGGLE. Plus I can't actually write any lesson plans for the next chapter until I get the homework sheets; the course is centrally coordinated, so while I have to make my own lesson plans, the day-to-day organization of topics is handed down to me—except for how it hasn't been, yet.

SO HEY. I used to do this thing called...writing? And I would not be opposed to doing it again! So prompt prompts: best bets are probably Middleman-related shenanigans, but I am, has oft been noted, pretty easy.
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Since getting home at about 2pm today, I havebeen, um. BUSY. )

Guys, I don't even KNOW what's going on. Or, well, I do: I have to be OUT OUT OUT of this apartment tomorrow, and even though my flight doesn't leave until 4pm (and my last class of the day ends at 11:30), I am being UBERtidy just in case something disastrous occurs and I, like, lose all capacity for rational thought. I have a to-do list for tomorrow that includes such STAGGERINGLY INSIGHTFUL instructions as go to school (take stuff back!). Because, you know, I'm totally going to forget to do that.

Dear hindbrain: there is nothing left to wash! now will you kindly SHUT THE ACTUAL FUCK UP.

BUT now I am going to take the tea I just made myself and sit on the (functional!) futon in my PJs and read Middlesex. For all that it is not actually a book about the True Love of Wendy Watson, her roommate, and her boss, it is pretty awesome! So that's nice.

Also, ATTENTION CHICAGO: I am going to hit your fair city like an awesomenado (a tornado made of awesome!) sometime around 8pm tomorrow evening! I have non-negotiable Things going on Thursday morning, and unspecified Shenanigans (involving at least [personal profile] impertinence and [personal profile] inbetweendays, but theoretically open to all!) for...I think we said Thursday evening? and then I have a bus out of town on Saturday afternoon. In between then, we should totally hang out! My goals for this span of time include but are not limited to: going to a diner, eating sushi, drinking alcohol, hanging out, making [personal profile] shoemaster watch The Middleman, and being ridiculous. LET'S TALK, CHICAGO.
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1. I am on dreamwidth! Mostly still poking around; probably won't say anything of import for a while while I get settled. Add me, don't add me—just drop me a line if I know you and haven't found you yet. (especially if you have changed your name!) Will be crossposting for a while, I think? so there's no real need to follow me both places.

2. The weather here (in the northwoods. Not at Dreamwidth. There is no weather on the internet.) is absolutely glorious. Mid-sixties! in APRIL! I totally walked to the office today to see if I had mail, and it was so wonderful out that I totally didn't care about my utter lack of mail.

3. I have been being BEAUTIFULLY organized this week, and we now have a daily kitchen schedule that actually looks like it won't kill anybody! Or, well, won't kill anybody more than camp usually kills people. Which—let's not lie, camp is pretty intense. But in the good way!

My boss hasn't emailed me back to mock my OCD yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

4. Real life nonsense: I am still waiting to hear back from the Last Grad School, who have waitlisted me. On the one hand, they are a totally awesome program and my first choice in every conceivable way, and if they accept me and it is not a total financial shitstorm I will be there in a microt. On the other hand, I can't lie: it is kind of frustrating to have to keep waiting. "I don't know! Um, stuff?" is not a good answer to "What are you doing next year?"

On the OTHER other hand, I applied for a job that is not exactly relevant to my interests but pretty darn close, and just yesterday got the good word that I should hear some kind of response within two weeks! And of course it is entirely likely that I will get a polite "no thanks", or that I'll get a rigorous round of interviews and then a polite "no thanks", but still. I like timelines!

5. In other news (and because I know what the girls like), I can now no longer buy bras at Target, because they don't stock 32DD. Which—I know it is all about my ribcage, and that my boobs have not actually gotten bigger? But double letters seem so ominous. WHAT THE HELL, COULDN'T YOU SHARE THE ONE LETTER BETWEEN YOU? Greedy.
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So, hey, Philadelphia is pretty rad! For one thing, the airport is obscenely close to the city, and seems generally clean and well-kept. Plus, free wireless! That is never a bad thing. And also the weather was gorgeous, which I do understand is not guaranteed, but still. STILL. Like, it was actually very nice weather, not just "oh, it's only ten below! how nice!" weather. Sunshiiiiiiine, I have missed you! And then I got to traumatize a lot of people with my crazy talk of -40 weather! IT IS A REAL TEMPERATURE I SWEAR.

Also Philly has a [ profile] riadsala, who purchased muffins with me! And then we wandered around and were chatty and awkward in that "hi, we know each other from the internet!" kind of way. FUN TIMES. ♥

And then of course there was the Thing I Am Still Not Discussing Online, which went...well? I think? But it's hard to be sure. I did my best to be impressive, and the people I talked to did seem to be impressed! Which was certainly a good sign. At the same time, though, everybody else was also VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE! And the big cheeses can say all the things they like about wanting to take all of us, but the fact of the matter is that they probably don't have that much space available, and so ultimately it comes down to somebody being more awesome than somebody else. SO. I'll just be over here fidgeting until March.

Aaaaaaaand now it is about time for me to get on an airplane! I'll be in Chicago for about two hours in about an hour and a half, if any of you happen to be out at O'Hare for whatever bizarre reason.


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