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The Wire: *is amazing*
[ profile] etben: !!!!!!!!!
[ profile] soundslikej: I know, right?
[ profile] etben: But - but they set that up!
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup!
[ profile] etben: like, at the beginning of the season, with that throwaway shot!
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup!
[ profile] etben: only it wasn't a throwaway! IT WAS SETUP FOR GENIUS.
[ profile] soundslikej: Yup! ...honey, stop gnawing on your fingers.
[ profile] etben: ...can I gnaw on your fingers, then?
[ profile] soundslikej:
[ profile] etben: but - but I have so many feelings.
[ profile] soundslikej: ...
[ profile] etben: o____________o
[ profile] soundslikej: okay, but ONLY A LITTLE.

In conclusion, I love:
• The Wire
[ profile] soundslikej
• friday nights of doing NOTHING
• Stringer Bell (...ish.)
• Honey Moon.
[ profile] soundslikej

Anybody who feels like discussing any of those things should feel free to contact me! I HAVE ALL OF THE FEELINGS.
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So for reasons that don't need exploring at this particular juncture, [ profile] lordessrenegade and I were poking around on etsy, where we found THIS )
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So for reasons that don't need exploring at this particular juncture, [ profile] lordessrenegade and I were poking around on etsy, where we found THIS )
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So Jai and I were sitting on the waterfront, as you do, and we noticed that a pigeon was inspecting us. COO, it said. COO.

Clearly, we realized, this was no ordinary pigeon, but in fact Ryan Rosspigeon, come to see how we liked our hotel room. (Conclusion: it is very very gay. Fortunately, so are we!)

This ridiculousness led to us discussing what animals other bandom boys would be, at which point we realized that Mikeyway would, of course, be a rockfish.

[The SF Bay Aquarium has an informational plaque about rockfish, one of the ones with answers to the questions that visitors are supposedly asking. Why aren't the rockfish moving?, it asked, and went on to explain that rockfish stay very very still, pretending to be rocks. Apparently this has something to do with them finding stuff to eat? IDK, I've never found that pretending to be a rock does a lot for me on the food front, but then again I don't live underwater.

ANYWAYS. The rockfish don't move, is the point.]

Me: So, wait, does that mean that all rockfish are secretly Mikeyway?
Jai: Yes! Mikeyway is the last cylon! [NOTE: This is not true.]
Me: There are many copies, and they have a plan!
Jai: No they don't! They sit around and pretend to be ROCKS!
Me: ...I never said it was a good plan.

In conclusion, a rockfish. :| )
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Dear eljays, [ profile] lordessrenegade and I have discovered the most marvelous game. It's quite simple:

1) take the title of any song (or album, or lyrics. We've been going with bandom bands, but I'm pretty sure it would work regardless.),
2) replace key words with the word "muppet",
3) laugh until you feel sick,
4) repeat as necessary.

Our current favorites:

the MUPPETS know something I don't know
MUPPETution is the world's oldest profession (and i, dear madame, am a professional)
mad as MUPPETS
she's a handsome MUPPET
the MUPPETS are too refined
i'm like a MUPPET with the way i'm always trying to get you off
thnks fr th MPPTS
grand theft MUPPET/where is your MUPPET tonight?
welcome to the MUPPET parade
house of MUPPETS
the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is MUPPETS
I constantly thank God for MUPPETS
One day, MUPPETS will cry

And of course, MUPPET's Privateers.


FOR ADDED HILARITY: typo MUPPET as MULLET a time or two. Hold a sing-along!

pity party!

Jan. 5th, 2008 12:38 pm
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me: *coughs wretchedly*
Abby and Allison: take some fucking mucinex!
me: *takes mucinex*
an hour: *goes by*
me: *continues to cough wretchedly*
AA: take some more fucking mucinex!
me: but i don't want to! and if it didn't work the first time, why is taking MORE going to help?
AA: ...
me: ...okay, so that was kind of stupid, wasn't it?
me: *takes some more fucking mucinex*
half an hour: *passes*
me: *is really fucking stoned on mucinex*

...there followed a period of cavorting around the Walgreens being mocked by everybody ever, and then a VERY EXCITING DRIVE where they let me navigate but not sing, and then I got home and collapsed and now I am awake. And have sinus drugs. And am either A) still stoned, B) stoned again, or C) really just very tired and loopy.

so, yes. i'm sick and exhausted and loopy and if you don't come over here and tell me i'm pretty i'm going to mainline the first season of the west wing, okay? THERE I SAID IT. and i don't think that sorkin and cold medicine should be mixed.

(I'm going to go out and get textbooks at some point, but I'm pretty sure that involves me getting out from under my comforter and, like, putting on pants. PANTS SUCK WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR THEM?)
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[ profile] etben: (also, i was about to tell you and jai about the mikey/pete/alicia, and then i saw that you had both gotten there before me. *beams*)
[ profile] pearl_o: heeeeeee.
[ profile] pearl_o: WE HAVE A HOMING BEACON
[ profile] etben: A-WHOOO-GA, A-WHOOO-GA
[ profile] pearl_o: heeeeeeee.
[ profile] pearl_o: SEXY
[ profile] etben: oh yeah
[ profile] etben: you betcha


to [ profile] pearl_o, all I have to say is this: >:(
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So, as most of you have probably heard by now, Cobra Starship has read the fanfiction. Not only has read it, but reads it! regularly! over hot chocolate! Which I think we can all agree is pretty fucking adorable.

I was discussing this important piece of information with Jai, as I do so many things, and we came to the following important conclusions )

IN CONCLUSION: Gabe Saporta has read the fanfiction. And probably sent links to the relevant people. And staged a dramatic reading of the best parts.

Gabe Saporta, I think I love you.

oh and also: a real-life conversation!

me: man, this is so WEIRD. When did Cobra Starship become my band of fluffy bunny love?
abby: ...
abby: ...
abby: don't know when Cobra Starship became your band of fluffy bunny love.

*laughs so hard*


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